Persecuted Christian Schoolteacher Returns to Classroom Today!

Jerry Buell

Remember that Christian high school teacher, Gerald Buell, who was removed from teaching for saying he disapproves of gay marriage on his personal Facebook site, outside of school time?

Mount Dora High School in Florida had removed the veteran social-studies teacher from the classroom to administrative duties pending the results of an investigation into a suspected code of ethics violation.

So many Christian Americans bombarded the school principal Pam Chateauneuf and the Lake County School Board with tens of thousands of outraged e-mails that the school is backing off — completely.

An e-mail from Tim Wildmon, President of the American Family Association, brings this good news:

“the school has immediately rescinded its suspension of Mr. Buell and he will be back in his classroom tomorrow morning! According to a just-held press conference by Mr. Buell and his legal representation, Liberty Counsel Attorney Harry Mihet, outside the Lake County Board of Education Administration Building, the school board acknowledged it violated Mr. Buell’s First Amendment rights by suspending him.

Thank you to all FOTM readers who had sent e-mail. Our actions do make a difference!

We just need to stay informed, be vigilant, and ever ready to pounce on the rascals whenever they pull stunts like what they did to Mr. Buell.


AFA is at the forefront of America’s culture war on the side of Christians and religious liberty. If you have a couple of dollars to spare, please consider making a small donation in support of their good work.

H/t beloved fellow Tina.  😀



4 responses to “Persecuted Christian Schoolteacher Returns to Classroom Today!

  1. Great to hear!!! Proving that when people get together in the fight of a goal, they achieve it. 🙂


  2. Very good news – woo hoo!


  3. Keep it up, constantly, the Conservatives, Republicans and members of the Tea Party, or individuals who are all three, have to watch every move the Liberals/Progressives make as they are slinking around everywhere, undermining what they can openly and anything they can underhandedly. Those who prefer to live in a socialist country, should move to a socialist country and not try to change ours. I hope Barack Obama finds this out immediately!


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