Michelle Called Kenya Obama’s “Home Country”

On August 26, 2008, Michelle Obama gave a speech on AIDS and health care to a group of GLBT (gay, lesbian, bi- and trans-sexual) delegates at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. At 0:13 of this video of her speech, the wife of Barack Obama said:

“When we took our trip to Africa and visited his [Barack’s] home country in Kenya….”


Hasn’t the Punk insisted that he was born in Hawaii? That would make America his home country. So, why would his intelligent, perfectly sane wife refer to KENYA as his home country?



9 responses to “Michelle Called Kenya Obama’s “Home Country”

  1. because they are not sane. What she was doing at the time of this speech isn’t either. As you know one of Barry’s mentors Frank Marshal Davis was the worst of the worst. I think Barry walks in his shoes,as he appoints Transgenders,Homosexuals ect… is just more of him shredding our moral values in this country,Davis also did a steady stream of hard drugs. They are going to wish they were in Kenya when they are busted wide open.


  2. Kenya must be so proud – didn’t they just remove a statue of The Traitor from an elementary school down there? You should forward this on to Hannity via Twitter.


    • DCG–If I am not mistaken the statue was removed from an elementary school in Indonesia. They don’t want him either!!!


  3. Was that a slip of the tongue or a “no need to hide the fact anymore” moment? We shall see if either the MSM spin masters try to fix her Freudian slip or just let it slide


  4. There will be no scrutiny of this or any other such revelation. There is so much audio/video available of Obama and associates stating their radical positions, views, and goals that has yet to be touched by the MSM. This was from August of ’08 – why start now? Anyone who dares push this will be summarily dismissed as an “extremist.” This is the template now firmly in place. That the MSM dares not deal with this in a serious fashion should trouble every normal, clear-thinking American.


  5. Uhm…not so fast …just yesterday FOX ran a story AGAIN of an interview with cousin Odinga from Kenya….they know that something’s up… I was wondering why the story…what was the purpose of it..NOW…. so now I know…this clip must have been found and was starting to make it’s rounds…because they also showed the Kenyans cheering an the pundits saying how proud the Kenyans are of barack and that now they know that if they work really hard they too cane make something of themselves…so my question is this…WHY was this story run and why the heartstring pull of giving hope to the Kenyans….and what if this unravels so much for everyone..who all would go down…SO SO many from BOTH parties…including bush and cheney for failure to protect and defend the Constitution they knew there were issues and FAILED to ask for proof…cheney would also go down for failure to ask for objections during the ratification of the electoreal college vote….and from the left….well .now ….just about everyone… which would be just fine with me!


    • Artsycr–I really wish that something would come of this, but the cover-up is massive. Fox may do a few stories on sensitive subjects, but sadly they never go anywhere.


  6. I have been hoping for months that something would open up on this issue, as a veteran of WW2, female Marine Corps. I resent this damn fool trashing the Constitution I took my oath of enlistment on, Bush also. My son was really upset about Bush but I as usual was not paying much attention, but I am NOW. God Bless America


    • Doglady,

      Thank you for your service to our country! Please don’t get your hopes up about the discovery of this video of what Michelle Obama said in 2008. Only conservative bloggers are blogging about this. The MSM Obama propaganda machine will NEVER touch this.


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