Obama booed at Boston Red Sox game

Yesterday, April 20, 2012, at the Red Sox v. NY Yankees game in Boston’s Fenway Park, Obama came on the big screen to recognize Fenway’s 100th anniversary.

He was greeted by a loud chorus of boos, according to Eric Fehrnstrom, via Twitter.

Baseball fans are discriminating folks. They recognize an imposter when they see one:

The Yankees beat the Red Sox 6-2.



16 responses to “Obama booed at Boston Red Sox game

  1. winstonsmith6079

    Couldn’t ‘a happened to a “nicer” (retch … gag) … more deserving fellow!


  2. oh my, that is sad. I almost feel bad for him.


  3. His wrist was so limp in that picture that the ball fell to the ground about three feet from him, and his loafers were so light that spectators thought he was barefoot.


  4. I don’t care what anyone says, that had to be a big blow to his over-inflated ego. I can’t stand to see his stupid chin cocked up in his arrogance. And besides, he throws a baseball like a little girl.


  5. he can’t throw a baseball like a normal adult american and girls can throw better then what he exhibited. i’ve had dogs who could throw better than him and they used there mouths or in the case of the whiffle ball batted it back to me with his nose… if you can’t throw a baseball why would you exhibit this to the nation what a putz an arrogant putz next he will legislate that all non ball players in the country must throw with a limp wrist or they will face a special tax


  6. christy stinson

    guess that ball was heavier than a crack pipe!


  7. Red Sux, Yankees, Skippy….they all suck!


  8. Throws a baseball like a Girlyboy. Sissy.


  9. Just not a manly sort of guy! Wonder why? I think we all know on this site! 🙂


  10. What is a womanly man doing on the ball field? Maybe he would do better at Finochio’s in San Francisco with the Dragsters.


  11. There is no Teleprompter for throwing a baseball; either you can or you can’t.


  12. About the only thing funnier than the comrade Dear Ruler getting booed in Boston Prospekt, would be him being booed in San FranPongyang.



  13. No worries Terry….too funny!


  14. To ball or not to ball. Boo to the Haitch OH OH No he didn’t. LOOOOOOOSSSSEEERRRRRRRR!


  15. Terry, to post a YouTube video, we need the URL. I found three “Obama booed at Fenway Park” Utube vids; only this one actually has some of the audio of the booing:


  16. ROFLMAO! I bet this made Bawwry”Just so Mad” hope it happens everywhere he goes. Knowing how thin skinned he is,losing the rock star status. America doesn’t like lying illegal alien homo-muslim/communist treasonous frauds.You belong in Leavenworth and the world knows it.


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