Obama In Deep Trouble, Huge Scandals Brewing

Here’s Part II of the latest long conversation that NewsFlavor’s Ulsterman had with the anonymous White House insider whom Fellowship of the Minds calls Deep Throat 2 (DT2). (Part I is HERE.)

Below are excerpts from White House Insider: ‘President Obama is lost. Absolutely lost’,” by Ulsterman, NewsFlavor, October 26, 2010. I’ve grouped the excerpts into the following main points:

  • DT2 now admits Obama is not fit to be President.
  • There are HUGE Obama/White House scandals about to break into the open, which are as big, if not bigger, than Nixon’s Watergate scandal. This implies the Obama scandals are impeachable!
  • Both parties — including the leaders of the Democratic Party (Pelosi, Clinton) — know about the scandals, though maybe not the details.
  • The Democratic Party is cutting Obama loose to preserve itself.
  • The MSM are beginning to sniff around the scandals, although they are still pro-Obama.
  • DT2 suggests we bloggers already know and have reported on the scandals!


Obama not fit to be President:

“I  had such great hopes for President Obama. Those hopes have been crushed. It wasn’t an easy thing to see. On the campaign, the guy was so good. Brilliant. I told you that already, I know – repeating myself now. But…I get emotional thinking back to 2008 and how much fun that was. Then I think to how fast it all went wrong, how soon we all started to see that there was so little to the man. We got caught up in the moment, and forgot to consider the consequences of electing someone who was simply not prepared to be President. We screwed up. I guess in a way, these interviews I am giving you are a way to…make up for that. At least in some little way.”

Major Obama scandals are about to break into the open:

“Sadly, with this White House it is no longer a matter of a scandal, but of scandals. I see you did a story recently on the Justice Department situation surrounding the voting rights case. Continue watching that – it’s going to break open more soon after Republicans take the House. As you stated, it’s going to be investigated.

Chicago is the primary component – but it will likely start in D.C. – one thing will lead to the other. The Justice Department, and back to Chicago. 

Go back to Chicago. That is the key. There is other crap around the White House, other things that could trip them up, but Chicago is where the real heavy deal is that could bring the administration down. Go back and review Blagojevich. Go back and review Rezko, Barton, Stern, Giordano, Carothers, Jarret. It’s one and the same. It’s all connected, and it’s big. And people know.  The White House is -expletive- itself over this stuff.”

Scandals at least as big as Nixon’s Watergate: 

There are those in the party – the Democratic Party, who are right now actively preparing for that possible outcome [that Obama’s scandals are as big as Watergate] and taking protective measures to protect the party. Let Obama go down for it – but save the party. President Obama in turn – at least those around him who are capable enough still to function in that way, are trying to keep the party entangled in the mess, to motivate them to continue protecting the White House. THAT is what is going on right now.  And the stakes are very high – the repercussions very serious. That is why I keep telling you to fully appreciate the dangers here. This stuff is no joke. That is why I came to you.” 

Democrat Party honchos know about the scandals:

“Look at the Democrats who are now openly challenging the president. Every day another one rebukes the president.  That is an incredibly dangerous thing to do politically – it can destroy a career. Ask yourself why they would be so willing to do that. Are they just stupid, too bold – or is it something else?The information – the story.  At least some of it, enough of it.  It’s all a chess match you know.  A series of moves. Right now the White House is scrambling, and they don’t know enemies from friends anymore.  The party is attempting to localize the damage so it doesn’t spread.  Make it just about Chicago, and worst case, Obama – but not the party.” 

Pelosi has it. Clintons have it – more of it than they had in 2008.

Obama will lose all protection if Democrats lose on Nov. 2:

…after November, the White House loses its protection….without Congress, without the Congressional leadership to quash potential hearings, the White House is far more vulnerable. Remember Lewinski? If the Democrats had not lost Congress in 1994, there would have been no scandal – at least not to the extent that it became. But Democrats didn’t control Congress, and so the scandal was allowed – encouraged by those -expletive- Republicans to move ahead. Same thing with Watergate. Democrats in Congress allowed the scandal to grow and move ahead. That’s how it works. And now we have a Democrat President, realizing he is looking at a Republican Congress, and he is facing a real -expletive- storm.

And so you look back to Chicago, you look at the Justice Department, connect the dots. One investigation will potentially reveal the other. And it’s all setting up to happen now if the November elections go down with a Republican landslide. Obama will be left without protection. His inner circle is scared to death. I mean truly frightened by the prospects of what could be coming at them in the coming months. They have enemies both in the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. President Obama is lost.  Absolutely lost.”

The MSM are on to the scandals, but they’re still in the tank for Obama:

“Enough people are sniffing in the same garbage pile anyways, including the [New York] Times. Though I suspect they are burying it at the moment, or trying to. They are still heavily invested in Obama, but that may change soon…”

Conservative bloggers already know and are reporting on the scandals:

“It is being reported – bits and pieces of it. The story will already be out there and growing before the mainstream finally runs with it. Don’t forget, most of them still want to protect the White House. That is simply fact.  I know this – I worked directly with them during the campaign. But it’s starting to change – and eventually it will break. The barbarians haven’t broken down the gate yet – but after these midterms, they will.” 

To protect itself, Democratic Party is cutting Obama loose:

The word is out there – President Obama is in real trouble. They may not have the specifics, but the story of a big scandal coming is circulating now within the party – both partiesSo why put your own political career on the line supporting a president who is facing such a fiasco? Simple – they won’t.  And so you are seeing the separation happening. The party itself is starting to separate itself from the president. You ever watch those nature programs where the herd doesn’t hang out with the sick one? You got that poor sick antelope or whatever standing all by itself and when it tries to join back with the herd they run away from it? They’ll even attack it themselves if they have to. That’s what happens in politics. If you are in real trouble, the others separate from you. That is what is happening to the president right now. (Long pause) And the lions are starting to gather….” 

Democrats will go to another candidate in 2012:

“I really believe the party needs to purge itself of this administration. And I think we will.  November is a start in that direction. New leadership will emerge. The White House will be marginalized – perhaps so much so that there will be a Democrat challenger to Obama in 2012.”

49 responses to “Obama In Deep Trouble, Huge Scandals Brewing

  1. From your lips to God’s ear………
    while I do not relish scandal or the ensuing chaos that would follow, if all this comes to pass, those brought down ( so it seems ) would have no one but themselves to blame.
    As the saying goes, “sunlight is the best disinfectant”


  2. Katherine Magdangal is on FB

    you know the more I read this and all of the (expletives)…I’m thinking I know who DT2 is…….who is WELL known for having a foul mouth….who doesn’t have to worry anymore because he’s ALREADY out of harms way!..??


    • Katherine, you are one brilliant lady! DT2 must be Rahm Emanuel.

      DT2 himself told Ulstermann that Emanuel didn’t quit, but was pushed out by Michelle O.


      • Katherine Magdangal is on FB

        ah…pshaw….and I haven’t even read all of it yet………I just got this feeling half way through…..


      • Rahm was pushed out by MO? Wait, what power does she hold or have over her husband who is currently our current President? What did Rahm take up too much of the President’s attention from her? Give me a break.

        Its well known that Rahm Emanuel’s style was scattered: schizophrenia as one said. His philosophy was to put a ‘point on the board’ meaning some small advance or victory, each day, to eventually win the match,” according to Kantor. Initially, everyone in the West Wing reported to Emanuel, who reported to the president. In reality, at the time there were several power centers Emanuel, Vice President Joe Biden, senior advisers David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett. He delayed and didn’t provide the best structure that the President needed, e.g., more of a traditional structure, with a streamlined decision-making process flowing through chief of staff Emmanuel. Emanuel unfortunanetly was combative, unafraid to push or even insult others. He was also restless, sly, casually abusive, and almost always willing to cut a deal, no matter who was involved. That was how he worked for the Clintons, but the Obama needed something different, when he didnt conform, he left for Chicago to run for Mayor. Hect read the book.


  3. Wonder why it’s called Deep Throat 2?


  4. Katherine Magdangal is on FB

    well think about it…..who was really on the inside….who would be in all of the meetings mentioned…who wants to “do business”– continue his career in Chicago (even though they hate him there)….who would look like the “hero” if the whole “Blagojevich, Rezko, Barton, Stern, Giordano, Carothers, Jarret, Obama mess was blown wide open AND Obummer was impeached….?? Also- who would have the balls to be talking to fellowships right now– ON THE RECORD albeit anonymously– for now……and he IS well known for having a foul mouth……of course it’s just a guess…call it womens intuition, Rahm?


  5. Katherine Magdangal is on FB

    deep elated sigh….BIG GRIN….thanks


  6. Cannot wait for this to literally explode. Could not happen to a more deserving person. Hillbuzz keeps talking about a similar unknown revelation and also to something big possibly that happened in South Carolina during the last presidential election. I literally pray that this evil man is exposed before he does even more serious damage to our great nation.


    • Interesting, DW. Any idea what happened in South Carolina? Something to do with the Obama campaign using underhanded methods to undermine Hillary Clinton?


    • Couldn’t agree more Doc’s Wife…Obama played thug-style politics in Chicago and thought he could get away with it in DC. This manchild needs to be exposed for the FRAUD he is!!


    • He ended up leaving for election to Mayor in Chicago. Sometimes people are their worst enemies.


  7. Katherine Magdangal is on FB

    now I’m almost positive it’s Rahm…….I read an article by Ulsterman dated Oct.25 2010 and in it he asks the “insider”, So how many seats do you see Democrats losing in the House? [insider] At least 50 – possibly a bit more. It will be worse than what we saw in 1994, and I was around for that ass-kicking….(again the expletive) so I checked….Ezra Klein has an article in the Washington Post titled “What Did Rahm Emanuel Learn From 1994?” in which it says “Before Rahm Emanuel was Barack Obama’s chief of staff, he was in Congress” ALSO…..the meeting (which was about Afghanistan) that was referred to regarding Obama’s “behavior” and attendance”… the “insider” states he was ‘already long gone’….Rahms’ last day was Friday, October 1st


  8. Katherine Magdangal is on FB

    maybe DT2 should be called ‘Songbird2’


  9. Katherine Magdangal is on FB

    but then the ‘Deep throat’ title kinda ties him in with the ‘gentlemens club both Obama and Rahm belong to…..


  10. Obama has absolutely had it. He’s angry. He’s constantly on the defense.
    I’d sure hate to have to live with him right now!
    Money. There’s where the scandals lie. Covering up the insolvency of the banks and supporting them while insiders steal what isn’t nailed down. Covering up the insolvency of insurance companies and cutting deals with them. Transferring money to England to buy treasury debt. Transferring money to the financial center in Dubai. The guy and his cronies are in big big trouble.


  11. Katherine Magdangal is on FB

    ( snicker ) just sayin’ 😀


  12. Do you reveal your sources? Just wondering. We already know he is a communist, fascists, has no birth certificate, never went to Harvard, etc etc. It just gets old. Why don’t you just come out and say you just don’t like the idea of a black man in the White House. If only half of what GW and Cheney was brought to light they easily could have been impeached but our president did not do it. Ask yourself what WWJD. I dont think he would mount a thousand witch hunts. May God have mercy on your bigoted souls and I am afraid when you get to the pearly gates like the terrorist were promised 77 virgins you will be sad to see he has a hotter place reserved.


    • yawn
      Y-A-W-N. There you go again, playing the race card. How totally b-o-r-i-n-g. The Left are so devoid of imagination. Can’t you think of some new lie to hurl at us? It’s you who’s the racist because you can’t look beyond the color of Obama’s skin to see the content of his rotten character.

      As for Jesus Christ, I’m always amused by Leftists who don’t even believe in Christ using Christ against Christians. You ask “what would Jesus do?” My answer: go read Matthew 21:12.

      Oops, I forgot. You don’t believe in Christ or the Bible!

      Only nonChristians think of Christ as some wimp. Or have you forgotten Jesus threw the money changers out of the Temple and overturned their tables; stood up to the powerful Pharisees, calling them “white sepulchres”; said He would spit “the lukewarm” from His mouth; and proclaimed “I come not to bring peace, but to bring a sword.”

      So there you have your answer to the question “What would Jesus do”!

      May Our Lord have mercy on your benighted soul.


    • Katherine Magdangal is on FB

      another shill claiming Obama is being attacked for being African American……how quickly you forget what a landslide victory he was handed…as in voters….and Obama’s the one that is bringing another 80,000 Muslims to settle here in the US next year….as for prosecuting Bush/Cheney? Do your homework……just look at the Prez’s first appointments….right in line with donors to his campaign….like Soros….and the FED….he had his chance but he’s just a puppet….. after he got in he did start appointing his cronies….even his babysitter got a high profile job in the WH…..that’s about when it all started falling apart…..and since you bring up religion…..he’s Taqiyya…..google it


  13. Patisok, I am so sick of people throwing out the race card. They use the race card when they have no argument. I could care less what color Obama is, I hate his policies and the methods he authorizes Nancy and Harry to use to implement them. He lies constantly (If you like your health insurance, you can keep it; and don’t forget all those sheval ready jobs. These are lies he repeated and repeated and repeated. Eisenhower said (may not quote exactly) ” The most important characteristic for a leader is integrity.” Our leader is sadly lacking in that area. If Herman runs in 2012, I plan to vote for Herman Cain. In case you don’t know, Herman is a black man. He is also a very successful businessman, CEO, saved Godfather’s Pizza from bankrupty, and, most important, he is a devote Christian. He is just what we need in the White House. Get the Muslim out ASAP.


    • The Blue Collar Man

      If you want a Black Man to run for president. Allen West is better.
      Cain, as I understand, is respected, but what very little I have seen of him, he seems to be a genuine “Nice Guy”. West is all steel, with a veneer of calm and dignity. Cain would have to dig to match West in the tough department, altho Cain is no doubt intelligent.


    • Betsy Brockmann

      If it comes to nominating a black republican, I would rather see Jesse Lee Peterson. He has integrity, is a good Christian, and bona fide conservative principles.


  14. Have very much enjoyed reading the posts here, and many the accusation regarding Mr. Obama’s character are totally correct. What is so very sad is, his having had the opportunity for a productive presidency, but he totally squander it. There is one (perhaps small) that I find difficult to simply pass over, and that is Mr. Obama’s chose to speak at Nuremberg during his campaigning. It was not by coincidence his having chosen doing so, and it brought back to me the memories of Adolf Hitler having spoken there, and to establish his personal “hell on earth.” You see, I am a very old Jew, and history repeats itself because people learn not from it. I bid you Shalom.


  15. Obribe-ya is so weakened now, I wonder if we will now be able to find out where he was REALLY born at.


  16. Just his trip to India alone is a scandle beyond my imagination. How many planes, armored cars and guests? Last I heard 3000 guests and 300 corrupt CEO’s. He’s paying them off with a special trip. Clinton used to do this.
    Now onto deep throat’s story. If we think that the Democrat Party has any degree of integrity that they would turn against the President because of any degree scandel, we are nuts. The Democrat Party is corrupt to it’s very soul.


  17. Eowyn,
    Give the race card a rest. Open your blind little eyes and see what Obama really is. I smell denial all over you


    • Wow! How patronizing. But then your alias does say it all: “seesitall.” Can you spell G-R-A-N-D-I-O-S-E?

      So not only can you read what’s on my mind and in my heart, you claim to “see it all” — like God!

      Kindly go fornicate yourself!

      ~Eowyn “SeesRightThruYou”


  18. Barry never had a chance to have a great presidency, even though some believed and still believe that. He was and is a Chicago Thug. He hates America as it stands now as evident from what he has done to destroy us. There was never an intent for him to be great, that was wishful thinking on the part of those who refused to see who and what his “friends” were and are. All of his associates hate America. He will always be a Chicago thug.


  19. Get real they are “ALL PUPPETS” every stinking one of them!


  20. Hurry, send Rahm Emmanuel to run for office in Chicago.. QUICK! He’s more than happy to shred documents towards a cover-up.. In between trips to the bath houses, of course.


    • Rahm is back in Chicago running for mayor. Until other evidence surfaces, I’m persuaded that he is DeepThroat2 (DT2), blogger Ulsterman’s “White House Insider”:

      1. Like Rahm, DT2 is foul-mouthed, prone to uttering F-you and m*****f***** expletives.
      2. Like Rahm, DT2 has left the Obama administration, no longer physically in the White House.
      3. Like Rahm, DT2 holds forth in an imperious manner.


  21. Stick to policy issues. Do not get distracted. Do not let Obama pull a Clinton and get us so distracted by scandals that we make it about Obama personally and not about defending conservative ideals. If the policies are unpopular enough, we’ll be rid of him in 2012; but there’s no way that 20 Democrats will vote for conviction in the Senate. Until we get that, stick to policy.


  22. Scandal…how true is it?
    IMO the stimulus packages were used as pay offs for the unions to back Obama in his run for presidency. He used our tax $ to bail out banks. Next the government took over general motors, gave the union part ownership and screwed the stock holders and bond holders. Again he paid back the unions. He led the good people to believe that he would he was the good hope that we were seeking, he promised to turn unemployment around, give us health insurance (Now not years down the road,) a lot of people are going to die waiting for their insurance, and in the meantime insurance premiums have sky rocketed making it impossible for people to afford insurance. He promised to help the people who were being screwed by the mortgage companies. The lenders were wrong and never should have written high risk loans in the first place…A lot of people are homeless, can’t rent apartments because they have red flags all over their credits. Obama helped the banks…and the banks screwed the mortgage holders. Bank American came out of the deal smelling like a rose.
    Again I ask you what has Obama done for the good people.
    He diverted our attention by taking our tax payers $ and put into a fund for people to buy new cars. I did not get a car, did you? My husband has been out of work for a really long time; our credit is messed up so bad that now he can’t get a job in his line of work. Still waiting for Obama to save us, to help the people, to be our salvation from this stinking mess our country is in.
    What else did our president do for the good people….? IMO Obama stole from the good people, used our tax $ to pay off the votes for his presidency. He pulled the wool over many eyes…and while he was sweet talking us he was putting us further in debt. He uses our tax payer $ to take lavish vacations with his wife and then tells us that his plan is going to take more time. I am not waiting for the president to act on his word, I think he just likes to hear himself talk and thinks that the good people are stupid. The entire world is watching the USA crumble at the seams. How sad is that.


  23. I blog on foreclosures evictions and you. Everday I rue the day that I joined the stop Hilary express….. She would have been much better than O at doing almost everything. At least she was known – as a REPUBLICAN I am embarrassed that we have not done more to stop the foreclosure crisis and speak out against fraud. We stand for family values.

    Also sad to see that we have not learned from past. It doesn’t matter if Reps go after the scandals… it will create an underdog (Americans love to help the underdogs) and will also focus attention on the “jerks” attacking the president. It doesn’t matter how well founded it is or how right and true… it will possibly turn around and bite (going after scandals). I am not sure our country can take it but on the other hand truth, justice and the american way matters. People did try to get the word out before the elections.


  24. DT is NOT Rahm Emanuel. Dream on. Rahm Emanuel wasn’t around during Carter -era politics.


  25. Katherine Magdangal is on FB

    No Lucy…..DT”2″, is Rahm……though I have to admit you had me researching all the way back to ’77 for a minute….


  26. Katherine Magdangal is on FB

    Rahm was only 17 back in the Carter era…..I’m not sure what ‘Lucy’ is referring to….maybe she got her articles mixed up…..?


  27. I just stumbled across this article and read it with interest. Then I noticed the date that it was written. (It is now 5-31-11). What happened to the scandals that were predicted to surface right after the November 2010 election? I wish they had happened, but they didn’t. I’m hoping Operation Gun Runner gets the attention it deserves.


  28. Mad Angel is on FB

    Operation Gun Runner is the ATF scandal “letting” guns cross the border ‘to build a case’ against the cartels (supposedly)

    Wow this is old….my ‘earlier’ comment is still in my original name 🙂


  29. Look at what we have. All the BO crap and on top of it there are reports everywhere that he has been and is an active homosexual. And then there is Hilary an extortionist bull dike and of course we had Janet Reno and Janet Napolotono. We are going to go down soon. The worms have eating and destroyed the apple.


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