Don’t Tell Me That Obama Is Not A Socialist/Anti-Capitalist Stooge

“In this country, prosperity doesn’t trickle down,” the president told a crowd of about 400 on hand for a speech Wednesday at Lorain County Community College in Elyria. “Prosperity grows from the bottom up and it grows from a strong middle class out.

Anybody with half a brain and an ounce of common sense knows that this was Obama’s philosophy from the get go. Tax the rich, spread it around and expand the welfare state. Well now that half of Americans pay NO income taxes how long do you think it will take before our economy collapses under its own weight.

Let’s put it a different way, by Obama’s twisted logic, we should go down to the street corner and ask the nearest beggar to be his/her accountant. Better yet lets offer a subsidy to the crack house down the street so they can give money to the Coca leaf growers who in turn can use some of their profits as political donations to corrupt politicians. Best yet, lets offer business grants to career welfare moms so they can start a daycare business using only their own kids.

Now to any intelligent person those would be idiotic and foolish, but to liberals who think prosperity grows from the bottom up, it makes perfect sense , which is why we are in the situation we are in. 

We can’t continue to drain the wealthy in order to subsidize the lazy and unmotivated, and I’m not talking about the genuine poor; the ones that are victims of this Obama economy, the ones that are pounding the pavement looking for jobs each and every day and taking any menial job in order to support themselves and/or their families.

No, I’m talking about the welfare cheats, con-artists, illegals and all the people who think government is their sugar daddy. You know the ones I’m talking about, they may live  in apparent squalor but they have their 55 inch flat screen TV’s and XBox, laptop, IPod and numerous other unnecessary conveniences paid for by taxpayers.

As long as this continues we will be a nation in decline, a nation that one day soon may look like Greece, with rioting and violence in the streets. Where when the money finally runs out and no other nation is willing to take on our debt and our money has no more value that a discarded candy wrapper. Where inflation pushes the price of  food, clothing and gasoline to astronomical levels and is rationed(along with healthcare). Where when banks and credit unions go belly up all over the country. Where homeowners have to erect fences and barbed wire and arm themselves to protect their families from the roaming mobs who no longer can depend on the government for handouts who are now content to steal from their neighbors. And finally where a race war breaks out and hundreds, maybe thousands of Americans(black, white, hispanic and asian) lie dead in the streets, Obama can stand back and admire the destruction and ruin he has wrought on this once great nation and then he can do what he does best, go on vacation…again.

Tom in NC   


16 responses to “Don’t Tell Me That Obama Is Not A Socialist/Anti-Capitalist Stooge

  1. “No, I’m talking about the welfare cheats, con-artists, illegals and all the people who think government is their sugar daddy”. I think You gave a good discription of Obama & MUUchell! I for one don’t want to wait until 2013 to see those two enemy’s of America leave the United Sates of America. I would do all I can to see them made to leave next week! Everybody with a brain knows Obama isn’t a citizen of the United States of America, why is it our Congress isn’t doing anything about it? Congress impeached Clinton for lying about some sperm on a woman’s dress, Obama has imposed his wrath throughout the country and nothing is done!!


  2. I’m afraid maybe the hidden powers may have give congress an ultimatum and not a very nice one, kinda like an offer they couldn’t refuse mafia style.


  3. Socialism has never benefited the masses at any time in history; is there a mutant leftist out there who can prove this statement false? Only those who orchestrate it get the prize – if you can call it that. Hey Biden, what does it feel like to have sold your soul? How could you sell out America?
    Here’s my blog that I put out just before the 2010 election:
    “I fled British socialism in the early 80’s to come to the land of opportunity. I had witnessed my mother country being slowly prepped over many years and what is happening now in the USA is like watching a re-run of an old movie; the same well-worn but effective Marxist manual marshalling the people by degrees; increasing union power and control and now the forcing of the health care bill, which is not about healthcare, just government control of people’s lives. However, thanks to God-given American genes it could be the first time in the history of the world that an attempted marxist/socialist coup will be rolled back. I look forward to November. We can win this fight and if we do, it will be an historic victory. God Bless America!”


    • Glad to have you here good sir/madame 🙂 You are more American than many “americans.” Sorry that you are enduring the madness again, but we know that it must come to pass everywhere 😦 Cheer up though…The King is coming!


  4. The comrade Dear Ruler is also a Kenyan Muslim commie.



  5. Prosperity doesn’t trickle down? Good grief, how this guy got into Harvard is beyond me…


  6. How can Prosperity ever trickle UP??????


  7. As a single mother following my divorce of an unbeleiver who pretended to be a Christian when I was young (who I don’t miss today!! :), I worked to provide for my family. It cost me $350 a month out of my paycheck to pay for health coverage for my children under my plan. I could have gotten “free” healthcare from the State. I could have not worked and gotten things “free”. But what price my self-respect?? What price my example I set for my children of separation from Leviathon?? I never received any govt money. Yet, I really could notice that those who did receive govt money lived better than me as far as how much it cost me to live and how much money I had left — they netted better than me. (I probly could have made more elsewhere – but I had reasons for choosing the work I chose).

    I don’t see how it is “fair” that I paid my own way — and others got “free” stuff from the govt (and the chains of slavery that went with it — I rejected).

    How’s it fair that I paid for my own kid’s healthcare working — and someone else got that “free” from the State — got their housing “free” — got their food “free” — and ended up living better than me working??

    How’s’ that “fair”??

    It’s not.


  8. sheik yerbutie

    Every brit I know here in the states rails against socialism, but runs home for their surgeries. The Brits are here to take advantage of our tax structure, and I have met none that don’t present a reptilian mind set Feel free to repatriate, Brit capitalist


    • Hey Sheik Obamabot….every Brit you know? It’s clear that you don’t know any Brit and you have no clue about the British NHS, which any Capitalist Brit would run from if they could; I’ve been here 30yrs and never been back. Go sheik yer butie and change your Virus icon, it’s ugly.


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