A Racist Hallmark Card?

Even though Hallmark has explained that the card was referring to the astronomical phenomena known as “black holes,” protests from the ever-so-sensitive NAACP have forced the company to pull this graduation greeting card from store shelves.

Black holes or black ho’s? You decide!

Jesus counsels us to first remove the beam from our own eyes before we chastize another for a speck. If the NAACP is really serious about offensive words such as “black ho’s,” the place to begin is among black rappers — like this one:



15 responses to “A Racist Hallmark Card?

  1. Gee, I wonder why this same standard doesn’t apply to the racist Black Panthers and the White hating Nations of Islam?
    What do you think Eric Holder?


  2. The only people who could think this card is racist ( I saw it in our local grocery store card section) are those who can barely read their own name and whose mothers were so ignorant that they made up a spelling for their kids’ names. and think everything is racist.


  3. Steve,

    Being “nice and quiet” is not the way to blackmail, intimidation, and plain frightening “the white people” and all other “colors” into giving them what they want — welfare & govt jobs (too often the same thing), with ZERO accountability, even less gratitude ’cause “you owe us.”

    To all the race-baiters and race-mongers: I don’t “owe” you a thing. I came to this wonderful country as a legal foreign student, then acquired citizenship via naturalization. I’ve NEVER taken any welfare, not even unemployment benefits when I was dismissed from a job selling shoes while working my way through college. My ancestors did not enslave, oppress, or abuse you or your ancestors. And neither have millions of other Americans. I live in the toxic dump called the SF Bay Area, and I’ve had too many encounters with blacks, male and female, in streets and stores, where they’ve FRIGHTENED me with their gratuitous (unprovoked) hostility and rudeness. They either tower over me (I’m 5’4″) or outweigh me by 50-100 lbs. I’m frightened of them and I’m sick of being intimidated and blackmailed into silence and docility.


  4. Nah, you don’t fool me, Steve. You’re just one big cuddly teddybear. LOL


  5. Multiculturalism: “Cracker!”… because “Whitey!” brings too much attention to skin color (see below).


  6. I’m fed up with the hypocrisy of this group…THEY are the ones that won’t let race relations rest. THEY stir it up for no reason at all except for some baseless claim of racism. THEY have totally diluted the meaning…MLK must be rolling in his grave.


    • “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” (MLK, Jr. was a Republican, too.)

      “Character doesn’t matter.” –Bill Clinton

      Notice how the current crowd doesn’t even say anything about it.


      • Their resort to the race card shows they’re desperate. It’s the last card in their game. And, as Steve noted in his comment, this will sooner or later backfire on them. Like the boy who cried wolf, the time will come when no one pays attention to their cries of racism — not even when it’s a real case of racism.


        • Hopefully, the left/libtards will run out of steam on the race card before they decide to use force to get their way. Folk for whom individual character doesn’t matter can sure be some sore-losing, win-at-any-price bastards.


  7. About 12 or 15 years ago, I was driving across the northern burbs of Atlanta, and is was in early December. It was cold, and the news reports had said to beware of black ice on bridges and overpasses.

    Later that morning, I was listening to the Neal Boortz show, which, as you know, originates here in Atlanta.

    Anyway, a caller to the show claimed the term “black ice” was, in fact, racist.

    Needless to say, Boortz teed off on the idiot, as only he can do, and my morning was made.



  8. the NAACP,Don’t they have anything else to do? being called a racist does not bother me one bit. All of these bleeding heart good for nothing groups need to be done away with. Al Sharpton is the first in my mind. Eowyn,the two videos were excellent for a “double standard” They need to find constructive activities to channel their wah! wah! thru. Cause I don’t want to hear it.


  9. I currently live in an apartment block where I am a ‘token white person’. Literally.

    Well, all right, there are five tokens in the building, and not by apartment, but by counting heads and noses.

    Yet, after giving about twenty bus fare loans to neighbors, and having not one of them repaid, I was shocked to learn that I am a ‘honky beach’ after asking for repayment. In total, those loans cost me over $50 Sure, I am whiter than the former color of Gulf sands, and like honky-tonk music, but only in small doses. But I listened and honestly could not hear a single syllable that was racist.

    Give them ear wax cleaners! Give them a tolerance transplant. Give them three functioning brain cells, all firing at the same time, and then perhaps they too will “get it.”

    “It” being the understanding that black holes are like vacuum cleaners, sucking in all that surrounds the opening of that intergalactic maw, the beneficial and the banal. But every particle sucked into a black hole, real or metaphorical, does not deserve such sturm und drang. And, if we are lucky, black holes will also inhale those who see racism under every rock, pebble and grain of sand.

    This whole Hallmark is racist is a grain of sand magnified into a mountain. Effective when the world is viewed only under a scanning electron microscope, but not worth much in the real world, where yelping about the nearly invisible hints of almost present, ‘wishing doesn’t make it so’ incidents of possible prejudice render real racism something to ignore, if only due to fatigue from listening to such ridiculous drivel in the first place.

    Puh-leeze, spare us all from this nonsense.


  10. Thanks Eowyn. I like your Moxie.


  11. Funds getting low again. Donations are down. Need a new racist target to make them think we’re still watching out for them. Campaign to make celery racist didn’t go over well. If we don’t find something soon we may have to go out and get real jobs!


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