Feminist Blogger – Fetus is a Parasite

Out of the unlovely mind of the Daily Kos’ , sasharusa  comes this putrid prose –

. . .Anyway, I am sorry for plastering this as the very first thing in my diary. Consider this just like those exploited photos of miscarried late term fetuses that Anti- Choicers parade around.

Anyways, back to the whole fetus= parasite thing. That is how I see them. I don’t see them as cute and cuddly. I see them as terrifying and scary. I see pregnancy the same way.

Here are some examples on how pregnancy is a parasitic relationship:

The Z/E/F sucks the nutrients from the mother.
The “relationship” only benefits the fetus.
The mother’s organs and body parts become damaged.
The fetus controls the mother.
The fetus doesn’t give anything “back”.

Some people would argue that this is a form of Mutualism, which is a relationship where both the host and the parasite benefit, but how does this benefit the mother? Where is that “benefit”?

{you can read the rest of her toxic purge here.]

“I have no issue with people wanting babies, but in my opinion, I can’t do it again.”

Her long article lists a host of supposed health disasters such as breast pain or discharge (it’s called milk!)  caused exclusively by pregnancy. One of the lizlibrary.org‘s  [her linked source]  cited references is Isadora Duncan!

Sasharusa has vowed to never damage herself again, by going  through the trauma of pregnancy and childbirth again.  I thank her.

I would also like to thank our own beloved Dr.  Eowyn, for her  wonderful article outlining the miraculous blessing and protection from disease a pregnant woman receives from her baby.  See here – [Baby in Womb Protects Mom from Disease.]


Baby Samuel holding his surgeon’s finger.



3 Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.

4 As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.

Psalm 127: 3-4




18 responses to “Feminist Blogger – Fetus is a Parasite

  1. Sickening. So much hate and venom directed against the unborn.

    Liberalism really is a mental disorder. For in the end, Leftists such as sasharusa are self-haters. If the fetus is a malignant parasite, then so was sasharusa when she was in her mother’s womb. Lucky for sasharusa, her mom didn’t choose to kill “the parasite”.


  2. Wow…what a miserable woman. I feel bad for her one child and husband (if she has One). Can you imagine living with such an angry creature?


  3. This feminazi could go one step better and off herself. That way she could become the ultimate liberal sacrifice for the greater good. The hatred spewed by these ass wipes is a sure sign of a terminal disease, liberalism.
    On earth day she could could have offed herself on the White House lawn where obama could nod in agreement that the world is a better place with one less honkey around.

    What a piece of trash and I am being polite here.


  4. What a deeply dreadful woman. This is where being Catholic becomes arduous. THIS IS THE ENEMY WE ARE CALLED TO PRAY FOR!! It is a miracle,…yes?? That this Jesus loves us all the same…yes?! & so we have the strength to pray for our enemies as ‘even thieves pray for their own’ (Matthew5:46). We are called to be much more than thieves.

    O my Jesus, let my prayers invoke Your Spirit to descend on this woman that she open her heart to the Truth of Your Love. amen, amen.


  5. What a sick piece of trash.
    I have one adopted child and one I gave birth to. They are beautiful people and my two true loves! I have never thought of them as parasites and would gladly give my life for either of them.
    Cannot imagine what a miserable person she is and what relationships could she possibly have with anyone? The worst part is she cannot get away from herself. She needs some love in her life.


  6. So you think you are a Parasite ? Does your mother think you are a Parasite Gone wild or the Parasite that got away?


  7. Did she include herself is that? (She was one too, you know… probably still is, knowing left/liberal types.)


  8. This lady has to be utterly demonized.


  9. “…but how does this benefit the mother? Where is that “benefit?”

    Ms. Sasharusa,

    I believe my own pregnancies are a wonderful example of “paying for the good things upfront”! At this very moment my precious 3 yr old little girl is peacefully asleep with her head on my lap. Her beautiful blonde curls are falling over her chunky cheeks. This moment alone was worth every single second of my pregnancy!

    You ask “how does this benefit the mother?” What kind of mother could actually ask this hateful question? I have benefited more than I can even begin to list. One benefit you obviously do not understand….I have two beautiful reasons to even get up in the morning.

    Your poor, poor children!


  10. Thank you Sage for this post. The substantial points are helpful in understanding how evil, unkind and sick pro-abortion people are! I wonder why she thinks, having been a parasite in her mother’s womb at birth according to her conclusions, that she is not a parasite now! Parasites are dependent. All of us, while we are in the mother’s womb, and after we are born, are dependent on each other, and more particularly, on Our Lord, the Triune God, for our very existence. That dependency never ends! “Jesus, I Trust In You!”


  11. She can have a test tube clone the next time. No heart no feelings no brain. Will fit right in with the Demos.


  12. Message to dar1f15h, in Los Angeles, CA:

    Since your blog http://dar1f15h.wordpress.com is marked “Protected/Private” and reading your blog requires your permission, I don’t see any reason why you should be allowed to post your anti-Christ anti-Christian comment on Fellowship of the Minds. Unlike your “protected” blog, anyone can read FOTM without first obtaining permission. Does make one wonder what you have on your blog that must be “protected” and hidden from sight.

    ~Dr. Eowyn


  13. Sorry, brand new to blogging. Wasn’t aware I was protected, but will have that sorted for you this afternoon, if you would reconsider. I’d understand your fear in not doing so, however… God does hate Facts. Anyhow, nice knowing there are better folks out there. Praise nature and have an earthly day.


    • “God does hate Facts”

      Which “god” is that? Not mine! — since He had created the Universe and all the “facts” in it.

      Praise Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit!!!


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  15. @Feminist blogger:

    1: You’re a complete idiot.
    2: A parasite is scientifically defined as different(Species) organism surviving off another organism with no benefit. There are plenty of benefits to birth.
    3: Child birth typically gets significantly easier after the first.
    4: If you don’t want another child, fantastic, we don’t more people like you.
    5: Have I mentioned benefits? The fetus after birth leaves in excess stem cells which can heal/improve wounds made by birth. Also if you don’t see the baby as a gift, give him/her to someone else or an orphanage so they can atlas have a chance of being seen as a gift, not just cells.
    6: And I got to personally say as someone who’s had breast cancer and 3 children. Have some pain afterward or during pregnancy? Suck it up, the baby feels a lot more than that when it has a needle stuck in its brain or ripped limb from limb.


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