Workers Toil for Union Greed!

One Year’s Worth Of Union Dues Could Support 265,447 U.S. Workers For A Year

by LaborUnionReport

Union bosses have been engaging in class warfare for so long now that it’s become standard for the media to echo the meme without challenge. An example of such mainstream Marxism is in today’s Bloomberg piece entitled ‘Runaway CEO Pay’ Could Support 102,000 U.S. Jobs, AFL-CIO Says. Bloomberg’s piece relies heavily on the AFL-CIO’s Executive Pay Watch, which was set up years ago to conduct a haves vs. have nots class warfare campaign to eventually have CEO pay limited by law or regulation. This was something union bosses accomplished to some degree with last year’s “Wall Street Reform.”

However disdainfully un-American it is to argue whether someone makes too much money in what was once the nation known as the land of opportunity, sometimes you have to roll with the pigs in the pigsty to show how stupid their arguments are. So here goes:

Here is the AFL-CIO’s statement:

In 2010, Standard & Poor’s 500 Index company CEOs received, on average, $11.4 million in total compensation. Based on 299 companies’ most recent pay data for 2010, their combined total CEO pay of $3.4 billion could support 102,325 median workers’ jobs.

Using a simple calculator, it is easy to determine that the “workers’ jobs” would pay $33,227 per year (about $16 per hour), not counting union dues, of course.

Given the AFL-CIO’s penchant for pushing an eat the rich ideology, it seemed worthwhile to use the unions’ own logic to run our own set of numbers to determine how many workers’ median jobs one years’ worth of union dues could support.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2010, there were 14.7 million union Americans belonging to unions. While that only represents 11.9 percent of all wage and salary earners, there is a substantial amount of dues money flowing to unions.

If we were to use a conservative figure of $50 per month for union dues, in 2010, unions collected $735,000,000 per month in union dues from America’s unionized workers. Multiply $735,000,000 by 12 months and you get a whopping $8,820,000,000 that was collected in union dues in 2010.

Divide $8,820,000,000 by $33,227 and you’ll find that if unions did not take union dues from workers in 2010, 265,447 workers’ jobs could have been supported.

Since union dues only go to support the salaries and benefits of union bosses, their staffs, and their golf courses, airplanes, and other costs, perhaps the argument really needs to be reversed. Rather than creating or saving jobs, given that unions do not produce a product and can actually be attributed with being masters of manipulation, buying politicians, killing companies, pushing policies that stifle growth, as well as creating huge pension and health care deficits, perhaps it’s really time to rein in union dues.


“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

Posted by Tom in NC


7 responses to “Workers Toil for Union Greed!

  1. Comparing tax deductible union dues to multi million dollar salaries stolen from workers and consumers. You folks are a hoot.

    Scream and holler for lower wages and no benefits , how dare workers receive fair wages and benefits. The CEO deserves it all because he does all the work…..Right?

    You do know the top 1% controls 40% of all the wealth….you honestly believe they earned it through hard work?


    • Oh I’m sure companies that produce products and services should just give them away for free just to satisfy your liberal redistribution agenda and CEO’s who have built and run multi-million dollar corporations should just work for free.

      You really should plug that hole in your head, your brains are running into you shoes.


  2. Well, I think I’ve seen it all! this is the greatest website I’ve seen on the entire web. You people are freakin’ wonderful. Everything on this site makes sense, you and your readers are a bunch of geniuses. I am a liberal and proud of it! Like you, I too can spell, I can reason out an argument, but unlike you, sadly I lack a clear and articulate point of view. All I know is to throw mud and shit at whatever I don’t understand, which is about everything! I’ll now crawl back into my hole and get my hippie love beads on. Oh, that’s right I’m a liberal, I’m the one who believes in Al Gore and ManBearPig. And to think I call y’all the dumb ones….Wow, life has turned itself on its head.


    • “Nothing on this site makes sense”…please do explain enlightened one. Or are the facts, such as the one presented above, too difficult for you to understand? Ever heard of a little thing called “math”.

      “lack a clear and articulate point of view”…well at least your point of view is articulate with words such as “redneck”, “un-evolved”, “sh*t”, and “dumb ones”. Your “articulate” point of view is to come here and call us names without refuting anything on this site. Good job!


  3. So sage what have you invented? You sound like another whinning home schooled person who can not understand how the real world works. Your failed marriage is probably evidence enough of that. It took you how long to get a patent for your “device”… So you ask people to extend their serivces then abmoninsh them for expecting some reward for their endeavours on your behalf. But it was all your work right? Your device was “aweasome”, right? If is was so great, what did you need those other people for? Oh Yeah, this is the real world people want paid for their work. Go play your piano. You are a genius because your parent said you were. Others treated you poorly because you placed yourself above them since you have such a high opinion of yourself, falsely seeded in your psyche by your parents. It is sad to think you had peaked by 18. Envy and coveting are the two sides of self-centered coin which you represent.


  4. “If we were to use a conservative figure of $50 per month for union dues, …”

    Conseratively high is more like it. How did they come up with this flawed data?


  5. Shane_the_Soldier

    Personally, I don’t like unions. They are by their very nature short-sighted and insular. They foster (and even help to create) an environment of conflict and disparity among the very group of people they are supposed to protect and represent. Like ‘Napolean’ in Orwell’s “Animal Farm”, it is truly amazing to see how quickly a newly elected union boss will distance himself from doing the “real work” that he claims to love so.

    Sorry, but the days of America needing unions to keep workers safe is long gone. That’s what OSHA is for. That’s what the ADA, FLSA, the Civil Rights Act, Title VII, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, FMLA, etc… are for. To protect workers. The ONLY thing that unions are good for nowadays is to artificially inflate wages for jobs that are, quite frankly, able to be done by virtually anyone. Just like illegal aliens have artifically DEFLATED wages in the hospitality, restaurant and landscaping industries, labor unions have done the same to the auto and freight industry, driving prices for union companies so high that many of them have a difficult time staying in business. Twenty years ago, there were literally DOZENS of union freight (trucking) companies. Now there are only two. Why is that you ask? Simple. If you’re a small business, are you going to get a better quote from a non-union company that pays it’s workers $10-20 an hour, or a union one that pays $25-30 an hour and also has a median employee age of 55? The answer is obvious.


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