Every Muslim Has Two Faces

A sobering must-see video.

Here’s his warning in black and white:

If Muslims are in an area where they are outnumbered, they are supposed to have two faces.

Inwardly they’re supposed to hate the unbelievers and to long for the day when Islam will dominate. Outwardly, they are allowed to pretend to be peaceful and tolerant and kind and loving. Smiling in our faces while cursing us in their hearts.

The Muslims who want to construct a massive mosque here [near Ground Zero] assure us that they’re doing this to honor the victims of 9-11 and not to construct a symbol of Islamic supremacy…. Do you believe that?….

What did Muslims do whey they conquered Mecca? They went to the Kabbah, the center of pagan worship, and they claimed it for Islam. What did Muslims do when they took Jerusalem? They built a mosque on the Temple Mount. When Muslims conquered Damascus, where did they build their mosque? They demolished the Church of St. John the Baptist and replaced it with a mosque. Why? When you Islamize the most important places of your enemy, you destabilize your enemy, you make them weaker, and you show them that Muslims are in control.

Now, the mosque that’s being built here — We don’t have a religious center in the United States of America but we do have an economic center. The heart of that economic center was the World Trade Center which was destroyed by Muslims. And now Muslims want to construct a massive mosque. Why? To honor the victims of 9-11? Keep in mind this was in the minds of Muslims all along. Right after the September 11 attack, Muslims were joking about filling the city with mosques. And now they’re telling us they’re doing this to honor the victims of 9-11. Smiling in our faces while cursing us in their hearts.”

H/t beloved Fellow FS.


9 responses to “Every Muslim Has Two Faces

  1. All you have to do is watch a beheading video. That’s all.

    It will change you forever. It will change what you think, it will change your emotional balance. It will change you in many ways, horrify you and electrify you. It will stun you. Hard to comprehend how a “human” can do this to another human.

    This is Islam in action. This is hell.

    If you think I’m being unkind or prejudiced, watch the videos.


  2. Islam, religion of peace– once we crush all those damn infidels!


  3. May,you are so right! Oklahoma is way ahead of the gang. They banned Sharia Law months ago. WHO in the HELL could ever believe we would be up against this? Or even questioning the thought. The Fraud in OUR white house I honestly believe is a Muslim plant and I have thought this from the begining. They must all be shipped outta here. If they are so-called peaceful they will leave willingly,those that do not “So Be It”!


  4. Like the Soviet Union being the “workers’ paradise.”


  5. Yep.

    One face is theirs, the other a camel’s ass.



  6. “War is . . . an act of force to compel our enemy to do our will.” — Carl von Clausewitz
    Muslims seem to understand this, left/liberals not so much.


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