Wayne Madsen on Obama White House’s Death Threats

This is a follow-up on my post of April 13, 2011: “Wayne Madsen Says Obama Wants Him Dead.”

Should we on some future date see or hear in the news that investigative reporter Wayne Madsen had committed suicide, just remember this–

On April 13, 2011, on the Alex Jones Radio Show, Wayne Madsen unequivocally unambiguously said he has no intention — none, nada, zilch — of committing suicide. You heard it!



5 responses to “Wayne Madsen on Obama White House’s Death Threats

  1. Eowyn – He’d better not even get a scratch or a hangnail. The cat’s out of the bag. All of us everywhere should be watching his back.


  2. Like they said about Vince Foster– if he had a gun, he’d be alive today.


  3. Wow! How in the world DO we fight against this?


    • 1. By sending this post to everyone you know, so that should Madsen be found dead (God forbid) some day, we can all testify to having heard him unequivocally deny he’s suicidal.

      2. By joining your local TEA Party group and, if you’re a member of the Armed Forces or police, join the Oath Keepers.

      3. By holding elected politicians’ feet to the fire and vote them out, instead of keep reelecting the rotten ones because they promote your narrow selfish interests.

      4. By running for office yourself.

      5. By praying to God for mercy.

      6. And by NEVER EVER giving up and exclaim in despair “Wow! How in the world DO we fight against this?” — because that’s conceding defeat before you even lift a finger in resistance.


  4. Jesse Ventura is in just as much danger. He has a video out stating what I believe too. That Republicans are so different than conservatives. Republicans are the same as Democrats and if we want to get anywhere, vote Libertarian or Independent.

    I only wish the Constitution Party was on the ballot in all 50 states.


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