The Truth shall set you free.

~Steve~                                               H/T   Miss May



3 responses to “The Truth shall set you free.

  1. If you tell (liberal)lies often enough they (the liberals) will believe them.
    More of them should be wearing combat fatigues. Why don’t we restrict any more muslims from travelling to our shores and bring the troops home to protect us from the enemy within. The ‘good’ muslims aren’t doing anything to stop the radical muslims from killing our kids over there or threatening the western world. Oh yes, I forgot , no profiling!
    In addition to the last two photos, the caption on the left could be baby killer supporter and on the right, protector of life which of course is against the liberal agenda as well.
    Soon the only thing left of the Bill of Rights will be the bill.


  2. I agree with Sam for the most part, but I don’t think you have to lie to a progressive…You know the scene in “Super Troopers”, where they try to throw in as many “meows” as they can on a stop? Do that with progressives, but instead of “meow”, go with “kumbaya”, and they’ll go gaga, and hang on your every word. 😉


  3. That last one makes me sick…liberals set of morals are a joke.


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