2 US troops, 1 Polish sergeant killed in bombing near US Embassy in Kabul

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Stars and Stripes: Two U.S. servicemembers and a Polish soldier were killed Tuesday when a suicide bomber struck a convoy of vehicles near the heavily guarded U.S. Embassy compound in Kabul, officials said.
The International Security Assistance Force said three of its servicemembers died “as a result of an enemy attack” in Kabul, but did not disclose the nationalities. Five ISAF members were reported wounded.
In Washington a defense official said two of the three fatalities were Americans. The third was a Polish sergeant, the Poland’s Defense Ministry said.
Separately, another coalition soldier was killed on Monday in an apparent insider attack in western Afghanistan, an ISAF statement said. A Pentagon official said the victim was an American.
Taliban insurgents claimed responsibility for the attack.
A Polish military spokesman identified the dead Polish servicemember as Sgt. Rafal Celebudzki. The spokesman told The Associated Press that Celebudzki was driving one of the vehicles that was struck in the bombing. He said two other Polish soldiers were among the wounded.
Hashmat Stanikzai, spokesman for the Kabul police, said that 13 civilians were wounded in the blast and that 17 civilian vehicles were damaged. An Interior Ministry statement condemned the attack and said it was carried out by the “enemies of peace.”
The attack occurred on the busy airport road, which is frequently jammed with rush-hour traffic early in the morning. Roads around the scene of the attack were blocked by security personnel. Windows on nearby government ministries and other buildings were broken.
A Taliban spokesman said a guerrilla named Bilal had driven an explosives-laden Toyota Corolla into the convoy driving through the capital.
“Bilal waited for this attack for a couple of days, watching the same road to make sure it would be accurate,” spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said in a telephone interview. “He targeted the middle of the convoy in order to avoid civilian casualties.”
The attack came amid a prolonged political crisis stemming from accusations of irregularities in the presidential election. A U.N.-supervised audit of the 8 million ballots cast was completed last week, but the results have still not been announced because the two candidates, former Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah and former Finance Minister Ashraf Ghani, disagree on the count.
The impasse and the resulting delay in the transfer of power from current President Hamid Karzai has raised concerns about Afghanistan’s political stability at a time of increased insurgent activity ahead of the coming withdrawal of all foreign combat troops at the end of this year.
RIP Soldiers.

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  1. What has all the death and destruction in Afghanistan accomplished for the US? The war against this innocent nation was started because a consortium of Enron –the biggest contributors to Bush 43’s election– along w/UNOCAL, failed to get its bid accepted for the pipeline route it needed to a saltwater port, when it lost out to BRIDAS, an Argentinian corporation. [see https://defence.pk/threads/unocal-bridas-taliban-and-the-turkmanistan-gas-pipeline.33935/, [https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=bf5_1174791262, which also has the https://www.globalresearch.ca/articles/CHI203A.html {an excellent summary in 2002 by Wayne Madsen}, and Larry Chin’s article at https://www.globalresearch.ca/articles/CHI203A.html%5D.
    There are many, many more articles still available that explore and explain the tangled web of oily deceit that energy companies use to attain their ends. The role of Saudi Arabia in all this is crucial, and is of course part of what 9/11 is about: control of the Caspian Sea basin’s natgas and oil reserves. And note the roles played by President Hamid Karzai, formerly of UNOCAL and the CIA before being shunted into Afghanistan’s politics! [Many citations, some showing strong bias by omission, this one is compact: https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=59b_1225807900%5D
    It is unfathomable to me –both as a businessman and a Christian– why these companies which are vehement espousers of ‘free markets and capitalism’ seem unable to achieve their ends without covert US government and military means. ‘Blood for oil’ is an acceptable equation to them, as long as they aren’t doing the fighting and can get someone else to die for them.


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