First It Was Bowing To Our Enemies, Now Obama Surrenders To Them

Can Obama Safely Embrace Islamists?

By Michael Hirsh April 23, 2012 | 11:44 AM 207 115

In an article in the current National Journal called “The Post Al Qaida Era,” I write that the Obama administration is taking a new view of Islamist radicalism. The president realizes he has no choice but to cultivate the Muslim Brotherhood and other relatively “moderate” Islamist groups emerging as lead political players out of the Arab Spring in Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere. (The Muslim Brotherhood officially renounced violence decades ago, leading then-dissident radicals such as Ayman al-Zawahiri to join al Qaida.)

It is no longer the case, in other words, that every Islamist is seen as a potential accessory to terrorists. “The war on terror is over,” one senior State Department official who works on Mideast issues told me. “Now that we have killed most of al Qaida, now that people have come to see legitimate means of expression, people who once might have gone into al Qaida see an opportunity for a legitimate Islamism.”

The new approach is made possible by the double impact of the Arab Spring, which supplies a new means of empowerment to young Arabs other than violent jihad, and Obama’s savagely successful military drone campaign against the worst of the violent jihadists, al Qaida.

Some of the smarter hardliners on the Right, like Reuel Marc Gerecht, are coming to realize that the Arab world may find another route to democracy–through Islamism. The question is, how will this play politically at a time when Obama’s GOP rival, Mitt Romney, is painting the president as a weak accommodationist?

According to a senior advisor to Romney, the campaign is still formulating how to approach the new cuddle-up approach to Islamists. But the spectacle of an administration that is desperately trying to catch up to the fast-evolving new world of the Mideast fits into the Romney narrative of a president who “has been outmatched by events,” the adviser said. “Obama came to power with a view of the region that would make progress in the Arab world and get the Iranians back to the table. He would deal with the Israeli-Palestinian issue, and the key to that was dealing with settlements. Instead it’s been chaos.”

The president may have no choice but to preside over chaos at this point–a chaos that may not be the disaster that critics say and may in fact be the Arab world’s only path to modernity — but it won’t play well in the seven months between now and election day.

What’s next, kissing their ass?

Tom in NC


11 responses to “First It Was Bowing To Our Enemies, Now Obama Surrenders To Them

  1. Obama is just the puppet; ask the puppet master(s)


  2. I wonder how many innocent Americans are going to die because of our chicken-sh*t Kenyan commie POTUS and his latest round of insanity?



  3. If “the war on terror is over,” then why are our troops still in Afghanistan amd Iraq (some never really left)? Bring them home!!!!


  4. Obama is a fawning vacuous codpiece… a POSUS traitor as are
    the folks that brought him…fiddling while the country implodes


  5. Does anyone really CARE that these nations where we have “fought to bring democracy” have instituted radical Islam, the Koran as Constitution — and are now KILLING CHRISTIANS AND PERSECUTING CHRISTIANS AT UNPRECEDENTED LEVELS?? Or are American Christians now so “American” they are more “American” than Christian?? Cuz, my Bible tells me I am not an American, I am a CHRISTIAN and a citizen of HEAVEN not a corporation called “the USA”. But, when Christians turn their backs on Jesus (not speaking of the author who posted this article — but this nation of Christians) — and they no longer think in terms of their FIDELITY TO JESUS CHRIST AND CARE FOR ALL SAINTS GLOBALLY — they’re really easily lied to and deceived as “Americans” who think of NATIONALISM not THE CROSS. It’s like they’ll join the army and fight a global JIHAD against Christians, believe all the lies and damnable hereies and propaganda,, as they fight to ENSURE THE MARTYRDOM OF THEIR BROTHERS AND SISTERS GLOBALLY. That’s what happens when you love this world and leave the Bible behind as you become a nationalist rather than a Christian. You’re DUPED BY THESE LIARS — AND YOU FIGHT FOR EVIL… AND SUPPORT IT… then say you’ve “done a good work”.


  6. I feel bad for our military as their CIC is also their enemy at this point.


  7. Since when did the Muslim Brotherhood become “moderate”? Or is Denial not just a river in Africa but a nice place to vacation?


  8. The CIA has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and they have been used to serve political purposes for at least forty years now, according to what I can find out here and there. So go figure……………………………..Obama must be having a major identity crisis right about now……………he is for and against everything and everyone, the only link he has to himself can only be “We won!” and even that must be wearing thin by now.
    All his promises have been broken and he has thrown most of his buddies under the bus……………..who’s left now? Let[‘s see……………..
    Timmy Geithner, Hillary Clinton, Valerie Jarrett, and oh yes, David Axelrod and David Plouffe…………………..
    Take your pick, all of the above or the Muslim
    Glass Steagall anyone?


  9. I want to see ‘FAIRY Harry Reid” and the “EVIL WITCH Nancy Piglosi” thrown under A 18 WHEELER with obama! They are the spawn of Hitler!


  10. There is no such thing as a “moderate” muslim. Islam wants to rule the world. So what if there are those who will not try to accomplish it by killing? It amounts to the same thing , enslaving everyone else. and I mean REAL slavery. period , end of story.

    Kuddos to those of you wrote in and told the facts.


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