Why Lou Dobbs Left CNN & Got His House Shot

In a two-week span beginning in July 2009, popular CNN newsman Lou Dobbs was the only mainstream news anchor to give airtime to what the Left and the MSM (same thing!) derisively call the “birthers.” He was criticized by left-leaning advocacy groups, including Media Matters and the Southern Poverty Law Center, which eventually led CNN President Jon Klein to rein Dobbs in via an internal memo.

On November 11, 2009, after 27 years at CNN, Dobbs suddenly announced his departure from the network. His departure came less than two weeks after somone fired a shot at his house.

In this video, Dobbs tells Bill O’Reilly that someone shot at his house because he had asked on his show why Obama wouldn’t just show his original long-form birth certificate, if only to shut up the “birthers” once and for all. Dobbs also said that the American people have the right to see that birth certificate.

H/t CommieBlaster!

Notice to the Sociopath in the White House and his supporters/enablers:

This issue ain’t going away. It will dog you for the duration of your fraudulent presidency and your entire life. Count on it.

For the umpteenth time, the Sociopath has only made public, via his obliging mouthpiece Factcheck.org, an online image of his putative Certification of Live Birth (COLB), which is a secondary document generated from a person’s original long-form birth certificate. Here’s Obama’s putative COLB:

Here’s what a long-form birth certificate from Hawaii looks like — the primary document from which a COLB is generated. Notice that the long-form includes many details that are left out of a COLB, including the name of the birth hospital, and the name and signature of the attendant physician:


11 responses to “Why Lou Dobbs Left CNN & Got His House Shot

  1. I was an O’reilly fan until he brushed off the BC issue. This will come back to bite him. O’reilly cannot hold a candle to Lou Dobbs. I hope Lou runs for a gov.office. We need his type. Honesty is the best policy. Always.


  2. Dobbs is too good for CNN…he’s got some journalistic integrity which is non-existent at the Communist News Network.


  3. Agreed, O’Reilly, Hannity, Beck, all of them lost me. They are two faced and dishonest. One day (soon) they will want OUR support to keep Talk Radio alive, well, who needs them if they cannot tell the TRUTH.


  4. I understood, he was sort of forced to resign because of the birther issue. He was reprimanded and told to drop the story, is what I understood. Wasn`t Bush hiding records as well thoughÉ his service in the national guard was due to priveleged status and wasn`t even fulfilled. then there was the issue of alcoholism and cocaine abuse and being abusive to his wife. in any case, they`re all a bunch of liars as far as I`m concerned and probably tagged to be president long before we even know who they are. It`s a conspiracy I tell ya…..NWO!


  5. Natural Born Citizens are those born in a country to citizen parents.


  6. Why is the DOB 4 days earlier than date filed w/registrar??


  7. n 1961, the short form birth cert (certificate of live birth) was issued to american women who give birth abroad so that they could clear customs with a child without a passport upon their return to Hawaii. All Hawaii births in 1961 were issued a long form birth cert with a inked foot print on it signed by the dr. The fact that no long form exists in Hawaii records and the fact that BHO showed a short form on his website is evidence and proof that he was not born in the United States.

    Therefore, the President is akin to a sleeper spy sent to infiltrate the high office of the United States with the intent to damage the country from within. His loyalties are not with the United States but lie with foreign leaders. This is why he bows to the King of Saudi. His intention is to show Islam where his loyalties reside. Ask a Muslim and the Muslim will tell you – Obama is Islam’s Prophet son who will defeat the infidels. Look at Obama’s logo. Sun (son) rising over the US flag (west).


  8. Tom, I totally agree with your line of logic. It is all so obvious. I cannot stand when the (RIGHT) media says…. Oh, our President just doesn’t get it, or, he doesn’t have the skilled leadership qualities required to run a great country like America. I’m sick of it… sick, I say. He knows exactly what he is doing… It is his plan (as you stated). What are these manzie-panzie, left wing journalists waiting for? Impeachment procedings are long over-due. BHO is NOT worthy of the title of President of the USA. (he is a fraud)


  9. I have yet to see an Obama birth certificate that is notarized.


  10. Check out the history of the Hospitals name and check it against the dates and you will see it is not accurate.


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