What Was Bloomberg’s Mass Evacuation of NY All About?

Bracing for a direct hit by Irene, New York mayor Bloomberg first declared a state of emergency, then ordered the evacuation of an estimated 370,000 residents from their homes in the low-lying areas of all five boroughs of the city. He then backed up that order with an iron fist, proclaiming that anyone refusing to evacuate would be violating the law.

Curiously, Bloomberg chose not to evacuate the criminals in Rikers Island, — on which sits New York city’s main jail complex — according to Mother Jones, and warned that any looters caught during or in the wake of the storm will be placed in internment camps. [Source: Yahoo]

Bloomberg was asked about the decision not to close Rikers at a news conference Saturday night. He said the island is higher than the Zone A areas that were evacuated and is “perfectly safe” from the storm. City officials say the island is not in Zone A, the area designated most vulnerable to flooding, so there’s no reason to move the prisoners and guards to a different location. They add that all power sources have been inspected and all outdoor furniture has been secured.

Hello! Rikers Island is an island, but it’s “perfectly safe” from flooding? Just look at this aerial view of the island:

Photo from Wikipedia

And here’s a map showing the evacuation zones:

Something just doesn’t add up.

Either Bloomberg couldn’t give a fig about prisoners and prison guards, or the evacuation of city residents was contrived.

Early this morning, Bloomberg ordered the mass evacuation be lifted. New York’s subway, buses, and airports are re-opening and  resuming service.

H/t Igor.



7 responses to “What Was Bloomberg’s Mass Evacuation of NY All About?

  1. Steve, you may be onto something.


  2. “They” have been taught to “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” …even if it just means practicing their control and power over the masses for a future, and perhaps even “planned” event. (???) I just cannot help but wonder.


  3. You wouldn’t think that “Bloomberg”, liberal Martian that he is, would let the term “internment camp” (FEMA camp) utter from his lips, would you? Sounds like a repeat of George Soros (the unrepentant Jew turned Nazi) to me, and the people under his “control” had better rethink electing him.

    Between Bloomberg and Schumer, New Yorkers have a very, very BIG PROBLEM AND MOST OF ALL THE Martians IN NEW YORK!


  4. And guys, the Second Amendment is dead in New York. Firearms are illegal in the city except in special circumstances. In NYS, some counties make you lock up your long guns in hunting club safes, in others you are not permitted sidearms. If you are from NY and are reading this, please correct me if I’m wrong.


  5. The internment camp threat is absolutely amazing and unthinkable. What kind of power does this man think that he has over the Constitution to threaten internment camps! Idiot!


  6. Bloomberg is in competition with the illegal alien in the whitehouse for want-to-be dictator.


  7. You conservatives are getting crazier and more dangerous all the time. DHS is so right about you people being terrorists. The left needs to rise up and make you dead terrorists. Take no prisoners


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