Last picture taken of a moron

It’s one of the laws of nature that the stupid usually remove themselves from the gene pool.

 ~Steve~          H/T  Richard



12 responses to “Last picture taken of a moron

  1. I’m guessing that he borrowed that Army t-shirt…


  2. And to think, there are those who don’t believe in natural selection. 🙂



  3. Revenge is hilarious…


  4. The photo is photoshopped. the sun is very bright on the right side of the guy (facing him) as well as the cub. The sun is diffused on the big bear.


  5. Allyson Doerfler

    Well, the photo may have had the mother bear photoshopped in the background, but in real life the guy is still holding a bear cub, so unless he just shot the mother, she’s off to the left or right, and he’s still a moron.


  6. Take a close look at that guy. Maybe he is the bear’s daddy.


  7. I’m hoping that Mama and baby didn’t get any diseases from this inbred moron! EWWWW YUCK! MAKES ME WANT TO PUKE!!!


  8. Allyson D. I agree wholeheartedly on that. Where there is a cub, momma can’t be too far behind.


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