A new meaning for OMG

H/t IvaluTheWord

As the saying goes: “I’ll vote for a cockroach before I vote for Obama!”



8 responses to “A new meaning for OMG

  1. LOL!!!!! this little jewel must go viral. I knew there was something important this stood for.


  2. I know a few who have been using that for awhile! Yes, Obama MUST go!


  3. I want one!


  4. excellent the rally flag fly it high and say it load omg.. that is a t shirt worth displaying proudly..


  5. My Hubby has our bumper stickers being made as we speak! Don’t tell me God doesn’t have a sense of humor!


  6. Action speaks louder than words. Here’s the plan of action:
    1&2 Reinstate Glass Steagall right away and invoke the 25th Amendment Section 4 and or have impeachment articles served on Barack Obama so as to stop him in his tracks immediately.
    3. Open a Thrid National Bank through which Congress can utter and issue Credit through, under Article 1 Section 8 of the US Constitution, for projects

    will take at least one or two generations to complete and provide meaning full employment for all. Not a huge ]chain of Mac Donalds, but things like NASA manned mission to Mars and NAWAPA for water and weather

    , and agricultural and industrial development to stop famine and the oligarchs lovely globalization which is another way of saying genocide for most of the world population so the elite can have most everything and the slaves can work for nothing and never have any
    knowlege so they’re not a nuisance no more.


  7. OMG I ran out of space and yes I agree but then what? Now we have a plan, we’re off and running.
    ON your marks, get set, ………………….GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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