Barnhardt: All the rat bastards in D.C. know Obama is not a citizen

For more on Jon Corzine and the collapse of MF Global, go here.

For how we know every “rat bastard” in D.C. knows Obama is not a citizen, see:

Congress Admits It Did Not Check Obama’s Eligibility,” November 10, 2010.

“DC Politicos Already Know Obama Ineligible,” Apr 22, 2010.


5 responses to “Barnhardt: All the rat bastards in D.C. know Obama is not a citizen

  1. spoken very true, everyone of them.


  2. washington is as coropt as our state goverment, all are rat bastards and have destroyed this nation, why has obama not been ousted? he is not a us citizen but he has all the congress on his side, ask yourself why ?and how did we let this happen the people of this country looked the other way, stand up and be counted as one that is not taking any more of the B S, think of your children and grand children what kind of life will they have? wake up people!!!


  3. I FINALLY got to this, the MOST important ever posted at this site, and one of the most important on the Internet. She’s absolutely right: nothing can be corrected unless acknowledgement of a defect precedes it. As the comic said some years ago about Washington, DC’s political and social atmosphere , “Denial is not a river in Egypt!”


  4. I gotta figure out how to post RSS feeds of your articles on a site. So you can SYNDICATE. 🙂 I love this. They think the rest of the nation is as corrupt as they are — or that we’re too stupid to realize how corrupt they are — and we’ll just live in the BIZARRO WORLD they create with all their Lies. Rat ****s. LOL This is NOT the nation of RAT ******s!!! We’re not going along.


  5. **I’ve been pointing out how Obama sounds like a ROBOT!! Listen to his cold inhuman ROBOTIC AUTOMATON VOICE as he tells lies from the pits of hell. SATAN is A ROBOT!! He’s DEAD inside — like a machine. Listen to Obama!! NO SOUL!!! A ROBOT!! Listen to his voice again at the beginning of the vid. Check it out. That’s what EVIL is.


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