Mailman Makes Really Special Delivery

This isn’t quite what we have in mind for the US Postal Service’s Special Delivery. A mail carrier was caught on camera defecating in a homeowner’s yard.

Wayne Havrelly of Portland, Oregon’s KGW reports on April 14, 2011:

Don Derfler’s own wife didn’t believe him when told her the mail carrier was defecating in public. Then he showed her the pictures.

Derfler saw it all from his living room window while he was baby sitting his son Wednesday afternoon. “He started pulling his pants down and started defecating and at that point I grabbed my camera and started to take pictures,” said Derfler.

Officials with the U.S. Postal Service say they are disheartened and disappointed. “We’re taking this very seriously and I really want to apologize to our customers and to the public. I’ve worked for the Postal Service for many years and have never heard of an incident like this and I hope I never do again,” said Ron Anderson with the U.S. Postal Service.

Postal inspectors may have already cleaned up the evidence according to another neighbor who said he confronted several men in suits walking around the scene of the act Thursday morning. “I told them it’s not normal to be wandering around someone’s house, especially when they are away at work. He told me ‘it’s O.K. we’re postal inspectors,'” the neighbor, Dennis, told KGW.

“This is how they respect our property?,” said Derfler. “It’s just not right and it’s also a bio-hazard.” It’s also a misdemeanor crime in the city of Portland. “Nature calls at inopportune times,” said Dennis. “but jeez, go back to your rig and find a gas station for crying out loud.”

Officials with the U.S. Postal Service told KGW they have suspended the mail carrier in question without pay, pending an investigation.

To see the video, CLICK HERE.



10 responses to “Mailman Makes Really Special Delivery

  1. He’s just adopting the former slogan for UPS:

    “What can brown do for you?”


  2. liberals and illegals do this all the time,illegals usually use public schools sidewalks-I would of like to been up in that tree with a baseball bat!! one of their traits [no respect]


    • its awful sage-they should have better manners than this! I had an awful thought,can you imagine in Wisconsin? there was probably statues of obama all over the place.


  3. In defense of postal workers, I can say that our mailman has worked quietly with the local Neighborhood Watch organization… though strictly off the record.

    He tells me that he is actually disallowed from doing anything except guarding the security of the US Mail. But just as a good citizen, he does sometimes send notes about things and people he sees… strictly off the record.

    what a wonderful world we live in.


  4. Wonder if his delivered “mail” came with one of those shinny new fake Statue of Liberty stamps?


  5. Poop with job security– join SEIU today!


  6. I don’t disagree with this article!


  7. Guess what? This carrier is now back on the same route. Homeowners are considering contacting an attorney to see what their options are. And get this comment from a lib, no doubt: “I think the behavior of the residents calling for the man to be fired and calling lawyers is deplorable. It makes them look like nothing more than bigotted, narrow minded, unforgiving, and hostile people.” Yes, now you are a bigot if you don’t want a man defecating in your yard.


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