If I Wanted America to Fail

H/T  Charlotte Iserbyt



7 responses to “If I Wanted America to Fail

  1. It’s rare I see a commemtary that I agree with 100%. But this guy hit the nail on the head. I’m forwarding this one.


  2. If I wanted America to fail, I’d allow corporations to buy our politicians, allow foreign governments to hold our politicians hostage, allow giant banks and insurance companies to run roughshod over the common folk, make it impossible for small business to compete with corporate giants. After that, I’d create a “news” source that makes the commonfolk believe they are part of “the club”, feed them swill about the evils of teachers, unions, government employees, niggras on food stamps,exhalt the “virtues” of Ayn Rand, and convince the weak minded that their democratically elected President is a foreign born national and a Muslim. When I have dummed them down to that level, I’d take away their social services and throw them out of their homes.
    The video was nonsense.
    What WILL get you is cancer.
    That is the threat we all must counter.


  3. Must be a slow day over in OWS Land today.


  4. sheik yerbutie

    “you probabily don’t own any land”
    Well, only 12 or so acres.
    I grow approx. 20% of my family’s veggies.
    I am NOT against corporations ,I have a corporation, and have seen first hand how the big’uns will crush you.
    My business has done VERY well during this recession, THAT’S because my business is one of progress and progression, not feeding off other’s.
    We provide a valuable service, charge a fair price, and pay our people well.
    This is the way to make “our country great”.
    The way to destroy “America” is to get the citizens fighting over things they can’t control, THEN take away their ability to earn a living wage while increasing the price of everything
    “Stop using the corporate monster stuff”
    Impossible, dear Sage.
    It would be like me telling you to leave the country, if you hate it so much.
    That would be rediculous; you have the right to complain all you want.
    I just wish you guys would talk about how things could REALLY be changed, changing political parties will do nothing, and will only switch directions to the wrong one again.


  5. ….boootie does approach ONE point ….that politicians should
    not be “bought ” by the highest bidder be it special interest,
    business or person….but I doubt he would see the irony that
    such measure would ensure the demise of the two political party
    duopoly. ….otherwise: a stopped clock is right twice a day 🙂
    .I’m forwarding the clip …one of the most powerful I’ve
    seen/heard . Nice find LTG.


  6. this is one of thee best videos I have seen. It is us now. The past 5 living presidents (1) illegal, belong in prison-treason,espionage,money laundering,illegal political wars,let the trials begin.


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