2012 Sign

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A sign that recently went up just outside Madison, Alabama, at the corner of Capshaw Rd. and E. Limestone Rd.

H/t Joseph’s friend, Dom.
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0 responses to “2012 Sign

  1. Hey, telling it like it is…

  2. Love it!

  3. So simple, even a democrat can understand.

  4. I hope they put signs like this up all over the United States, in Spanish, in Arabic, in French and, of course, English. This should cover all voters both legal and illegal, foreign and domestic. I don’t know the language of the dead but, obviously, the SEIU does because it uses many of the dead to vote for Obama. What is most important, is to watch every voting location and to fight fire with fire, if they send two Black Panthers, we should send four bigger loyal Americans, with clubs, the tough type, to “negotiate” with them.

  5. How many libtards will crossover after reading this sign?

  6. Indeed! That’s a dandy 🙂
    Wonder how long before some leftist scmuck starts screaming, “Take that sign down, it is divisive!”…..
    To which one would reply, “Oh, I see….so you are an idiot then?”


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