Crotchless Panties for Kids

There is a silent undeclared war against America’s children. It is a covert coordinated effort to normalize pedophilia.

Candies shaped as condoms are sold to our kids.

Our government mandates all newborn babies be given Hepatitis B vaccination although the disease is a sexually-transmitted disease in the United States. Hepatitis B virus cannot be spread by casual contact but is transmitted via infectious blood or body fluids such as semen and vaginal fluids.

Crotchless panties do not serve the purpose of underwear (i.e., to prevent our clothes from being soiled) but are a sexual turn-on for fetishists.

So why would anyone manufacture crotchless thong panties sized for 7-year-old girls? And why would a children’s clothing store sell the panties?

Colorado’s KUSA Channel 9 News reports, November 14, 2011, that while shopping for her kids in a new store called “Kids N Teen” in Colorado’s Greeley Mall, Erin French found crotchless thong panties for sale among the stuffed animal backpacks and princess dresses.

Erin French

The mom took out her cell phone to document the inappropriate merchandise. Her grainy video shows pink and leopard-print thong panties with no crotches.

French told KUSA:

“I was mortified. My first initial response was, ‘Am I really seeing that?’…They’re sized to fit a 7-year-old girl. That’s just totally inappropriate.  There is one purpose for an item of that nature and that is not something we want to encourage for our girls.”

The owner of Kids N Teen didn’t want to speak on camera and  would only give her name as Kristina. Defending the store, “Kristina” said that the store’s only been in business for two weeks and they’re still trying to figure out what to sell. She also said that while her store caters mostly to kids, about 25% of the inventory is for teenagers — as if crotchless panties for teenagers are appropriate. There is also the fact that the crotchless thongs being sold are sized to fit 7-year-old girls, who are not teenagers.

After a complaint from mall management, Kids N Teen removed the crotchless panties.

Pics from Daily Mail. You can see KUSA’s news video on this here.

H/t our beloved Miss May.



5 responses to “Crotchless Panties for Kids

  1. This is another post I can’t click the “Like” button for because I’m soooooooo sick of the depravity of the culture. I did rate it with 5 stars because it’s so important to warn people about what’s going on. Thanks, Dr. Eowyn and Miss May for the alert.


  2. Just sick…


  3. Despicable! In my opinion, this woman has no defense. She is still trying to figure out whether or not to sell crotchless panties for children! Horrific! Sickening! God, give us strength!


  4. she needs to go do time in prison,which might give her time to think about what is right and wrong-this is a crime against innocent children. They need to be protected against people like this. Pedophiles that claim in the court rooms that they will offend over and over again,need to be put in front of a firing squad.


  5. This is just digusting!!!!! That said, our oldest teaches second grade, and what these little girls wear would shock you. My two wore smocked dresses as long as possible. Today’s clothes resemble things seen on hoochies, not little girls. They also come in with designer sneakers and Coach purses. Many have cell phones. Their mamas promote this. How in the world do they stand a chance!!!


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