Black minister to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker: “We’ll cut your head off”

Liberals, oops, Progressive, oops, Socialists, oops, Communists are such tolerant, peace-loving, bleeding-heart people!

On April 17, 2012, Wisconsin’s embattled Governor Scott Walker (R) was in Springfield, Illinois, speaking before the Illinois Chamber of Commerce. Walker is facing a tough recall election this June 5 because of his tough stance against public employees unions.

Just yards away, Rev. T. Ray McJunkins of Springfield’s Union Baptist Church riled up a union crowd of thousands with threats of violence. McJunkins, who pretends to be a man of God, likened the unions to the biblical David and Walker to Goliath. McJunkins first asks how many in the crowd came “with your slingshots today?”, then the reverend vows to Walker [2:25 mark]:

“We’ll cut your head off!” 

Can you imagine if a conservative politician or a white minister were to say that?

How low America’s blacks have fallen since the days of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who, like Mahatma Gandhi, was committed to non-violence in both action and rhetoric.

H/t PatriotActionNetwork



13 responses to “Black minister to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker: “We’ll cut your head off”

  1. Unbelievable…


  2. The story of David slaying Goliath is a great example of an individual using what is available to him to overcome a problem while all the others (the union) sat on the sideline. Resourcefulness, using his talents, a sling which he most likely made himself to tackle the problem and not the King’s armor, and confidence in the Lord as in individual, not in the power of the Collective.

    God’s created order and revealed Word does not recognize the confiscation of one person’s wealth by force to provide for the needs of others. The Kindom Parables of Jesus are always drawn from Free Market Capitalism to relate Truth. It’s the unprofitable servant who is cut off and banished.

    Bearing fruit is what is expected by God. The whole of the “progressive,” leftist pathology is an assault on this very truth. Their policies destroy Fruit. Villify the industrious, the producers, the evil rich, and take from them. Support for abortion on demand as a “right.” Support for gay marriage which is inherently anti-life and anti-child. See a pattern here?

    Lucifer was the first Union Boss. God does not bless the “mob.”


  3. This sounds much more threatening than Ted Nugent’s rant. Think anyone in law enforcement will investigate?

    Gotta love the guy saying we don’t want your policies in Illinois. Yep, things are working out soooo well there.


  4. And, left/lifberal types got upset about Ted Nugent…. oh, sorry, Ted is white; my bad.


  5. And yet Ted Nugent saying that republicans must cut the heads off democrats …


    • Ted was held accountable for that and is now paying a price (SS investigation & concert cancelled).

      Libs/commies/NBP, etc. are never held accountable for their violent rhetoric. They get a free pass.


      • Oh please. I know many, many people who had similar meeting with the SS for having signs/banners against bush. (non threatening ones at that).

        The ONLY reason nugent had a sit down with the protective service is that his threats were aimed at the POTUS.


        • Oh please. Just because you know people that have had meetings with the SS doesn’t mean it was enjoyable for Ted.

          The ONLY reason the SRM is persecuting Ted is because he is a conservative. Libs/commies/NBP, etc. get a pass on their threats to kill people because is doesn’t align with the Department of Injustice’s agenda.


    • A week ago at an NRA convention, Nugent did say that for Republicans to win required them to “ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in November.” I do not support or approve of his language, but it should be noted that, unlike the reverend, Nugent is not a minister pretending to speak with religious authority as a man of God.

      Nugent also said “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.” For that, he had a meeting with the Secret Service and was cleared of all wrongdoing.


  6. Nation of Islam minister?? Black Liberation Theology?? (Which is muslim, not Christian — though they go by “baptist” in name sometimes.)


  7. **I think these black ministers need to be called back to Jesus Christ — because this new religion they have where it’s all about their FLESH — is not biblical Christianity.


  8. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for exposing this religious and social hypocrisy! Once again, we do not hear about such hateful comments from the major media sources. I am grateful that you are informing the public about such comments. The comparison to David and Goliath is an absolute riot! Such stupidity! The “reverend” ought to read The Didache, the actual teaching of the Apostles, one of the earliest preserved written documents in existence, which clearly warns those from “receiving” things and goods and money as a sense of entitlement, and not from an actual reality of NEED!


  9. oh! it is poisonous topic…………………………….


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