One Pair Of Hands

It will get ya. 🙂

~Steve~                                        H/t Joseph

This song is mistakenly or deliberately mis-identified as Elvis Presley’s “lost song.”

The singer is not Presley; so the song isn’t “lost” either.

Instead, the singer is the very talented Carroll Roberson. (h/t Sage)


15 responses to “One Pair Of Hands

  1. That was cool…


  2. The only problem is, that is not Elvis singing this song.


  3. I’m sorry to say but y’all really need to listen to that song and to Mr. Roberson. The man singing one pair of hands is not Mr. Roberson. His voice hits high notes and if you are an Elvis fan as I am you will know his voice and how he hits high notes and he does not do it like Mr. Roberson. Ive listen to both of them sing and you can clearly tell the difference. Maybe your just not an Elvis fan! Thanks for reading have a blessed day!


    • Sorry, you are Wrong, Wrong Wrong! It most definitely is Carroll Robinson singing! From his CD, ‘Gospel Favorites’. Carroll dis not write it.


    • I have heard nearly everything that the King ever recorded. The trademark vibrato is absent and the intonations are wrong for Elvis. Additionally, this artist forms words differently than Elvis did. You can go all the way back to his early tracks and through his formative years to his last years with us. Never did he sing with that type of intonation.

      Additionally, Carroll Roberson wrote the song and it is available in this exact arrangement on his website.


  4. I have known Elvis’ voice for most of my life, and Carroll sings beautifully, but he is not Elvis. The proof is at Mr Roberson’s website. I have not found proof that this sound file is Elvis’ voice. Where are the details like recording session notes, date, etc? Sony BMG would announce this from the roof tops. The latest “lost” recording to come out is Pretty Mama, recorded during a concert in the 50s. Do some word search on Google to learn more.


  5. sorry, wrong title: Little Mama, Likely recorded at the Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, Louisiana, March 5, 1955. This was released on a cd with the big book, A Boy From Tupelo. Thanks for hearing me out.


  6. I would love for this to have been Elvis. Love the man the song is Awesome and Mr Roberson did a fantastic job! But he’s NOT Elvis.


  7. It is a beautiful song and should be classed as a hymn bit it is definitely NOT Elvis singing, I have listened to Elvis singing for over 40 years the person singing has a wonderful voice but Elvis has a very distinct intonation and his words are very crisp, there have been and still are many good Elvis impersonators but there is only one Elvis and a true fan will know his voice. Xxx


  8. beautiful! Inspirational! Thank you!


  9. Jane wellington

    I new as soon as I started listening that this wasn’t Elvis I turned 67 years old today August 18 and believe me i have been listening to Elvis for a long time there is a tone to his voice that you know as soon as you start to listen to him sing there have been many that try to sound like Elvis but true Elvis fans can tell the difference there is no other singer like him and God didn’t give this voice to no one but him .The fans will always know the real Elvis singing !!!! We love you Elvis!!!!


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