Madsen: Ecocide Turns GOM into Gulf of Death

The following is a summary of investigative journalist Wayne Madsen’s latest exclusive (for subscribers only) reports from the Gulf coast, dated July 12-14, 2010:

Madsen says BP has been conducting night aerial spraying of bleaching agents over sensitive barrier islands near Grand Isle and Port Fourchon, Louisiana, to give the impression that the oil has been removed. Around 2:30 to 3:00 am (local time), BP aircraft flying without lights — a clear violation of Federal Aviation Administration regulations and a threat to other aircraft in the region — would spray a compound of hydrochloric (muriatic) acid.

Sand bleached white from the acid spraying

The Coast Guard and US Fish and Wildlife Commission, an agency of the Department of Interior, are well aware of the BP chemical spraying and have done nothing to stop it. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has done nothing to stop what amounts to ecocide being waged by BP against the sensitive and pristine barrier islands off the south coast of Louisiana.

Looks are deceiving. This beach was hit by oil but bleaching makes it appear that it has been cleaned by BP. The beach is essentially dead.

Madsen has seen video footage taken by members of the Louisiana Humane Society showing the deadly effects of the night time covert aerial spraying — “all living things, including nesting birds, shellfish, and vegetation are killed in the process.”

The video evidence includes:

Egg shells left by starving male birds eating the eggs of their female mates because there’s no fish to eat in the surrounding seas.

Unopened eggs bleached white by BP’s acidic spraying.

Oysters on the rocky shores of the small islands have fled their shells, something that has been described as totally unnatural by local residents. The opened oysters shells have been bleached bright white by the bleaching agents dropped by BP aircraft.

WMR has seen other video evidence of BP contractors and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries personnel standing around idle as hundreds of birds, including pelicans, were dying from being covered in crude oil. Boom laid by BP was ineffective as there was as much floating crude on the island sides of the booms as there was on the seaward sides. In some cases, crude oil had washed ashore and covered shoreline vegetation, which also serves as nesting grounds for sea gulls and pelicans.

Oil and toxic chemicals in water killing vegetation at water's edge

Without any fish to feed on, offshore birds were crowding onto small barrier islands where they died in mass numbers. Birds flying around the small islands aimlessly were clearly stressed and their flight patterns were highly unusual. The videos of the bird deaths was taken one month ago. Now, seeing any birds on some parts of the Louisiana coast is rare, as WMR witnessed in Venice, Louisiana, which lies to the east of Grand Isle.

The spraying of the bleaching agents has also turned the carcasses of dead birds a chalky white. Even the beaks of the dead birds have been turned a whitish orange color. Seashells, plant stems, and rocks have also turned an eerie white by the bleach.

BP, the Coast Guard, and Louisiana Fish and Wildlife Department have prevented Humane Society volunteers from assisting in extremis birds on the barrier islands. They have been threatened with arrest if they attempt to cross booms, which are ineffective at preventing the oil from reaching the islands. Other volunteer environmental groups have been similarly threatened.

Marine biologists told Madsen that there is another serious matter in the Gulf. A milky mucus-like substance has been sighted in the Gulf in waters to the west of Port Fourchon. Biologists have determined the substance is not a by-product of the spraying of dispersants by BP but being emitted by coral, which releases the substance when under severe stress. The dying of Gulf coral reefs spells further disaster for the marine eco-system of the Gulf of Mexico.

Also, the use of dispersant in Gulf waters and the resulting clouds that are created has blocked sunlight from getting through the water column. This has resulted in the death of many underwater animals and plants that rely on the sunlight to survive.

Local residents who have seen the devastation of their environment and livelihoods by BP are also blaming the federal and Louisiana state government’s inaction. Held most responsible for the lack of action are BP, national incident commander retired Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen, President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden — who, it is claimed, has shown little or no interest in the Gulf oil disaster, perhaps an outgrowth of his longtime commitment to the interests of his native Delaware’s petro-chemical industry, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, EPA administrator Lisa Jackson, and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.

The corporate news media, particularly the local New Orleans television stations, are embedding their reporters with Coast Guard and BP teams in the Gulf. The corporate media reports essentially serve as public relations outreach for BP. A number of New Orleans and Louisiana groups are trying to get the actual news about the disaster out but face limited resources.

Madsen concludes that “To call the Gulf oil disaster the worst environmental disaster in the history of the United States is an understatement. And with the connivance of the Obama White House, the Gulf of Mexico is being turned into the Gulf of Death.”


28 responses to “Madsen: Ecocide Turns GOM into Gulf of Death

  1. Joseph E Fasciani

    Well, I’m not at all surprised at how bad this is, and I know it will get worse, much, much worse.

    If you read my May 20th article on this, you may recall that I wrote that “This is analogous to the massive meteor that induced the world-wide weather shift that hastened the age of the dinosaurs.

    “So get ready to witness the end of Southern Louisiana, the end of the seafood riches of the Gulf [already massively threatened from fertiliser runoff and huge soil erosion], and God/dess only knows how much coastline to be devastated.

    Look: even if we believe and act as if humankind’s influences on weather and climate were something that we can slow, never mind reverse, such pales in comparison to what planet Earth creates on its own. Have we forgotten Krakatoa?”

    As this will be the last time I comment on this self-destruction by the planet’s only species that conducts genocidal wars, here’s how that short article closed:

    “So we’ve already experienced a nuclear Winter, although no one living can recall it. But it’s only history, which we rarely learn from, even in life and death matters. Yet we have hope that the Obamamama can do something…. Well, if not him, then all our techniques and technology surely will — won’t they?

    “So, are ya ready for the next Big Thing: the end of the US as we have known it?

    “I didn’t think it would be in my lifetime, but hey! It’s coming, and praise God, we can move on to right living and a right end! Just imagine….”

    The best we can hope for is that impiety is lessened, God-fearing humility arises, and grace is given us to try to get it right. Just imagine….


  2. The envirorment is only something they hassle rightwing presidents about… leftwing politics are the only thing they really care about, unlike those icky, annoying animals and plants and things.


  3. Such a tragedy on so many dimensions.
    And yet nothing more or less than a logical extension of our runaway hubris, our run-away technology.
    Run-away reactions abound.



  4. Magus Maverik

    All our sins remembered.


  5. I hope the repubs gain enough seats to investigate the Hell out of this.

    There is no way this isn’t being done deliberately.

    No way.



  6. Joseph E Fasciani

    I said I wasn’t going to write anymore about this monstrosity, but the US has such an incredibly, achingly beautiful landscape that this desecration of it makes me weep. As a child [I’m 67] we used to sing “America the Beautiful” in grade school, and believed it.

    And this is what we do as thanks for the grace shown us….

    Twenty-five years ago when I was struggling to learn Hebrew so I could read the Scriptures in that tongue, I was struck by the complexity of that language. [Let me admit right now that I finally gave up on Hebrew, it was too difficult. I did far better w/the Greek Scriptures!]

    Anyhow, what is usually translated as God’s giving us humans the Earth as our personal property is simply incorrect. What the Hebrew says is that our Lord put us into a bondage relationship with the world: we were to care for it, and in turn it would care for us. Yes, that means blood, sweat and tears, but it also means the rainbow after a storm, and love of one another, and the fruits of our labour.

    For me, reconciliation came about when I read “Ideas Have Consequences”, IMO the finest true conservative essay on how we got ourselves into this terrible bind. As Dr Weaver warned, our gravest sin is impiety; it’s brought all this upon us because we were given free will, and this is what we did with it.


    • AMEN!

      Well said, Joseph. God made humans stewards of the world, but Adam and Eve’s stunning disobedience (can you imagine being so full of overweening pride that they “wanted to be as god,” and so disobeyed an explicit command from God whom they had seen face to face?) bequeathed the stain of concupiscence, Original Sin (in Latin, a tinderbox for sin). And so, among all the other consequences (setting man against woman; man shall work with the brow of his sweat; woman shall endure childbirth, a pain like no other), humanity’s relations with the world (the Earth and God’s creatures) are warped….


  7. Come what may but this disaster will be the catalyst to move away from fossil fuels. Mankind is old enough to have outgrown such ‘dirty’ source of fuels, from drilling for it right to burning it. I know that from now on people will associate fossil fuels with revulsion and of course will ask for better. Can you say Feed-forward Energy Devices ?


  8. Kalif, exactly which “renewable” energy source do you hold the key to?

    The fact is, there isn’t one, and there probably won’t be in our lifetime.

    If there was, it would be in the works already. It isn’t.

    Sure, someday there might be a viable alternative, but it will be private enterprise that discovers it, not incompetent government boobs.

    And since when was crude oil “dirty” as it is every bit as natural as water?

    Dude, you have been brainwashed – and then some.

    “Green energy” is a myth that was cooked up by those who wish to impair economic expansion, which cannot happen with scarcer energy supplies and the commensurate higher prices.

    The freedom-hating left knows this full well.



  9. My Dear Dave you have to do some serious homework to know that there were countless energy devices that could have solved all our energy problems but they have been sequestered by the Governments.

    For one how come Tesla’s patents have been classified all these years ?

    Fact is the Oil cartels have perpetuated (no pun intended) the myth that there is no alternative to the fossil fuels and so many people have been brainwashed into believing this con.

    If governments were not so keen to barr all free energy devices ‘they would be in the works’ already.

    And for your information if crude oil was not ‘dirty’ why then are we outraged by the Gulf of Mexico disaster ?

    True crude is natural but so is a snake’s poison or mercury for that matter. But “every bit natural as water” why then don’t you go there and drink it?

    Man crude oil is not only dirty it is LETHAL. Go figure out what is Hydrogen sulfide for a start and see what it can do for you. If you consider all the constituents in it you would come to the conclution that it is a stew made in hell.

    Sorry Dave but I have been in the oil business for over 30 years and right on the rig drilling for it, maybe unlike you just cruising on your car just using it.


    • Hi, Kalif,

      Interesting stuff you wrote. Since you’re in the oil business “for over 30 years,” you’re the perfect person for me to ask this question:

      What do you think of the unorthodox BIOGENIC explanation for oil/petroleum — that it is not the organic byproduct of decayed dinosaurs, but rather an intrinsic “mineral” of Earth, of which there’s an inexhaustible supply?


  10. there is an alternative to crude oil and its not windmills or solar panels or any of that eugenics garbage. we are talking about zero point/free nrg/vacum nrg whatevery ou want to call it. with that comes anti gravity


  11. The security and secrecy around all this reminds me of “Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind”. I’ve been wondering about those ancient ruins of cities discovered at the bottom of the gulf and how secret that became.


  12. We probably only know about 1 % of whats really going on. All of the sharpest minds dont want to tell us that they cant come up with a way on how to solve this world wide disaster. Soooo lets just mask as much as we can for as long as we can. You see the problem is that besides the well cap issue, there are far more greater issues on the horizon to deal with. What about the rising sea bed or the fissures around the well cap that continues to release oil and mathane ? Color me stupid but if the well cap works then how do we deal with the rest of the ocean floor and contain the fissures ? Oh and by the way, the huge methane reserve that is under the whole gulf coast is beginning to come alive also what about the chemicals being sprayed on the gulf to mask a situation uglier than we can imagine ? I am assuming that the gulf is a toxic dead zone which will probably take millions of years to regenerate. So its nice to talk about the beaches being bleached to hide the oil but there is a much uglier picture here. I am not concerned at this point about wildlife in the gulf when there is a disaster on the horizon which will ruin millions of lives. My prediction is that millions will have to be evacuated because of the toxicity in the air and water . Not to mention if a storm developes down in the gulf, i can guarantee you that the toxins will be absorbed by the rain clouds, only to come down on everything in the storms path. Once the toxic rain lands on most of the people, animals and plants in its path. Then how will our bodies react to some of the worlds most toxic chemicals known to man kind ? What about our water supplies ( rivers, streams, lakes etc ) ??? There are alot of questions that are not being answered so this tells me its as ugly as ugly gets. I mean ugly in world wide catastrophy.


  13. Hello Eowyn

    Nice question. I came across the information around 2003 that
    oil is ‘ABIOTIC’ from Joe Vialls website ( unfortunatelly the
    site is no longer available but I have saved the page – if
    you want the .mht file email to

    That the origin of oil is NOT from the organic remains of dead
    animals but rather being constanlty renewed within the bowels
    of the earth then you only have to consider the 2 following points.

    1. Oil is lighter than water and hence floats on water, but it
    is found at depths deeper than the depths where water is found.
    This is odd because it should have been the other way around.

    2. Any depleted oilwell once left alone for a long enough period
    tends to replenish itself, always. So if it were the finite
    remains of dead animals then of course once used then it
    should be gone forever but in practice it is not so.

    Therefore I personaly am totally convinced that oil abiotic in
    nature and not the remains of dead dinos. Further I believe that
    oil is molecular treasure we have at our disposal in the sense
    that any molecular fabrication we may require then there exist
    in oil that particular readymade molecule. As if that were not
    enough I also believe that it is the source of biological life
    on this planet. I hope this little explanation helps.


  14. John Hendricks

    The answer is obvious: Carbon taxes and a nuclear blast! I can hardly wait.


  15. Kalif,

    I spent five years working for a multinational environmental engineering firm. My job was to map petroleum contaminated areas around USTs, as well as to do soils tests with PIDs or FIDs to determine the level of contamination present, as well as determining the level of remedial action required to clean up the soil in the area.

    I know full well what the possible contaminants are, starting with benzene, toluene, ethyl-benzine, xylene, and the list goes up from there.

    I had a talent for finding benzene leaks with my nose alone, which other techs and even trained scientists couldn’t find with thousands of dollars worth of gee-wiz electronic equipment, manufactured by companies with names you can’t even pronounce.

    I have worked in numerous situations where one slight mistake was all you got, as you wouldn’t be around for the second one because you were dead.

    No, I don’t mean fucked-up and in the hospital, but f’ing DRT – Dead Right There.

    I also have an extensive background in construction, land surveying and mapping that goes back to when I was 13 years old.

    I also did a fair amount of work for the federal government over the years that involved things I can’t even begin to tell you about, as it would curl your toenails if I did.

    -Not to mention land me in the federal pokey for an extended period.

    I also did a lot of surveying in Tennessee and eastern Kentucky back in the late ’70s and early ’80s, in which I found myself hanging precariously from cliffs of all descriptions, taking shots to produce 3D topographic maps in areas that could not be covered using aerial photography, and GPS satellites were only a wet dream.

    By the way, many of those cliffs were dripping with oil, as the shale was literally saturated with it.

    Funny how I saw little or no stressed vegetation around. In fact, we often had to spend hours hacking our way through much of it just to get the shots we needed to complete the topo.

    Over the course of my career in that area, I was shot at twice, nearly hit once, and have long ago lost count of how many times I was nearly flattened by a rapidly-moving vehicle.

    I also spent six years doing accident investigation work, where the data I acquired was used to prepare expert witness testimony in all sorts of accidents, including car accident reconstruction, fires, explosions, and two plane crashes.

    Speaking of planes, I literally grew up in Cessnas, one was a 172, the other a 182, and had more than a few hairy moments taking off from cow pastures after spending the day surveying the client’s property.

    Among my dearest friends, I count three licensed geologists, one of which worked for Texaco for 20 years, spent most of his time on oil rigs, and now works for Exxon/Mobile.

    I stated that oil was as NATURAL as water. I did not say it was as pure, or even safe.

    But natural it is, and it doesn’t come from fossils, either.

    I stand by what I said as far as alternatives go, as even if one is found, it will be decades before a suitable infrastructure can be built to accomodate it.



  16. Dear Dave

    Your CV is impressive, and a little frightening for 9 to 5 type of people but I agree with most of what you said.

    I also agree that oil is natural because after all in nature everything is natural. What may be poisonous to us could be a source of sustenance to other creatures and vice versa.

    This disaster is truly of Biblical proportion and of worldwide concern. It remininds me of the Biblical chapter of when Moses turned the sea red like blood. Do you notice the unique feature of this spill that the oil is also red instead of black (pitch) like what crude oil should be ?

    Did you also know that the first impression to most people
    when they first see the pictures of the spill is to associate it with a bleeding earth ? An earth that has been punctured and wounded deep down its vitals ?

    With regards to the free-energy technologies, even if none exist at the moment, given that ‘neccessity is the mother of inventions’ and given the unparalled ingenuity of man then we can surely come up with alternative solutions in short order.

    I believe that the age of oil is over and for good reasons. We may still be using oil in the future but only for deriving plastics and pharmaceuticals.


  17. I appreciate everyones comments.. we are all looking for answers~~me, most of all. No one has mentioned the fact this is all a result of the great war in Heaven when Lucifer in all of his beauty, arrogance and haughtiness, decided he could be god. Not GOD, the Holy One, but an evil god. The god of earth, as it turns out when God threw him and his millions of like minded evil followers out of heaven. Rev. 12. In Rev 8:8 God tells of His judgements on earth to these evil things, Dan. 8 describes obama, and his tribe, all of this has been planned from the moment satan landed on planet earth. Earth is beautiful, but descecrated by evil. It has to be sacrificed because hell is here. All around us. Just look. And SEE. The oil appears to be red because it is a lighter oil than most crudes. AND because God said it would appear to be as blood. I love GOD. Anyone with a true and good heart will be saved from this armageddon. We are now in the Apocolypse, meaning the ‘great revelation of TRUTH’ Hope this helps explain what is happening.


    • Joyce,

      Of late, I too wonder if we are already in Hell….


      • …Ulterior motives, of malice and greed, are being exposed as never before.
        Compare the movies Hollywood is producing today with those of 50, 40, 30, and 20 years ago. In general, there is a vast difference. The mentality of producers and of the actors has definitely changed for the worse. The plots are far more evil than ever before. Even movies of 10 years ago had far less Evil in them.
        World leaders are no longer even attempting to hide their thoughts of vengeance, plunder, and the use of force or the murder of weaker nations for their own selfish ends.
        Exposure of Religions, of the clergies, of religious differences, of the malice one religion has towards another, etc., all lead one to a profound conclusion.
        The conclusion is that there has been an inexorable march into the mentality of Hell.
        In fact, this plane has always been a level of Hell. It is just that now all its Evil is being exposed as the Final Days are counted down.
        These exposures are mandatory. Everyone must know why an end has been called for…

        Dr. Joseph Chiappalone MD



  18. Eowyn

    Please tell us about your take on the origin of oil.

    “What do you think of the unorthodox ABIOTIC explanation for oil/petroleum — that it is not the organic byproduct of decayed dinosaurs, but rather an intrinsic “mineral” of Earth, of which there’s an inexhaustible supply ?”

    Your answer will help to enlighten us.


    • Kalif,

      I haven’t yet read all of the info you so kindly sent me. Got side-tracked by the stuff on health, e.g., the importance of potassium. LOL

      I’ll get back to you about the abiotic theory of oil as soon as I can, most likely after this weekend!


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