If I Had a Dog


9 responses to “If I Had a Dog

  1. Can somebody explain to me what is this about Obama eating dogs?!


  2. I have a dog.

    In fact, I have had dogs for most of my 48 years on this rock – along with three cats.

    I wish I could bring them all back at the same time so they could take a big, giant collective piss on the illegitimate Kenyan Muslim communist Dear Ruler.



  3. Hot dogs…. Armour hot dogs… the dogs Obama likes to bite!!!



    We now know why this dog did this:
    Dog revenge


  5. Milo has brown spots…but he’s got the concept 🙂


  6. Ya know, I’m wondering that too-doesn’t “thumbs down” have enough guts to give comment ? On second thought–we’d all probably get pi–ed off !


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