2 scary pics that show America is not ready for Ebola

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Workers cleaning and disinfecting an elementary school in Dallas because Patient Zero Thomas Eric Duncan had had contact with the school’s student(s):
Because nothing says “safety precautions” like rolled-up sleeves on a HazMat suit


A worker with no surgical mask or HazMat suit hosing Duncan’s puke from the pavement of his apartment building, The Ivy, in Dallas. (He had vomited before he was taken into an ambulance to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.)
Because nothing says “clean-up” like jet-washing ebola-ridden puke, thereby aerializing the virus….
There are reports America’s hospitals are not ready for an Ebola epidemic — a viral hemorrhagic fever (in the disease’s horrifying end stage, the victim oozes blood from every orifice). Some hospital staff, e.g., nurses, say they’ve received no instructions or training from their administration.
Meanwhile, the condition of Duncan — the first confirmed case of Ebola in the U.S. — has worsened from “serious but stable” to “critical.”
H/t ZeroHedge
See also “CDC now admits ‘in theory’ Ebola can be transmitted by air“.

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0 responses to “2 scary pics that show America is not ready for Ebola

  1. An outbreak gives this thoroughly corrupt administration the excuse it needs to enact Marshal Law and therefore suspend the mid-term elections.

  2. Who can trust ANYTHING this Gov. tells us anymore…. It’s a joke and we’re the ones going to pay the piper….WAKE UP

  3. Kinda makes ya wonder what happened to COMMON SENSE!

  4. I have been at a loss of words for the whole situation, having worked in health care a long time. The only pandemic planning ever done, is when there is a readily available vaccine, and I believe big pharma and the CDC team up to immunize the herd and scare the sh%t out of everyone — oh and a few die from the vaccine, lots eventually get autoimmune diseases, and move along nothing to think about there. There is something so wrong here. I hope it is not what I think it is. May God Protect Us and Have Mercy On Us.

  5. And now the Dallas hospital is admitting they knew of Ebola patient’s travel and STILL released him. Good grief…

    • The hospital’s administration should be made accountable. By releasing Duncan so that he continued to spread the virus for another 2 days, the hospital put other people in jeopardy. Those to whom Duncan had transmitted the virus should sue the hospital. In America today, the only language that gets through to some people is a lawsuit.

      • I heartily agree with you–in this instance . . . let the law suits fly! How stupid could the people at the hospital possibly be??? There also needs to be people relieved of their positions–if they cannot use better common sense that this; even those of us who are not trailed medical professions, would know better than this.

      • Do you suppose they were “ordered” to let him loose again? Whether or not folks want to consider the worst, this could be a case of terrorism. And to have an “order” the doc would obey, that had to involve the gov’t (CDC?) at some level. No doubt Obozo would have OK’ed the project, but in all truth he probably doesn’t have a clue what’s going on, one of the few times I’ll EVER give him a pass!

  6. So, what happened to the genius who was spraying the puke off the sidewalk and the other genius with rolled-up sleeves? They should have been quarantined. Remember, these are the ones CAUGHT ON CAMERA! How many more people came into contact with patient zero or his bodily secretions and were not overly cautious with how they treated him or his secretions? What comes to mind is the hospital he visited the first day when he was having active symptoms.

  7. I’m just slack-jawed over this whole thing! These people,our alleged president included,can’t POSSIBLY be this STUPID,or they’d never have survived childhood!

  8. Ignorance spans all races, and you just proved it.

  9. LOL – Reminds me of the time I worked for an environmental engineering company.
    We were working at a hazardous waste site over in Alabama that was full of buried WWII era chemicals, and I was the health and safety officer that day.
    We had to wear chemically protective clothing – as in the yellow coated Tyvek that didn’t breathe, along with full face Scott respirators with the proper filters.
    It was in the middle of a particularly hot August.
    One of the contractor’s employees showed up with a hole cut in his respirator so he could smoke his cigars on the job.
    That was the most fun I ever had running a total dumbass off a job site. 😀

  10. Here come the false flags, Folks—and there’s no absolute proof it’s ebola. (Have they ever told the truth about anything???)

  11. sergio banuelos

    its in texas. they got no money for health care. but who ever owns that so called “bio-hazard” clean up company is sure cleaning up you tax dollars. ;D

  12. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this incredible post. Dear God, the irresponsible way that the hospital handled this situation is unconscionable. So God, please help us in this terrible crisis.


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