Steve Jobs Dead at 56


Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011

I was never a fan of Apple computers, but I do recognize and appreciate the myriad contributions this unique individual made that impacted millions of lives and quite literally reshaped our world.

It will be up to future historians as to whether or not his many influences had a positive or negative overall impact, and I am not interested in debating that today.

One thing is certain:  Steven P. Jobs lived the American Dream.

Prayers for Steve, his family, and all who knew him.


11 responses to “Steve Jobs Dead at 56

  1. Sad for his fam. Brilliant inventor and innovator.


  2. 56. So young. Whatever anyone says of him, Jobs certainly made full use of his God-given talents, even if he didn’t believe in Him. How many of us can claim to have done that when it’s our time.


  3. Steve Jobs improved the quality of life for millions throughout the world with his ipod, iphone, ipad technology. It’s too bad all of these products are produced overseas.


  4. You should have been a fan. I avoided computers until my Mac. I fell in love with it and ended up with a career that was most lucretive as a result. I am grateful for his mind and invention.


    • Beverly,

      Apples are great machines for a lot of things, but Apple + AutoCad just doesn’t fly.

      And I ran AutoCad and all of its variations (and particularly Land Development) from 1992 to 2007.



  5. RIP Steve Jobs… A bright and intelligent innovator has passed… ~peace~


  6. helluva guy, i miss him already


  7. gifts for nurses graduation

    Anyone who’s read and understood Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance immediately recognizes Apple as being one of the only companies that follows its principles. Its an amazing book that teaches us how to pursue Quality in our lives, and Apple is the best example of company that followed the path of Quality. For companies, designers, CEOs who are wondering how Steve took Apple to where it is today, my advice is to read and re-read it.


  8. LOL – I bet it wasn’t as long as being put on hold with the Autodesk/AutoCad people.

    You could sprout grandchildren before they came back on the line.



  9. In my opinion, the only reason he is getting any press is because he help revive a company that almost went defunct. He’s a master showman but a douche as a person. His contribution to the world is way overrated. If you can live without Apple products, then his so called “innovation” is not that important.


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