Obama and Mexico Sue Arizona Over Immigration


At an anti-Arizona immigration law protest

Anyone who has bothered to read Arizona’s new immigration law, SB 1070, knows that:

  • Arizona is merely trying to administer federal immigration laws that the Obama administration refuses to enforce;
  • SB 1070 is not racist because Arizona police are explicitly forbidden to use racial profiling. It requires police investigating another incident or crime to ask people about their immigration status only if there’s a “reasonable suspicion” they’re in the country illegally.

But the truth has not stopped President Obama, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, and Mexico President Felipe Calderon from lying about the law and demonizing Arizona. [Read a simple Fact Sheet on the law, HERE, or SB 1070 HERE. It’s only 16 pages!]

Now, both Mexico and the Obama administration are suing Arizona.

This past Tuesday, June 22, 2010, lawyers for Mexico submitted a legal brief in support of a lawsuit challenging the law. Mexico is asking a federal court in Arizona to declare the state’s new immigration law unconstitutional.

That is so precious of Mexico — a country with a draconian policy on illegal immigrants, who when caught are immediately deported. Meanwhile, Mexican drug gangs have taken over whole swaths of southern Arizona, making 4.3 million acres dangerous and off-limits to Americans.

As for the Obama administration, an editorial in Investors Business Daily on June 21, 2010, “Obamnesty First, Security Second?” says:

Every nation has a right to protect its borders, and our commander in chief has a duty to protect ours. Refusal to do so for political reasons is unconscionable. Our border states should not remain exposed to the escalating violence of a Mexican drug war that has already claimed the life of one Arizona rancher.

The murderers of Robert Krentz escaped to a protected pronghorn antelope area that the Interior Department of Secretary Ken Salazar had placed off limits to U.S. border patrol agents in order to protect endangered species. So unserious is the administration about protecting the border that it has placed off limits some 4.3 million acres of wilderness area that has become both a haven and a highway for illegal aliens, drug smugglers, human traffickers and potential terrorists.

Arizona is now the kidnapping capital of the United States, and Phoenix has the second-largest kidnapping problem in the world, just behind Mexico City. Claremont Institute fellows William J. Bennett and Seth Leibsohn, writing in National Review, report that someone is kidnapped every 35 hours in Phoenix. According to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, kidnapping in Arizona increased 402% between 2004 and 2008, with almost 70% of the kidnapping cases submitted for prosecution involving illegal immigrants.

This is part of a much bigger crime picture. The Center for Immigration Studies reports that while illegal aliens make up 9% of the Arizona population, they are responsible for 22% of the felonies in the state and they constitute 11% of the state prison population.

Instead of securing the border, the Obama administration is preparing to sue Arizona for doing the feds’ job by passing SB 1070, which mimics existing federal law. The irony here is that the Department of Homeland Security has Memorandums of Agreement (MOAs) with around 70 state and local law enforcement agencies to participate in program 287(g) partnerships to enforce federal law. Nine of these jurisdictions are in Arizona and all of the agreements were inked while Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano was Arizona governor. Last October, Napolitano said these “agreements promote public safety by prioritizing the identification and removal of dangerous criminal aliens and ensure consistency and stronger federal oversight of state and local immigration law enforcement efforts across the nation.”

Under these agreements, local law enforcement is trained and authorized to enforce federal immigration laws by arresting criminal illegal aliens. Nationwide the program has ID’d and processed for removal more than 110,000 criminal aliens since January 2006.

The Obama administration wants to sue Arizona for doing what it authorized Arizona to do. No court should allow that.

In a statement issued Friday after it was confirmed the administration was preparing to sue, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer called Obama’s decision “outrageous” but “not surprising.” “Our federal government should be using its legal resources to fight illegal immigration, not the law-abiding citizens of Arizona,” Arizona’s governor said. We concur.

H/t Richard, FS, and BKeyser.



31 responses to “Obama and Mexico Sue Arizona Over Immigration

  1. Obviously, osloba has not read the Constitution. How can the Administration of the U.S. sue one of the states for upholding the Constitutional law of the country. Either the idiot has not read the Constitution or he is making another political ploy knowing he can’t win. Either way, it’s a blow to the american people. If he does win then the suit would void the Constitution —That is a thought…someone did say the Constitution was just a document with no meaning. Naturally, it has meaning to Americans but I agree it has no meaning to the likes of our president. No capitals for his title. he does not deserve a capital letter.


  2. One thing that the American people can do is fill their congressman’s email box full of protest.

    I plan to sent a message to my congressman as well as to Washington with my thoughts.

    Anyone who reads this should do the same thing. Stir things up and let people in Washington know how we feel.


  3. I agree, we must all get involved.

    So, I would like to volunteer to head to Washington, pickup Obama and Biden, Pelosi and Reid, and drive them to Arizona’s border with Mexico and leave them there for a few days and nights. You know, the area where the drug gangs are terrorizing everything in sight.

    Maybe ol’ poopy pants would then send in our National Guard like NOW and fend off these undesirables. And by happenstance, preserve and protect the integrity of the Constitution.

    Just a thought.


  4. Illegals – now BP – Now we’ve got illegal aliens and the Gulf of Mexico oil gushing in! It’s time to for a major clean-up in many areas to take back and save our country!


  5. Because I am certain seeing the real world in his face would make Mr. Obama go #2 in his underoos.


  6. One simple solution would be for Arizona to either deputize, invite, or merely admit they will ‘look the other way’ as patriot militias move into the lost territory and take it back by force of arms. The beauty of it comes on many levels. It is free, the people who get killed are patriots and willing to die in the effort, no shortage of manpower, and best of all, Obama will INSTANTLY find the money and guns in to rush in there like the proverbial cavalry, to STOP AMERICANS from defending American from a foreign invader. He won’t do anything to stop Mexicans taking Arizona, but he will spare no expense in going in there to kill Americans trying to do the job themselves.


  7. Happy,

    You make an excellent argument. I would not put it past Osloba to kill Americans in order to save Mexicans.

    I would imagine he would have to send in more than 100,000 troops to stop a few rednecks.

    The South damn near won the war against the North…The next time they will…


  8. This is utterly shocking. The US Government is joining forces with Mexico? WTF? The illegals are killing our beloved citizens, scrapping up what few jobs that are left. Using our healthcare, schools and other social services at the expense of tax paying Americans….enough is enough! Close the frigging borders NOW, and KICK OBAMA’s ASS!


  9. Ethnic conflict is a very important part of the Zionist plan for America’s divide and conquer future. One must ask, “Why are our “REPRESENTATIVES” so hell bent on moving all of Mexico to the US? Who are our representatives representing? No us, the citizens. 80% of citizens want the borders closed. Why do our representatives not do what we, the citizens, want regarding this issue?


  10. Sooooo . . . Israel can kill Americans and Osama covers for them, but sues Arizona for refusing to let illegals kill their citizens and take over their state?

    Regardless of anything else Brewer does, I can’t totally respect her unless she has the guts to tell Osama — explicitly — to go fuck himself.


  11. It is not just Obamanations fault! The Bush and Clinton administrations also failed the American people in this respect. NONE of them will do the job! McCain advocates amnesty, fer gosh sakes!
    John McCain proposed S1433, the McCain-Kennedy Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill.

    I think that anyone running for public office should have to sign a contract for EVERYTHING they say they will do once elected! Failing to do that in a timely manner means they are OUT!


    • Never said it’s all Obama’s fault. BOTH parties — Dem and Republican — have coddled the illegals for DECADES, albeit for different reasons, all against the will of the American people. However, the Obama Administration is supposedly in charge now, at a time of great economic duress and astronomical deficits. No amount of us pointing the finger at past administrations absolves the present criminal, traitorous cabal in the White House and Congress.


    • True, many admins have not addressed this issue. The point here is that now Obama is sinking so low as to join forces with a FOREIGN country to sue a US State over their RIGHT to protect their citizens.

      I doubt that Clinton or Bush would have sued AZ over this. This is a matter of US soveigntry. There’s a reason I call Obama “The Traitor”…


  12. Only fools argue with Eo.

    Naturally, you are absolutely correct when you blame administrations for letting the people down. What the American people have to realize is we have career politicians and only 535 rule the country and have for many years, so the blame goes to them and the fools who elected them, of which I am foremost.

    By the way Eo, I did put my fourth of July poem as a song on You Tube. I couldn’t find a decent category for it so it went under Ron Schaeffer–Anyone interested can go there and get a good laugh..
    luv ya….


  13. Oh yeah, I forgot—you can type in

    The Vaguery of a Dream and it will come up that way too.


  14. The people can be deputized as Peace Officers. This is well within the rights of the Common law. It is already happening as militia are forming on the borders. We have a ton of ex-military in Arizona. They will take care of the problem.


  15. Big M,
    Although I cannot agree with your choice of words for Brewer to express herself — I think she has actually done that with her ‘In Your Face’ attitude.

    I have a feeling Osloba will not win this one easily.


  16. Pres Obama took an oath to up hold our laws, not change them to his liking. If he opposes our laws he should be impeached. We the tax payer hired him albeit by voting, but if the kid fails to do what he is hired to do, we fire him. This is called impeachment. If he is destroying our country’s way of life by pushing new laws that are not read prior to execution he should be fired! Almost everything he has touched is in ill repair. How long will you wait before you call the doctor. For Pete sake, we don’t want him in charge of a real emergency do we!!He can’t handle the ones he has now. His only skill is talking for himself.His showing of his executive leadership skills are for not, its all hot words (we ain’t got time to waste) must act pronto, to not to, will be the end.. See where this has lead him and our country…Our whole head is buried in the sand while he pushes his agenda and not the country’s agenda. Doesn’t Congress work for the American people? or do we have a King who get his way all the time. His pole numbers are so low as to besmirch his office and appears there is no ending in sight because Congress is feeding out of his hand and not slapping his hand as they should when he gets out of line. Currently we don’t have three regulating bodies, only one that dictates, Justice is biased to his side, Congress is biased to his side, and the presidency Him. This is out of balance and should be changed.


  17. Words will not solve this problem.


    • Got that right…unfortunately that’s all The Traitor is offering up – words and a lawsuit. He could solve this problem by following the Constitutional law and protect our borders, order ICE to round illegals up and kick them out, and provide the financial and manpower AZ needs. But hey, he’s got amnesty and more dem voters to protect so he keeps swinging his fighting words…


  18. Obama is doing exactly what he said he would do if elected President. We the people who love America did not vote for him and only a small majority of Schwachsinnige’s did.
    However, since we’re stuck with him, we can still work together to find a way to get rid of him.

    I read an interesting article by WAYNE ALLYN ROOT that presented Obama’s position with considerable accuracy. I am not privy to the limits of credibility concerning the article but it was quite profound.
    If the American people actually knew what this man was planning from the beginning they would have worked with more diligence to keep him out of the highest office in the world, but no one ever said the American people were smart or intelligent.
    Most Americans vote from their dark holes and most should not have the right to cast a vote; they’re too ignorant.


  19. Illegal Aliens are destroying America,Look what it’s done to the WhiteHouse! {one of my favorites} How does an illegal protect an illegal???


  20. Travis - Thornton, CO

    Who’s surprised by this? We’ve already seen how Mr. Obama apologized to our other countries (without our permission). Support AZ and the US Constitution or get the hell out!


  21. Sheesh, every time I see that pic, I want to slap the snot out of the nearest illegal alien.



  22. Geeze People listen to yourselves!
    You are taking up their postiion as your fighting ground.

    What do you care if a few illegals are living in a desert antelope range.

    Look at Southern California. Look at Las Vegas Nevada. Look at Phoenix Arizona. Look at Baltimore, Maryland and the other “sanctuary cites” where YOUR government is actually PAYING these people to congregate.

    This picture on top of the page is correct. They want what you have and for free. They want America to just turn over the keys to the kingdom and go away.

    What do you REALLY want? You want to go fight in some desert preserve or do you want your country back??


  23. Dear Paul,
    It is not just a matter of Illegal aliens; that’s just part of the straw that brings the camel to his knees. The problem is the entire mess created by the government, not just Osloba but all the politicians. They have sold the American people down the proverbial drain and besides doing that they have allowed our borders to be trampled down by individuals who come here demanding we give them something for nothing. I say give the bastards a bullet and then take this worthless government we elected and throw them out on their ears and bring sanity back to the country.
    So either join in or get out.


  24. Here’s what I don’t understand……

    The law hasn’t even taken place yet, and they are already crying out “racial profiling”. In order to sue and WIN, you must prove your case by showing proof of DAMAGES, even before the damn suit is filed. The law isn’t being put in place til July……what’s their basis on filing this suit, because of what it could bring?

    That’s like suing someone for planning to buy a set of kitchen knives and saying it invites “murder” or “harm”.

    There is no present basis for this suit. It’s clear that too many of these people just decided to major in Political Science (i.e. the major of BULLSHITTING) instead of actually LEARNING THE LAW!


    • Good point, Rachel! What I think is going on is this:

      Mexico and the Obama administration suing Arizona is NOT really about AZ’s immigration law. As you so astutely point out, how can they sue before AZ has even enacted the law? And as a Fellowship regular, RonBaby, pointed out, the federal govt can’t sue one of America’s constituent states for a law that REFLECTS federal immigration laws.

      So, the lawsuits are really a form of Material Fallacy — they’re a ruse.

      What’s really going on is POLITICAL THEATER and Machiavellian machinations. The lawsuits’ purpose is to further discredit and demonize Arizona, after the demonization that’s already been done by Obama, Holder, Napolitano, & by Mexican President Calderon’s public trashing of AZ before Congress, to the standing ovation of the traitorous Congressional Democrats.

      The Left have a bull’s eye on Arizona because it’s the first state to finally actually do SOMETHING about illegal aliens, which challenges their entire agenda — which is to give Amnesty to all the estimated 10 to 20 million illegals here, thereby creating overnight a grateful constituency for the Democrat Party.

      Your thoughts on this?


  25. Eo, I know few of us are fans of B Riley but he made a statement the other day that if, note if, Osloba goes around Congress and gives amnesty to the illegals there would be immediate action to impeach him.
    Now I don’t know if that would actually happen but I do know that giving amnesty to the illegals could be a disastrous move on the administration’s part. Could be I am wrong again…but I can see an uprising over something like that.


  26. Obama is a traitor to the USA by siding with a foreign government against a USA state that is protecting its USA Citizens…he is a traitor and should be impeached and prosecuted….NOW!


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