ObamaCare Creates Private Army – UPDATED

UPDATE (3.28.2010):

FellowshipOfMinds is grateful to reader Czar of Defenestration for alerting us to Ed Morrissey’s post on HotAir debunking this “private army” interpretation. Morrissey notes that what the new ObamaCare law does is merely amend the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 204) pertaining the funding of a medical corps, the Commissioned and/or Ready Reserve Corps, which has been in existence for 66 years: 

In 1964, Lyndon Johnson restructured the Ready Reserve Corps by executive order as a deployable response team reporting to the Surgeon General for disaster relief.  Actually, that EO appears not to have created the RRC but merely to have codified its chain of command under the Surgeon General.  According to Findlaw, the relevant statute creating the RRC originated in 1944, during World War II, and has been repeatedly modified since, reorganized in 1949, 1966, and 1993.

This section of ObamaCare modifies it yet again, mainly in terms of funding.  It’s not a great surprise that a bill that seeks to increase the federal government’s role in health care would also seek to expand or at least redefine its emergency response agencies.  Even if this was a “private health-care army,” though, it would be a woefully underfunded one with a $12.5 million annual budget. 

While it is somewhat comforting to know that ObamaCare has not created a brand new special corps, I do not share Mr. Morrissey’s equanimity. If I were the Punk in the White House, it would make perfect sense to utilize an existing corps but redirect it to new purpose. We know that the hydra-like ACORN is teetering and may declare bankruptcy, although this does not mean its many branches and front organizations will also go under. If ACORN indeed goes kaput, all the more reason for the Punk to find some other organization to do his bidding.

Lastly, we should never forget that it was Obama who said these cryptic words in the midst of the 2008 presidential campaign, on July 2, in Colorado Springs: “We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as the U.S. military.

Nor should we forget what Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel once said about the need for a “mandatory civil service plan” (h/t May!)

So, Mr. Morrissey, if we bloggers get alarmed by references in the ObamaCare bill — a bill the Punk was hellbent on ramming down our throats despite a majority of Americans opposed to it — to a “Commissoned Corps” and a “Regular Reserve Corps” whose officers will be appointed solely by Obama, we surely have good reasons. In fact, it is you who should perhaps restrain your rather bovine complacency. 


Here’s my original post “Red Alert! ObamaCare Creates Private Army”:

Remember what Nancy Pelosi said on March 10 that “we have to pass the [ObamaCare] bill so that you can find out what is in it”? At the time, what she said sounded utterly moronic and laughable.

Well, turns out the joke’s on us. 

Now that the bill has become law, we are finding out the horrors that are in the bill, the biggest one being the creation of nothing other than a private army for The Punk, called the Commissioned Corps (CC) and the Ready Reserve Corps (RRC) — or as the Punk would pronounce it, the Commissioned Corpse and the Ready Reserve Corpse. Why two separate corps and what the differences are are not clear, other than that the officers of the RRC are appointed solely by the President. In effect, the RRC would be sort of like the Punk’s pathetic version of Hitler’s SS.

The commissioned officers of the Regular Reserve Corps will be appointed solely by the President, whereas those of the Commissioned Corps will be appointed by the President with the approval of the Senate. All commissioned officers will be appointed without regard to civil-service laws, their compensation without regard to the Classification Act of 1923. (What does this mean? Does “without regard to civil-service laws” mean that appointees do not have to meet criteria of civil service appointments, such as those of education, training, qualification, and FBI clearance? Does compensation “without regard to the Classification Act of 1923” mean that Obama can bypass Congressional approval of funding?)

The relevant section begins on page 1312 of the Senate ObamaCare bill that was approved by the Demonrats in the House of Representatives last Sunday night. You can read it with your own eyes by clicking HERE


Section 203 of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 204) is amended to read as follows:



(1) IN GENERAL.­ There shall be in the Service a commissioned Regular Corps and a Ready Reserve Corps for service in time of national emergency.

(2) REQUIREMENT.­ All commissioned officers shall be citizens of the United States and shall be appointed without regard to the civil-service laws and compensated without regard to the Classification Act of 1923, as amended.

(3) APPOINTMENT.­ Commissioned officers of the Ready Reserve Corps shall be appointed by the President and commissioned officers of the Regular Corps shall be appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate.

(4) ACTIVE DUTY.­ Commissioned officers of the Ready Reserve Corps shall at all times be subject to call to active duty by the Surgeon General, including active duty for the purpose of training.

(5) WARRANT OFFICERS.­ Warrant officers may be appointed to the Service for the purpose of providing support to the health and delivery systems maintained by the Service and any warrant officer appointed to the Service shall be considered for purposes of this Act and title 37, United States Code, to be a commissioned officer within the Commissioned Corps of the Service.

(b) ASSIMILATING RESERVE CORP OFFICERS INTO THE REGULAR CORPS. Effective on the date of enactment of the Affordable Health Choices Act, all individuals classified as officers in the Reserve Corps under this section (as such section existed on the day before the date of enactment of such Act) and serving on active duty shall be deemed to be commissioned officers of the Regular Corps.


(1) PURPOSE.­ The purpose of the Ready Reserve Corps is to fulfill the need to have additional Commissioned Corps personnel available on short notice (similar to the uniformed service’s reserve program) to assist regular Commissioned Corps personnel to meet both routine public health and emergency response missions.

(2) USES.­The Ready Reserve Corps shall­

(A) participate in routine training to meet the general and specific needs of the Commissioned Corps;

(B) be available and ready for involuntary calls to active duty during national emergencies and public health crises, similar to the uniformed service reserve personnel;

(C) be available for backfilling critical positions left vacant during deployment of active duty Commissioned Corps members, as well as for deployment to respond to public health emergencies, both foreign and domestic; and

(D) be available for service assignment in isolated, hardship, and medically underserved communities (as defined in section 399SS) to improve access to health services.

(d) FUNDING.­ For the purpose of carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the Commissioned Corps under this section, there are authorized to be appropriated such sums as may be necessary to the Office of the Surgeon General for each of fiscal years 2010 through 2014. Funds appropriated under this subsection shall be used for recruitment and training of Commissioned Corps Officers.

Spread the word!

Call/fax/write your rep. and senators and DEMAND their explanation. Contact GOP members of the House and Senate and DEMAND to know why their well-compensated staff did not discover this, so that We the People have to find this out from blogs and e-mail. And if the GOP did know, DEMAND their accounting of why they did not bring this up and dispute this on the floor of Congress.

Call in to radio talk shows. Write letters to editors. Broadcast this on your blogs. E-mail this to your family, friends, and colleagues. If you know members of the U.S. Armed Services, alert them about this and ask them what they intend to do about it.

This is no longer fun and games. THIS IS SERIOUS. DO SOMETHING!

A huge h/t to new FellowshipOfMinds member May. Please check out her blog HERE!



33 responses to “ObamaCare Creates Private Army – UPDATED

  1. Baucus finally admits it’s about income redistribution:

    Vox Populi


  2. This egomaniac is out of control…

    He’s going to use his brown shirts to take out the evil right wingers that are instigating such hate. /sarc


  3. Our rallying cry: “The brown shirts are coming!” Not quite “The British are coming,” but it will suffice.

    Vox Populi


  4. Conservativism will a mental hygiene “emergency” for the civilian security force to address, perhaps… the thuggish mouth-breathers at ACORN & SEIU need some fat federal jobs for all their support, too.


  5. And these are just the officers of a “conservatism-prevention” public health striking force… the big AmeriCorps expansion (not to mention ACORN/SEIU) provides some good numbers for them to command (wanna bet there’s some “reserve” commitment in the fine print there, too). What’re officers without troops to have do things?




  7. I just posted over at NB about how I am looking forward to we American patriots rising up and shoving ObamaCare right up the communist’s asses.

    It’s going to be even more fun, now. 🙂



  8. I just received this e-mail from someone to whom I should NOT have sent this information on the creation of the two special Corps. This shows you what we are up against — the complacency and willing blindness:

    “Okay, without context I can’t be that upset. What I see is a group of medical staff being set up under this, not Der Gestapo. A little help seeing what’s so dangerous about a corps of nurses, or why it refers to something other than medicos?”

    God help us.


  9. Eowyn,

    A large chunk of the German population in the 1920s and 30s didn’t see it coming, either.



    • I responded to this blind-and-deaf man as follows:

      If it’s a medical corps, why are they called the Commissioned Corps and the Regular Reserve Corps, and not the Medical Corps?

      And why are the officers appointed without regard to civil-service laws and compensated without regard to the Classication Act of 1923? Why are the officers of the RRC appointed solely by the president?

      Not that my asking these questions will penetrate his thick skull. I did promise that I will never again send him anything of a political nature because he clearly prefers to nestle in complacency.

      I’m reminded of Sergeant Shultz in Stalag 17: “I know NOTHING! I hear NOTHING! I see NOTHING!” LOL


  10. Eowyn,

    LOL – Just remember, ignorance is blissful for the ignorant, right up until reality gob-smacks them to the floor.

    And if we are dealing with stoopidity here, well, you really can’t fix that.



  11. Pingback: The Coming Dictatorship

  12. I just got an e-mail reaction from another guy to whom I had sent this info. This guy knows a lot about military affairs.

    First he says the info “misrepresents” (whatever that means). But then he next says the info is “ominous.” Finally — and this is the interesting part — he says, but of course, military appointments don’t use civil-service laws ’cause they’re MILITARY, not civil service, appointments!

    So, there you go. The Commissioned Corps and the Regular Reserve Corps are MILITARY!

    What the hell are MILITARY CORPS doing in a healthcare bill?


  13. Just a few thoughts–Who do y’all think that these groups are, who is organizing them, and how can this be happening with no one knowing something about them? All of this scares me so much, and I am unable to get my mind around how this could possibly be taking place.


  14. The “Bill” just gives open-ended authority to the Federal Government to do whatever it wants. It was signed into law, but they are still hammering out details? Things are being discovered that – oops – need to be changed, ammended, etc. That’s why it was so massive – to provide “cover” through being so overwhelming. Anything they now want to add to it will seem insignificant compared to the Bill itself and all the hoopla experienced in passing it. The Bill can “say” whatever they need it to say as the days pass.

    These are troubling times.


  15. The Public Health Service (PHS) used to be covered by the Navy like Nat’l Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for admin/support purposes… now with this, if the text is what the meant, PHS has become a separate military service with its own reserve component. They’re thinking the demand for PHS will go up, of course, but to do what for what exactly? (Health stuff, sure, but what troops will all these new commissioned officers and warrants be commanding and from where will they come to do those things?)


  16. Czar of Defenestration

    This article and what it suggests reminds me of The Enabling Act:



    • BINGO! Czar of Defenestration has it right on. (BTW, what a great alias! That’s precisely what we need: a “czar” of Defenestration to throw out the whole rotten bunch of the Punk and his Demonrats. See meaning of “defenestration” here.)

      Franklin D. Roosevelt tried to pull the same stunt back in 1933, also making use of an economic crisis to pervert democracy. He didn’t like the Supreme Court and so tried to change it by increasing the number of Justices beyond the standard 9.

      We need to study that history and see how FDR was defeated in some of his stunts, but got away with others, the biggest example of which was the beginning of the Welfare State via the curse called Social Security.


  17. We’re writing the Americommunist Manifesto here, guys. Just wait. Before we know it Chavez will be sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom. I hate to say it, I didn’t think it could actually happen. I didn’t vote for the man, but I never in a million years anticipated this sort of militant power grab.


    • C of D,

      Thanks for the link. I’m glad Ed Morrissey’s mind is at ease; mine’s not. I don’t care if the Ready Reserve Corps dates back to its founding in 1944. That was during WWII, and long past. The RRC should have been abolished. I don’t sleep any better knowing the Punk has amended the RRC and that it’s “under-funded.” All that can change in a flash of the eye.

      Bottom line: I don’t trust the Punk or the Congressional Dems. I have not forgotten what the Punk said during the ’08 campaign — that he wanted “a civilian corps just as well funded as the military.”


  18. I have an Update on this post. Please read, then share your thoughts with us!


  19. If this were any other POTUS, I would be concerned, but this particular POTUS scares the Hell out of me.

    I trust him about as far as I could push the Washington Monument.



  20. I can’t wait to see the reason for martial law and the suspension of elections.
    Can anybody spell, ‘Reichstag’?


    • An enthusiastic WELCOME to the Fellowship, Milo!

      I’m waiting for that shoe to drop as well, esp. given the Demonrats’ hue and cry about being the alleged targets of death threats. We’re STILL waiting for actual EVIDENCE of the death threats. [crickets chirping….]

      All the more reason for citizen bloggers to watch them like a hawk, since the willing Demonrat accomplices in the MSM will not do their job.


  21. As I see it…the only way the progs can hope to keep any of their pogrom in place is to declare a *State of Emergency* to suspend the Constitution thus eliminating the upcoming election. The seeds for this arbitrary act have been planted with these *alleged* crimes of harassment against progs. Case in point..the recent Tea Party protest where the CBC marched through the crowd, cell cams awhirrin’, race baiting. Then the claim that the *N* word was used 15 times went unsubstantiated. Then today with the Hataree raid…wait for it..there will be a Tea Party tie in.


  22. Oh my God! An ‘army’ of 60 year olds and nurses! whatever shall we do! 😀

    Don’t worry about the Private Republican Army called Blackwater that has bilked the government for billions of dollars tho, and was already deployed on America’s soil during the Katrina disaster, killing civilians and ‘enforcing the law’ with zero oversight or constitutional authority.

    (Shhh! Don’t tell them that. We’ve convinced these brainwashed idiots to actually think the republicans stand for freedom. Don’t tell them about the plans for Corporate Fascism in the US by the Geriatric Oil Puppet party!)


  23. TrollArray,

    “…and was already deployed on America’s soil during the Katrina disaster, [killing civilians and ‘enforcing the law’ with zero oversight or constitutional authority].”

    Blackwater killed civilians in La?

    Prove your assertion.

    As for Constitutional Authority, I doubt you have ever even read the document of which you speak.

    And that “Oil Party” routine is becoming tiresome. If it was all about oil, then why the hell did I just pay $2.67/gal to fill up my car?



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