This Really Takes the Cake!

I got this from my friend Lisa. It’s a true incident. Allegedly, it happened in a Wal-Mart, although this could have happened anywhere, given the state of literacy in America these days.

Just a sign of the times….


This cake is for someone who was moving from an insurance claims office.

Okay… so this is how I imagine the conversation went: 

Walmart Employee:
 “Hello ‘dis be Walmarts, how can I help you?”

 “I would like to order a cake for a going away party this week.”

Walmart Employee:
 “What you want on da cake?”

 “Best Wishes Suzanne’” and underneath that “We will miss you.”

You can’t fix stupid.

9 responses to “This Really Takes the Cake!


    You can’t fix stupid.”

    You can’t make me stop stupid laughing.

    Or laughing at stupid.


  2. Joseph E Fasciani

    This anecdote may or may not be funny, depending on your POV. It took place in 1958, when I was only 15, working as a house boy for Don H., a local realtor and his family in Bellevue, Washington.

    My employer had formerly worked for the Boeing Company as a designer of missile packing crates. He had been instructed to make the crates “fool- proof” when he began his assignment. One of his qualifications for this work was that when he was in the Army, he worked as an English Instructor to get the newly inducted to a 6th grade literacy level.

    One day his supervisor at Boeing came to him and said that there was no problem with Don’s work, but they’d had problems with others, so could Don now design an “idiot-proof” crate?

    At which point Don gave up, quit, and became an extremely successful realtor! He told me he didn’t have a problem making something fool-proof, but there was no way to make anything idiot-proof.

    Amen! Just look at our feral gubbmint….


  3. I’m sure glad you added the “conversation”, I had no idea what the hell “Under Neat that” meant.

    And the shame of it is, that person that iced that cake, is actually one of the employed.


  4. Yeah I wouldn’t’ve been able to figure out the middle line either. What a laugh !!


  5. I see a government job just ready and waiting for somebody.

    An engineer at a highway design firm I once worked for got caught doctoring his expense reports.

    The accounting people got suspicious when all his amounts came out $x.00.

    He had turned in two weeks worth of expense forms and every amount had no cents listed.

    He apparently didn’t have any, either.



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