Burglars picked the wrong house…

Maurice Skinner

Two burglars dead after breaking into the home of two Marines

Masscops.com: Authorities continue to investigate a Sunday morning shooting during a burglary that left two intruders dead.

Diego Everett

The shooting happened around 2 o’clock Sunday morning at 107 Country Club Drive.  According to police, three residents returned home to find two intruders in the house.

Police say the intruders attacked the residents and gunfire was exchanged. The two intruders killed have been identified as 33-year-old Diego Everett and 33-year-old Maurice Skinner, both from Jacksonville.

The three residents of the home were treated and released from Onslow Memorial Hospital. Two of the residents are active duty Marines based out of Camp Lejeune.

According to Jacksonville Police Chief, Mike Yaniero it is unlikely that anyone will be charged in the shooting.  “The investigation is ongoing, however at this time there is no evidence to suggest that criminal charges be filed.”

Chief Yaniero says the department will increase their patrols in the neighborhood.  “We’ll be in the neighborhood. We try to stay in those neighborhoods but we will be especially vigilant in that particular neighborhood in the next couple weeks.”

Police can be vigilant all they want.  They won’t be there when you open your door and find an intruder trying to attack you.  Either be sure to protect yourself by exercising your Second Amendment right or get a Marine 🙂



11 responses to “Burglars picked the wrong house…

  1. One word–GOOD!


  2. Defending America from Domestic Enemies is a good way to improve the gene pool. Marines always set a good example to follow. Ahooorrrraaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Nothing like a good DRT* story to start the week off right. 🙂

    LOL – And this one is a two-fer.

    Holy bonus, Batman!


    *Dead Right There.


  4. If Obama had a son he would look just like Diego.


  5. All black men are now Obama’s sons.


  6. “…or get a marine.” Haha. Love that!


  7. I’ll take one marine pleez! 😉


  8. Awesome! I love to savor the justice of things like this!


  9. Glad the intruders are dead! They deserved those bullits! Now two less bad boys to worry about!


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    • You’ve got some nerve writing this Spam comment under the guise of offering “support cleansing them up.” Just so you know, I’ve deleted your embedded link to your business.


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