Have You Received Yours Yet ??

President Barack Obama’s new “Let’s spread the Wealth” pencil sharpener.

Each and every taxpayer will be mailed one of these along with the new 2011 IRS tax forms.

It’s free to everyone who is gainfully employed and who will be footing the bill for someone else during the coming year!!!

So, be watching your mail box!!!

Ahh , Even if you don't have one, you still have been experiencing the benefits of Skippy. You're welcome.

~Steve~    H/T   May. 😀


5 responses to “Have You Received Yours Yet ??

  1. Just looking at that pencil sharpener makes me go “OUCH” !


  2. I want one.



  3. Of course, with healthcare reform, you’ll have to provide your own K-Y and pay higher insurance premiums than with prior government action of this sort in order for the savings to make these actions possible with more taxpayers. Happy Hope and Change!


  4. hahahha I have never seen such pencil sharpener before 😀


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