What were they thinking?

 I’ll feel sorry for the passenger sitting in front of her!

Way to advertise…

That’s not going to earn him any cred in jail!

Alrighty then!

At least the netting helps her carry candy bars!



13 responses to “What were they thinking?

  1. Eye bleach! Eye bleach!!!


    • I’ll make mine Dr. Eowyn’s words: Eye bleach, eye bleach!!!
      It is hard to believe that people will go out like that… I can accept the plain weird, like fluffy animal sleepers… what I have a hard time accepting is the lack of decency… come on!!! And if you are so willing to show, at least be kind enough to think first if it is something that the rest of the world would appreciate looking at!!!


  2. Thanks for the laugh (and mental trauma) this fine Monday morning!!


  3. I am completely underwhelmed….gack !


  4. Well, I love the pics, makes me feel almost normal… 😉


  5. This reminds me of my brother joking about a picture similar to that first picture when he was like an older child but younger than teenager: “She needs to put more acreage of clothes on!”


    • I just noticed how the woman in the first picture is not even wearing a bra–with a WHITE t-shirt! Absolutely disgusting!


      • Nah, Sage… The belly looks too flacid, and hanging too low… If she were pregnant, she would be about to deliver… In a few days, I mean!!! I think she is just fat… And yes, no bra… Perhaps she is a follower of those bra burners, who knows? Or perhaps her house was on fire and she was forced to leave on her undies… In any way, it is hard to look at the picture!!!


      • I agree with Siegfried I think she’s just fat, a pregnancy would look a lot different.


  6. DO NOT let them back in!!


  7. Let’s face it: some terminally stupid people have now attained “Nirvana of the self-image” and are no longer concerned for their outward appearance. One might say they are ‘completely out of it” and they’d be close to the mark…. Oblivion may be bliss, but it also sucks.


  8. Terry,

    So true!! Your comment makes me think of the song my Mom use to sing when I griped, “Why do we have to go to Wally World again?”

    “WalMart, WalMart that’s our store! We shop there because we’re poor! They have all the things we need just b/c we cannot read!”

    Hehehehehe….I know right? 😀


  9. Amen! When I lived in the Slocan Valley of BC, the largest single ethnic group were the Doukhobors [http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.com/articles/doukhobors]. As I drove through the entire Valley and explored the more Northerly New Denver and Kaslo, I was powerfully struck by how these people uniformly conducted themselves. No doubt they had lower income, as the lack of new cars, trucks, and other status objects made clear. Their dwellings were very simple: plain, often unstained but beautifully made log cabins w/dove-tailed joins on the corners, a sign of mastery! When a husband and wife worked together it was clear they were mutual help-mates and partners.

    Clearly, their intentional life-style reflected a modest income, but everything was laid out very neatly and efficiently. I decided this was where I wanted to live and have a family, which I did for the next 17 years. The well-behaved children were also a reflection of their pacifist Christian community, and a grand influence on the children of the many ‘back to the landers’ who moved into the area at the same time, in search of affordable, good clean land. So examples are crucial, at all ages and times.


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