Harry Reid Is Mentally Ill

“But for me, we’d be in a worldwide depression.”

Demonrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Nevada) said this on October 21, 2010 on MSNBC.

Such narcissistic delusions of grandeur are symptomatic of a severe mental illness. That 47% of Nevadans in the latest Rasmussen poll (Oct. 18) say they will vote for Reid is symptomatic of their own mental illness, or their willful ignorance, or just plain corruption.

H/t BreitbartTV and beloved Fellowship co-founder Steve.



4 responses to “Harry Reid Is Mentally Ill

  1. Dave from Atlanta

    Harry, save us from yourself and retire!


  2. Vote this communist out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. In the course of knowing what is happening in this nation and those who have their heads in the sand, or those who are fighting FOR these Marxists/communists/socialists and their press for freedom FROM religion and freedom TO impose laws of immorality and to “steal” from the taxpayers in the further moral decline of America is indicative of their ignorance of how much freedom we DO have by obeying the Laws of God.

    The Lord said it would be this way before His return.


  4. That 47% deserve what they vote for. Good grief, the water in DC must be tainted…


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