No Need For God

The British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking recently made news for his contention that the universe did not need God for its creation. In his new co-authored book, The Grand Design, Hawking wrote: 

“Because there is a law such as gravity, the Universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the Universe exists, why we exist. It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the Universe going.”

Really? So Hawking would have us think that the Ring Galaxy is a “spontaneous creation”:

The Ring Galaxy is considered unusual by astronomers (if anything in our awesome Universe can be considered unusual) in that it’s unclear whether it is  one galaxy or two? Astronomer Art Hoag first asked this question when he chanced upon this unusual extragalactic object. On the outside is a ring dominated by bright blue stars, while near the center lies a ball of much redder stars that are likely much older. Between the two is a gap that appears almost completely dark. How Hoag’s Object formed remains unknown, but genesis hypotheses include a galaxy collision billions of years ago and the gravitational effect of a central bar that has since vanished. This image, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope in July 2001, reveals unprecedented details of Hoag’s Object and may yield a better understanding. Hoag’s Object spans about 100,000 light years and lies about 600 million light years away toward the constellation of the Snake (Serpens). Coincidentally, visible in the gap (at about one o’clock) is yet another ring galaxy that likely lies far in the distance. [NASA]

Stephen Hawking would also have us believe that the Hourglass Nebula is also a “spontaneous creation”:

The sands of time are running out for the central star of this the Hourglass Nebula. With its nuclear fuel exhausted, this brief, spectacular, closing phase of a sun-like star’s life occurs as its outer layers are ejected and its core becomes a cooling, fading white dwarf. In 1995, astronomers used the Hubble Space Telescope to make a series of images of planetary nebulae, including the one above. Here, delicate rings of colorful glowing gas (nitrogen-red, hydrogen-green, and oxygen-blue) outline the tenuous walls of the ‘hourglass.’ The unprecedented sharpness of Hubble’s images revealed surprising details of the nebula ejection process and may resolve the outstanding mystery of the variety of complex shapes and symmetries of planetary nebulae. [NASA]

These are only two spectacular images of the BILLIONS of stars, planets, constellations, and galaxies in the unimaginably VAST Universe. And to think that they, like us puny human creatures, are all just — POOF! — “spontaneous creations”! Truly there is nothing so arrogant as human beings….

H/t beloved fellow igor!


21 responses to “No Need For God

  1. That Hawking is a pathetic little chap.
    Imagine if he weren’t in such a helpless
    and precarious physical state – I think
    he would have polluted this world
    with more scientifically correct
    moral non-sense.


  2. I find the declaration sad. It does remind me of a bumper sticker I once saw (decades before the TV show): I believe in the Big Bang theory. God said, “Let there be light.” BANG there was light.

    Theorists may say what they will, and I will defend their right to say it, but they cannot deny my right to faith in God. Faith cannot be measured or weighed or proven, like love and hope. And yet, I find it oddly amusing that theories are based in faith that the material being studied is based on proven ideas that were once theories. Not to mention that the whole point of research is to prove that those theories are either still true or are now false. I well remember when Black Holes were considered science fiction, and it was believed impossible for man to walk on the moon, let alone study the surface of Mars. I saw a quote only yesterday: Where a calculator on the ENIAC is equipped with 18,000 vacuum tubes and weighs 30 tons, computers in the future may have only 1,000 vaccuum tubes and perhaps weigh 1.5 tons. – unknown. I haven’t seen a vacuum tube in years.

    I am totally baffled by the idea that something can come from nothing. No matter how often I try to make a cake without eggs, water, and fat (oil or butter); it simply doesn’t work. There is flourless cake, but requires sugar, eggs, water, and butter, and chocolate. Sugar can be substituted. If eggs are substituted, the cake won’t hold together. I’ve done it. Oil can be substituted with applesauce. It changes the texture of the cake, but it is possible. Note that everything can be substituted, but when it comes down to it: Without ingredients, there is no cake. So how does anyone believe that the universe was created from nothing? Oh that’s right, I’m not smart enough to understand. I think I’d rather believe in God and be wrong, than not believe in God and be wrong.


  3. not so long ago scientists also believed in spontaneous combustion, the earth was the center of the universe, you couldn’t break the sound barrier,
    the earth is flat, the earth is hollow, just think about how often that scientists have been wrong. and in this case hawking is so far off he might as well have said a ship made of concrete and steel will not float and flying machines are impossible.


  4. The Cell’s Design: How Chemistry Reveals the Creator’s Artistry – Fazale Rana
    Baker Books | June 1 2008 | English | ISBN-10: 0801068274 | PDF | 338 pages | 30.16 MB

    “Armed with cutting-edge techniques, biochemists have unwittingly uncovered startling molecular features inside the cell that compel only one possible conclusion–a supernatural agent must be responsible for life. Destined to be a landmark apologetic work, The Cell’s Design explores the full scientific and theological impact of these discoveries. Instead of focusing on the inability of natural processes to generate life’s chemical systems (as nearly all apologetics works do), Fazale Rana makes a positive case for life’s supernatural basis by highlighting the many biochemical features that reflect the Creator’s hallmark signature.”


  5. In “The Grand Design” Stephen Hawking postulates that the M-theory may be the Holy Grail of physics…the Grand Unified Theory which Einstein had tried to formulate and later abandoned. It expands on quantum mechanics and string theories.

    In my e-book on comparative mysticism is a quote by Albert Einstein: “…most beautiful and profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all true science. To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and most radiant beauty – which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their primitive form – this knowledge, this feeling, is at the center of all religion.”

    Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity is probably the best known scientific equation. I revised it to help better understand the relationship between divine Essence (Spirit), matter (mass/energy: visible/dark) and consciousness (fx raised to its greatest power). Unlike the speed of light, which is a constant, there are no exact measurements for consciousness. In this hypothetical formula, basic consciousness may be of insects, to the second power of animals and to the third power the rational mind of humans. The fourth power is suprarational consciousness of mystics, when they intuit the divine essence in perceived matter. This was a convenient analogy, but there cannot be a divine formula.


    • Ron I dont think I understand what you mean but if you want to tie
      in conciousness with physics or technology then I suggest you read this book printed in 1955

      The Physics of The Primary State of Matter: An Application Through The Primary Technique
      Publisher: Elverton London | B000P31CPE | 1955 | 352 pages.

      The book may be out out of print but I can direct you to where you can obtain it. It speaks of the possibility of creating sentient tchnologies based upon an ‘all pervading conciousness.


  6. And in this self-creating Universe which needs no God, creatures like Hawking arise – twisted and grotesque – the product of energy and time acting upon the cold, impersonal matter. Some feel pity for such as he but the material Universe, which is self-existing and in need of no God mind you, demands not that we feel so. He, like Hitchens (“God is not Good”) who is at death’s door, is just a machine, a cog in the wheel. Their lives are meaningless in this self-creating, material Universe which needs no God.

    I wonder if Hawking and others like him ever have a moment of lucidity – when the true meaning of their position is finally realized: If the Universe doesn’t need God, it certainly doesn’t need them, either.


  7. The FOOL hath said in his heart, There is no God. Psalm 14:1 and 53:1


  8. several years back as scientists were busy mapping the human genome they found that human beings are predisposed or programmed to believe in a higher power, a creator or god. it’s in our DNA and this is a fact. why and how is it that in our DNA we are predisposed to believe in God if there is no God.


  9. He’s a little late for the “God is dead” thing… Time magazine beat it to death in ’66 if millions of folk into Nietszche hadn’t already. Both he and Jimmy Carter are getting weirder as they get older.


  10. i think this is a case of the media giving too much credibility to a celebrity.
    who really cares what hawking believes about anything. he has no more credibility than koko (the gorilla that knows how to sign). we have a media that has us worship celebrities and heralds their thoughts as pure wisdom.


  11. igor & Eowyn,

    To further support the relevance of DNA I recmmend: “The Language of God” by Francis S. Collins (head-Human Genome Project), “The God Gene / How Faith is Hardwired into Our Genes” by Dean Hamer, Ph.D. and “The Mystical Mind / …Biology of Religious Experience” by Newberg & D’Aquili.

    These were among the 45 books on the sciences which I referenced when writing my e-book. Science and religion are not mutually exclusive (nor are either or both fully inclusive). Both seem to overlook infinity and eternity.


  12. Einstein, on his death bed, was asked if he believed in God, he stated that man believes in God because they need to, basically that man created God. Before anyone gets upset, I will defend everyone’s right to believe what they wish. Just because these galaxies are spectacular doesn’t mean they had to be invented by a God. people don’t understand how the pyramids were created and claim it must have therefore been aliens. We need to assign order and reason to things we don’t understand yet. It’s o.k. not to understand everything, the universe is full of mysteries and is only going to get more mysterious as more is discovered. I have read about God being hard wired into our DNA, interesting indeed, and there is much research going into the DNA enigma. Some scientists claim there is a strand that is “junk” DNA, simply because they don’t know what it is for yet. I find it hard to believe it is junk, and is there for a reason, we just don’t know that reason yet. I find interesting that schizophrenics often have a God/religious complex, this goes to the theory that God is inate in us. Without mental control the brain seems to automatically become fixated on God and religion. I believe in science, however while camping with the family this long weekend and staring up at the sky without light pollution, it really was awe inspiring, humbling, and somewhat supernatural (God). Nothing like staring at the arms of the Milky Way and trying to explain things to my 2 young daughters. Yes I teach them about Jesus/God and religion as this is the prevailing theory in society. I certainly don’t go over board, but this is the theory that interests them the most, I would even say they are at times obsessed with it. Is it normal childhood curiosity or hardwired DNA showing before they become cynical like their daddy?


    • micro,

      It’s fascinating that your children are “obsessed” with God.

      “There is a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of every person, and it can never be filled by any created thing. It can only be filled by God, made known through Jesus Christ.” -Blaise Pascal


  13. And Mr. Hawking, from where does gravity come from? Read the First Cause argument so brilliantly set out by St. Thomas Aquinas in his Summa Theologica. As St. Augustine said, “We are restless, until we rest in you, O Lord!” The narcissism and illogical conclusions set out above by the “no Godists” is truly remarkable! What will you people do when you have to face God after you die?

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  14. This article properly puts Pro Steven Hawkings firmly in his wheelchair. I hope you enjoy it.
    And don’t forget his physics’ labor has so far not places a single loaf of bread on a hungry family’s table. He deserves a telling.

    Stephen Hawking’s Junk Science Atheism

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  15. Joan,
    St. Thomas Aquinas said: “All that I have written seems to me like straw compared with what has now been revealed to me.” After experiencing mystical union, he abandoned writing Summa Theologiae.


  16. This Steven guy is an athiest! I have had my share of athiests. I do not waste my time on them anymore. God does exist and always will!


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