“Progressive” Islamization of America

artwork by James Neff

Ever wondered why liberals shun the label “liberal” — which means LIBERTY — but instead call themselves “Progressives”? The reasons are simple:

  1. They know the word “liberal” stinks because Americans, from experience, know it stands for left-wing socialist beliefs and policies. 
  2. Liberals are really not in favor of maximizing political liberty because they favor a socialist nanny state. They do, however, adamantly insist on their absolute freedom to pursue a decadent immoral life, even when doing so harms themselves and others. The resultant social chaos and disorder inevitably leads to citizens turning to and clamoring for more government — which is exactly what liberals want.

The “Progressive” Left have joined forces with Islamists who also call themselves “Progressive” — as in “Progressive Islam,” which is an oxymoron. That alone should tell you something is very very wrong. Through an organization with the innocuous-sounding name of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), radical Islamists are infiltrating American society and politics at all levels, including some of Obama’s appointees. They mean to supplant the U.S. Constitution and Western civilization with Islam and Sharia law. Watch this stunning video and see for yourself!

To find out more about the Islamists’ plan for America, go to Creeping Sharia.

A big h/t to FellowshipOfMinds member Cindy C.




4 responses to ““Progressive” Islamization of America

    • Yes, indeed, Trench! Britain is an object lesson for America.

      It is sad how all of West Europe is lost and corrupted. That process began with Europe’s loss of confidence and conviction in all the core values of the western Judeo-Christian tradition.

      It is not hyperbolic to say that the United States is the last bulwark of western civilization. That is why the battle we’re in is so critical!


  1. The Islamic barbarian horde declared Jihad on the civilized world 14 centuries ago. During the Middle Ages they came dangerously close to conquering that world, but were beaten back.

    They are now very close to regaining what was taken back from them during the Crusades, and are now making serious inroads right here in North America.

    Just look at what the Canadian government attempted to do to Mark Steyn not too long ago.

    How long will it be before something similar happens right here in America? Not very, I’d say.

    Western society had better wake up to the threat these primitives pose, or it is going to die.

    As they say, as goes Europe, so goes America, and Europe is essentially lost.

    George W. Bush made a point of saying that we are not at war with Islam.

    We’d better be, because Islam is damn sure at war with us.



  2. The video is utterly frightening. It also explains why Obama through his czars are giving legal rights to Islamic terrorists, doesn’t it! Everything really adds up-and probably Obama’s documents which he deliberately will not disclose will explain his heritage clearly. If you have read the Koran, you will know that this is not a peaceful belief system, but a system that wants to overtake Christianity by force for we are all infidels to them. People need to wake up, and wake up fast!


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