Get a Jump On That Holiday Shopping

While we at the Fellowship generally don’t endorse any products, we just had to let you know about this thing of beauty. To get you  in the Holiday spirit. Think how many people on your list would love to be the proud owner of one of these.

I’ve ordered 14 just for myself. So whereever I look in my home I can feel the inspiration.

This …This… Oh heck, I’ll say it. This is Mr. Hope and Change himself. Can’t ya just feel the love?


~Steve~                                                        H/T May



4 responses to “Get a Jump On That Holiday Shopping

  1. Dave from Atlanta

    I wonder how many times that announcer had to record that voiceover? I know I could not do it without laughing. 😉


  2. One of our boys actually got a chia pet one Christmas, and the whole thing molded. We ended up throwing it away. Sounds appropriate, Huh?


    • Hey, during grad school, I entitled a paper on a developing policy based upon a faulty supposition “Chimera Pet: The Dottery that Grows.”


  3. It would be perfect for TARGET PRACTICE!


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