Obama is losing Catholics and Evangelicals

It is claimed that no Democrat presidential candidate has ever lost the Catholic vote and won the general election. Most American Catholics, some two-thirds, are liberals and/or Democrats, in spite of the Democratic Party’s pro-abortion stance.

In election after election, U.S. Catholics voted as the general population. In 2004, Catholics supported George W. Bush over Massachusetts Democrat Sen. John Kerry by a five-point margin (52% vs. 47%). But in 2008, Catholics voted for Barack Obama over John McCain by a nine-point margin (54% vs. 45%), despite the warnings from 89 bishops who had issued a blizzard of statements in the closing weeks of the election, warning against voting for a pro-choice candidate.

But there is new evidence that Catholics may seal Obama’s doom this November.

Kevin “Coach” Collins reports for the Western Center for Journalism, April 20, 2012, about a piece of news that is being purposely ignored by the Establishment Media who are peddling the myth that Obama is cruising toward an easy re-election.

The results of a new Pew survey of voters by religious affiliation holds devastating news for Obama’s chances of re-election. Pew found Mitt Romney with a commanding lead among Evangelical and Catholic voters that has actually grown by 5 and 8 points respectively in just the past month. Obama now trails Mitt Romney 73/20 among Evangelicals and 57/37 among white Catholics.

The significance of Pew’s findings among white Catholics grows geometrically when added to that of Evangelicals because it means that Obama is also on track to lose by a very large margin among whites, who make up 2/3 of the electorate in November.

Since such records have been kept, no Democrat presidential candidate has ever lost the Catholic vote and won the general election. Republicans can win a general election despite losing the Catholic vote but a Democrat simply can’t. This makes Barack Obama’s war on Christians in general and Catholics in particular so dangerous for him and his Party.

Over the history of polling by religious affiliation, the Catholic vote has served as a 90% accurate predictor of final results. Moreover, the winning Catholic percentage has consistently been very close to the winner’s victorious percentage in the general election – Obama’s 54% of the Catholic vote was the same as his overall winning margin in 2008.

Democrats like Hubert Humphrey in 1968 have even won the Catholic vote with landslide numbers (56/37) and still lost their race. Conversely, George McGovern was pummeled in 1972 when he lost Catholics by 20 points.

A group called Catholics Called to Witness who is determined to defeat Obama, has issued a video, Test of Fire: Election 2012, to remind Catholics that the way they vote this November will be recorded for “eternity.” Send the video to every Catholic you know!



7 responses to “Obama is losing Catholics and Evangelicals

  1. 90% of Catholics will vote for him any way.


    • Is it time for Catholic bashing, already? Your comment (as if you can predict the future) is simply NOT true. A third of U.S. Catholics are orthodox in their faith, conservative in their beliefs, and consistently vote against liberals and Democrats.


    • I have coworkers who are Catholic and thankfully they are conservative and believe in capital punishment for murderers and things like that.


  2. Democrats don’t seem to get it! Catholic or not!


  3. Thank you so much Dr. Eowyn for the wonderful news! I have just informed my Catholic Study group about this, forwarding to them this communication. You have made my day! Obama has declared war on our Catholic Faith and our allegiance to LIFE. We will help defeat him!


  4. only an idiot would vote for obama after he has proven time and again along with his fat assed fake wife moocowchelle that he is not fit or able to be the commander and chief.. i am a catholic and didn’t vote for him for senator of illinois or for president..


  5. Not a Catholic, but glad to hear this news. Hope it holds!


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