Madonna’s Super Bowl Satanism

America’s national past time, the Super Bowl, is the biggest TV event of the year and routinely viewed by more than 100 million people.

At yesterday’s Super Bowl XLVI, watched by an estimated 111 million on NBC, this is what passed as its halftime entertainment.

Decked out like some pagan priestess with a totemic headdress, the he-woman who calls herself “Madonna” looked like a bat from Hell:

She also showed America her crotch, with what appears to be stubble that the razor missed:

Eye Bleach Alert!!!!!

Notice the pentagram (h/t laura)

Then a guest singer in Madonna’s pagan extravaganza, who calls her M.I.A., gave America the middle-finger F-you salute:

And millions of Americans just lapped it up….

Two hours after I published this post, sharp-eyed reader Karen Walker points out that Madonna does not resemble a bat from Hell, but rather Baphomet or Satan.

The humanoid goat Baphomet figure was first drawn and popularized in 1854 by occultist Eliphas Lévi. In his book, Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie (“Dogmas and Rituals of High Magic”), Lévi included an image he had drawn himself which he described as Baphomet and “The Sabbatic Goat” — showing a winged humanoid goat with a pair of breasts and a torch on its head between its horns.  Levi called his image “The Goat of Mendes.” Lévi’s Baphomet is the source of the later Tarot image of the Devil, in the Rider-Waite design. The symbol of the goat in the downward-pointed pentagram was adopted as the official symbol — called the Sigil of Baphomet — of the Church of Satan, and continues to be used among Satanists. [Source: Wikipedia]

To better compare, I’ve placed the Baphomet figure next to Madonna. Karen is right! Note also how Madonna’s head, arms, and legs form the shape of a pentagram.

A close-up view of that headdress makes it clear. It’s a demon’s head with horns.

This he-woman is Satanic. Her Super Bowl halftime “entertainment” was a Satanic ritual. And millions of Americans just lapped it all up….

UPDATE (Feb. 7, 2012):

There’s an excellent, more detailed analysis of Madonna’s halftime show Satanic ritual: that headdress; the black-gold-red colors; the letter M; more pentagrams; and how the entire Super Bowl audience were manipulated into participating in the devil worship with lightsticks. Go here. (h/t beloved Miss May)


36 responses to “Madonna’s Super Bowl Satanism

  1. If you ever wondered how swiftly the Israelites returned to worship Baal when Moses went up the mountain, look no further than the collapse of America after they began rejecting God in public places. Every society eventually succumbs to man’s darker side and its civilization collapses. The only country and or people to ever reverse course is Israel. Baal is alive and well and the coming battle between good and evil is near. Those who watch and say nothing are as evil as those who participate. Wake up America!


    • America wont wake up and cant wake up…without the Holy Spirit all humans are blind.Keep in mind Jesus refers to the human race as “dead” and other places in the bible humanity is also referred to as blind.The human race has a curse and has since the garden of eden.Without Christ to save the dead they will slowly drift off into madness…


  2. Yuck–too early for these Madonna close-ups!! On second thought, later is not good either. I saw part of Madonna’s show, and I thought she looked ridiculous for her age.


  3. Thanks, Steve. I just added a BIG eye bleach alert – in red. LOL


  4. She does not look like a “bat from hell.” She looks like Baphomet. Google and compare.


    • Thank you, Karen. You are so right!

      This halftime “entertainment” is even worse than I first thought. Thanks to your keen perception, I’ve added a section to the end of my post about this.


  5. dang ya mean i missed madonnas hairy crotch and whats her face flipping off america? oh well my grandkids are more important than foolsball and dont miss the idiots fighting after the game, weak minds going wild


  6. Please don’t associate Satanism with Madonna…..or Paganism with Madonna either. That is an insult to all of us!!!


    I agree she should have waxed that THING but it may also be discolored from decades of heavy traffic! 🙂


  7. I don’t get Madonna… But again I don’t get Lady Gaga or Amy Whinehouse… I just find them creepy…


  8. Didn’t watch the halftime show.

    Instead, I did a plumbing inspection, took the dog out for a short walk, put the leftovers in the fridge, made myself yet another margarita, and sat down in front of the TV about 10 seconds before the second-half kickoff. 🙂

    That was a really great game, too.



  9. I’m sorry to be vulgar – I doubt any of us intend to be vulgar in attempting to describe this situation. However, I didn’t see the Superbowl or any of this prior to reviewing this column just now. But, when I saw the first photo of Madonna before scrolling down to see the next pics and more of the article, I saw how the first pic was absolutely supposed to be “highlighting” her crotch. Her crotch was the “central figure” of the first “pose”. Plus, I could see the Baphomet image. She flipped herself upside down to show us a few things, I see later. One of them being the PENTAGRAM on her crotch. I was trying to look how she positioned her body on that thing she was first pictured in — to see how if she was trying to “form a pentagram” shape with that behind her and how she positioned her arms and legs.

    The pentagram was definitely “central” on her crotch there in the picture of her upside down — another satanic matter.

    She has the devil horns on her headress. Appears as a satanic temple prostitute.

    The “entertainment industry” is now a pagan satanic ritual in so many themes, incidences, and cases. We’re seeing devil-worshipers bring their paganism into the open calling the world into open devil worship through partaking in their satanic rituals.

    These are the last days. Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. God bless.


    • Good grief. You’re right, laura. There is a pentagram on her crotch, and the positioning of her arms and legs in that first pic not only resembles Baphomet, it is also a 5-sided star or pentagram. This halftime “entertainment” — which I didn’t watch, nor did I watch the Super Bowl game itself — gets more sinister, the more one delves into it. Devil worship is now open, public, and in-your-face — watched by 111 million.

      God help us.


  10. I can’t stand Mad Donna. I feel like you could get leprosy just watching her. Ewe, nasty.
    As far as her sex dissplays, it is nasty and ghastly, in keeping with her lesbo character.


  11. I also did not partake of the half-time show. I was in and out of the room however, and quickly grew disgusted with the glance or two I did see… ugh.
    I didn’t want to upset my stomach after all the good grub we had goin’ on LOL. Never was a fan… and by george, I Never will be!


  12. There’s a site called In Search for Black Assassins that has more on Baphomet and who else is being used for this purpose of the enemy. The blue star of David was the symbol that the first Rothschild banker used to identify his business but it was depicted in red, hence the name he adopted Red Star or something, Roth means red and Child is star or something. The numeretical value of the pentagram is 666 I think.
    All of these echos of prophecy are meant to scare us silly but my Bible tells me that we are on the winning side, and that the Devil is a defeated foe. So while he’s planning his next big entertainment project we can lift up the name of JESUS, and he will draw all men unto him.


  13. There’s an excellent, more detailed analysis of Madonna’s halftime show Satanic ritual: that headdress; the black-gold-red colors; the letter M; more pentagrams; and how the entire Super Bowl audience were manipulated into participating in the devil worship with lightsticks.
    (h/t Miss May)


  14. Good hunting, Sage!
    The whole sordid thing just smells worse and worse….


  15. Reblogged this on PUMABydesign001's Blog and commented:

    How many people who watched the Superbowl the other night even realized that they were involved in Satanism by merely watching the biotch Madonna perform.

    See how quick and sly the devil is as he uses his worshippers to reel in the unknowing.


  16. Matthew 7:13. God bless you all.


  17. Oh my goodness! Thank You Lord! My husband was watching the Super Bowl Sunday night, I walked into the living room right as the halftime circus was starting, holding my little girl wrapped in a towel and a little boy glued to my heels. I had been bathing our 2 toddlers. Anyways, as I walked in I immediately had this overwhelming urge to cover my daughter’s face with the hood on the towel. I hadn’t even looked at the tv yet. The heaviness, I cannot explain it, but I do believe my children have guardian angels. She kept pleading, “I want to sees mommy, peas mommy peas.” as I was rushing her while pushing the other out of the room. After I got both situated, I stomped back into the room and demanded he turn that S#!% off! His face was priceless. With a ~ you have totally lost it look~he asked, “Did I do something wrong?” as I yelled “Our kids do not need to see crap like that! I mean when has Madonna ever kept her clothes on?” When he turned it the heaviness in my chest vanished. It felt like someone was literally standing on my chest when I first walked into the room.

    This is absolutely amazing! I cannot wait to let him read this! My unexpected anxiety attack was really the Lord keeping evil out of this home. God protected two sets of itty bitty eyes Sunday night! Thank you for pointing all of this out. (I thought I was just hormonal.)


    • Thanks for letting us know about your experience, Miranda. Always heed your “intuition” — which is really our Guardian Angel communicating with us.

      Angel lore tells us these heavenly creatures, being bodiless, don’t learn and process information the way we human beings do. Humans have material bodies — we gather information through our 5 bodily sense; we learn knowledge cumulatively, through time. Angels, being bodiless, are given all the knowledge for each Angel’s particular function and purpose, by God at the moment of the Angel’s creation. Angels also “learn”, that is, impart information to each other via Insight and Intuition.

      Thus, it is said, when we get a flash of intuition, it is our Angel communicating to us.

      Even if one doesn’t believe in Angels, crime experts like Gavin de Becker, who wrote The Gift of Fear, also tell us to heed our intuition.



    Aleister Nacht

    Aleister Nacht is a Satanic Magus and leader of a regional coven comprising of numerous groups. His books have found favor with a multitude of searchers crossing all demographic and geographic boundaries. He is also the spiritual and technical adviser for the “Gods of the New Church”; an international Satanic group that meets in a virtual sanctum created in cyberspace. Aleister Nacht’s Satanic Audio Blog is free on iTunes. Subscribe today and stay informed on Satanic issues and news. Aleister Nacht’s books on Satanism have connected with the emerging multitude that refuses believe the lies of the religious establishment. He offers searchers an alternative based upon truth and reason instead of hypocritical lies. His electronic and hard-copy books are distributed world-wide.

    Aleister Nacht | February 6, 2012 at 9:19 am | Reply
    Please don’t associate Satanism with Madonna…..or Paganism with Madonna either. That is an insult to all of us!!!


    I agree she should have waxed that THING but it may also be discolored from decades of heavy traffic!


  19. Yuck!!! I have never been a Madonna fan because of her tribute to Satan. She is one of the biggest of biggest sluts they could have choosen for halftime. Her hairy OLD crotch is an example she is far to old to be performing in scant crotched outfits. Don’t old women’s skin darken with age? Any way you look at it, it is sickening! She don’t have to imitate a demon, she is one.


  20. Wow I never realized all the demonism of the half time skit as most people myself included at a time I wasn’t study as now, you just hear beats…MUSIC…but I will never forget the ending when she just in that black wizard of oz witches skit disappeared in a black dust of smoke. Then something dark of sinister did hit me and I was aware also in opening they were promoting gladiator war beat drums the spirit of their adolf but this time to the 4th reich dark knight anti-christ! We really got some waking up to do BEFORE TIME IS GONE


  21. That is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. I think I’m going to puke right now…


  22. I’m late with this, just found it, but this year’s half-time (2013) was so disgusting I commented on it to my family. Well, Mrs. FuddyDuddy here apparently is not up to snuff on this garbage, as I got taken down a peg. Have we gotten so used to the ignoble that it no longer bothers us? Lately I’ve been thinking about what Bible verse would be the one that expresses my personal philosophy and it is Philippians 4:8: “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”
    That cuts out most of TV!

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  24. Thanks to all who commented on this article. I have learned a thing or two. Personally, I don’t watch football, ever! Years ago I used to try and watch the half-time show at the super bowl, because they used to be pretty good. I have not done that either for years now. My father, said many many years ago when organized sports started coming on the scene big time, that all the “powers that be” wanted to do was keep the sheeples entertained so they would not know what their gov’t or the rest of the world was doing. Now on the south side of sixty, I think he was spot on. Again I appreciate the satanic information. Now if I come across it, I will know what it is.

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  25. The official Baphomet is an hermaphrodite. That is evident with its picture with a visible form of an erection. That, with the image of Tubal Cain, shows erotic imagery in some occult groups.


  26. We will be watching the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl, with the Kitty Halftime Show! I know many moms who are not letting their children see these halftime shows! But until this I did not realize what is really was, that is really scarey!

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