More Americans Plan to Leave USA

Survey Shows Record Number of Americans Ready to Leave the U.S.

BALTIMORE, March 31 /PRNewswire/ — In a survey of readers on March 22, 2010, found that nearly 96% of respondents said they are more likely to move out of the United States than they were last year.

More than 500,000 readers of the company’s free Daily E-letter were asked a single question: Are you more open to moving outside the United States than you were 12 months ago?

A stunning 95.6% of those who responded said they were now more willing to make the move and leave the U.S.

“We suspected from record attendance at our global conferences this year that something big was happening to attitudes in the U.S.,” said Jackie Flynn, publisher of “The economy is faltering,” said Flynn, “unemployment is at record levels, the health care debate nearly caused a civil war, and there are real wars being fought on two fronts in the Middle East. The cost of living is going up so fast that people are being priced out of their retirements. It’s no wonder our readers are getting serious about moving abroad.”

One such reader is Elaine Yakos-LeBron, an advertising executive in her early 60s from Washington D.C. “I attended an conference several years ago, after my husband died,” said Yakos, “but when I got back to the States, with the economy down the tubes, I was lucky to keep my job and not be laid off. I dropped anything to do with moving or buying abroad. I just focused on work.”

But then, Yakos said, she decided to attend the Ultimate Event V, held this past February in Quito, Ecuador. “After losing over a third of my money in the market,” she said, “I’d had enough. I told my financial advisor that he should be ashamed of himself for making more on my money than I was.”

Yakos was impressed with what she learned at the conference. She also realized she wasn’t alone in looking for options outside the U.S. Nearly 400 people, mostly Americans, were there with her. Along with attending the conference, Yakos spent some time touring Ecuador. It wasn’t lost on her as she was driving along Ecuador’s sunny Pacific coast that there was four feet of snow on the ground back home.

“I don’t have deep pockets, and I’ve been hit by the downturn like everybody else,” said Yakos. “But I’ve always wanted to live where the weather is great and I can hear and see the surf. I learned that I can do that in a place like Ecuador because it’s so affordable. After the conference I went to Manta and made a deposit on a condo overlooking the water. I’m a little nervous, but I’m also excited. I now have a lovely place to vacation, and when I do get ready to retire, I’ll have the life I want.”

Elaine Finnegan, events director, said Yakos’ story isn’t unique, and that record attendance at global conferences and seminars so far in 2010 bears out the survey results. “At our Ultimate Event in Ecuador last February we had the largest crowd for any event in our 30-year history,” said Finnegan. “Nearly 400 people just like Elaine Yakos-LeBron flew all the way to Quito for a four-day conference about living and investing abroad. That’s unprecedented, yet it seems to be continuing. We’ve already broken last year’s attendance record for our Live & Invest in Panama event coming up April 18-20,” said Finnegan. “For the first time, we’ve actually had to cap registrations. Our International Real Estate Investment Forum in Toronto June 3-5 is already half full, and we haven’t even started advertising it yet. There seems to be a groundswell of discontent in the U.S.,” said Finnegan, “and we’re seeing a record number of people who are ready to vote with their feet and get out while they can still afford to do so.”

For 30 years, has been providing current, actionable information about how to improve your quality of life and lower your cost of living by living and investing abroad. hosts global conferences and seminars, publishes daily e-letters, maintains an extensive informational website, and produces the monthly International Living magazine with the help of contributors and correspondents around the world. See for more information.


9 responses to “More Americans Plan to Leave USA

  1. We are only dreaming because we cannot afford it, but our family has talked about pulling up stakes and leaving.. The kids say”But where would we go?” We play games w/ this. #2 son is going to Ireland, #2 daughter is going to Spain since she lived there(Yuck). My husband is leaning toward New Zealand, and I actually have researched purchasing one of the many small islands off Nova Scotia that are for sale. Dreaming can be such fun–that’s all this is–we are HERE for the long haul, and must make the best ot it!


  2. Not to many places to go on this little dust bowl we call earth. Just about everything is socialized on this rock. Best to hang around here and fight it out. This is it gang, American is the last bastion of capitalism and free thought if we lose America there will be NO other place on earth to go.

    It. Will. All. Be. The. Same. … A socialized, radicalized dark dreary place. prices will sky rocket to help “spread the wealth” to “make things fair for all”. Socialism abhors a Capitalistic vacuum. Eventually no matter where you go someone is going to deem you having it to well (whether its food, health-care, good home or making a decent living) someone will seek to take it from you

    Leaving will only delay the inevitable you can’t run forever. The people who hate capitalism, fair trade, independent thought, self reliance will find you. I on the other hand will stay here. America is my home and I will defend her ideas brought by our founding fathers to the bitter end.

    But for those who chose to leave I hold no animosity it is your right. Just pray for those who stay and fight the good fight. I will be the first to welcome you back home when we emerge victorious. Oh FYI if you happen to pick up any socialistic tendencies while you were away please check them at the gate. Thank you 🙂


    • Well said, Will! Americans don’t seem to realize that seemingly idyllic countries like Costa Rica in Central or South America will be stable only AS LONG AS the loathed USofA up north remains stable. Americans don’t seem to realize that seemingly idyllic New Zealand is more socialist than the USofA, and the countries of West Europe such as Spain are even further down the road of socialism and PC “multiculturalism” than we are.

      There is no escaping. It’s a false illusion. If America goes, there is no shelter in the rest of the world.

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Will !!! May God bless you with good health, financial security, love of family and friends, and peace.


  3. Thanks Steve though it is on the 15th (Tax day yea! 😦 )

    Hey when you said “now ain’t that rich” was that pun intended? 🙂


    • Will,

      I don’t know why I thought today, April 6, is your birthday. I thought that’s what you wrote on your Facebook page, but I just double-checked, and yes, your birthday is tax day, April 15.

      Oh well, we’ll just do this celebration all over again on the 15th. LOL


      • It’s all “gravy” Eowyn depending on my work load that day I my not see it until the 16th 🙂 so saying it early just make good sense.


  4. Eowyn is right. If the producers all up and leave, then America will fall, as the moochers, leeches and ticks will be unable to keep it going as anything meaningful for very long.

    Should that happen, this planet will became a total sh*t-hole, and that in very short order.

    This nation, when strong and unflinching, is a very stabilizing force in this world.

    During the Cold War, many would-be rogue nations kept their heads down, as this country was paying very close attention to world events.

    Now, not so much.

    And there is one more thing.

    I don’t have to remind those of you who have studied Biblical prophecy that outside of Israel, the only other countries mentioned are Russia, China, and Iran.

    America isn’t even discussed in passing.

    We probably cannot alter the ultimate prophecy itself, but who says we cannot affect the time line?

    There are still a lot of things I want to see and do before the world’s armies gather for that last decisive battle.

    A strong America is the only thing standing in their way.



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