Look What Flew Over Akron Air Show

H/T to best bud, Kelleigh!



12 responses to “Look What Flew Over Akron Air Show

  1. love this guy! hope he flys all over the place.


  2. I always suspected he was high as a kite, but this takes it!


  3. Wanna bet the FAA finds some reason to yank this guy’s pilot’s license?

    And I bet his chances of facing an IRS audit have increased exponentially, too.



  4. Hooray for this pilot!


  5. Perfect!


  6. The FAA? You gotta be kidding. This is America—so far— To express your views or speak in your personal opinion is in the consitution— Oh ,I’m sorry I forgot, the Muslim president wants to eliminate the constitution!! This guy gets a medal of honor!!


  7. I hope it helps!!! We need more like him… thanks


  8. Love it, where do I send a donation for avgas to keep him flying?


  9. Can the USAF, US Coastguard, National Guard and USN adopt these important markings please.


  10. LOVE it!


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