2 Muslim drivers win $240K judgment in discrimination suit

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I know Muslims who drink alcohol in the US. Muslims serve alcohol to expats in the Middle East (just who transports it there?). These two didn’t have to drink it – just transport it. I wonder if the “real injustice” was the absence of Johnnie Walker 🙂
muslim alcohol
Seattle Times: A jury has awarded $240,000 to two Muslim men who say they were fired from an Illinois trucking company after refusing to deliver alcohol.
A judge found Morton-based Star Transport Inc. violated the religious beliefs of Mahad Abass Mohamed and Abdikarim Hassan Bulshale. A trial to determine whether they were entitled to damages ended Oct. 20 with the jury’s judgment.
A 2013 lawsuit filed by U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said the men were fired in 2009 after they wouldn’t deliver alcohol because it was against their religious values as practicing Muslims. The lawsuit claimed the company didn’t provide them “with a reasonable accommodation and by terminating them because of their religion.”
Chief U.S. District Judge James Shadid had found in favor of the commission in March, after the company admitted liability. June Calhoun, one of the commission’s attorneys on the case, said Star Transport didn’t provide discrimination training to human resources staff, leading to “catastrophic results” for the two men.
“They suffered real injustice that needed to be addressed,” Calhoun said in a statement. “By this verdict, the jury remedied the injustice by sending clear messages to Star Transport and other employers that they will be held accountable for their unlawful employment practices.”
The commission had tried to work with Star Transport on the issue a year before the lawsuit was filed, court records say.
It’s not clear whether the men will get the money, the (Peoria) Journal Star  reports. Star Transport went out of business earlier this year.

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0 responses to “2 Muslim drivers win $240K judgment in discrimination suit

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    A real catch 22 there ain’t it. No doubt they will be forced to hire muslims to avoid discrimination suits and now can not fire them for refusing to do their job.
    Can not help but believe there must have been a muslim on the bench of that court, or some in the jury and prosecution, or otherwise plain stupid people from some where other than knowledgeable Constitutional U.S. citizens.

    • And yet the clerk who refused to issue gay “marriage” licenses is punished by another court, despite HER religious beliefs. And elsewhere, Christians are FORCED to bake cakes for gay “marriages”. Does this make sense?

      • SaphireSunday . . . you have nailed it. Why are these Muslims allowed to challenge on the basis of “violation of their religious beliefs” when the bakery here in Oregon refused to bake a cake based on same sex marriage which was based on “their religious beliefs.” We definitely have a double standard going on. There cannot be one law for Muslims, and a different law for Christians! This is an outrage. It burns me that reasonable people sitting on a jury hearing this would bring in this kind of verdict. What good as an employee is a Muslim if they cannot or will not delivery whatever kind of freight there is to be hauled. Sorry to say folks, but if I was sitting on that jury, I would have awarded a big fat Z-E-R-O! The jury members are also complicit in this travesty.

    • Well, the judge’s last name is Shadid. I doubt he is Irish or Italian.

  2. This is such a load of crock. Sure makes me wonder why, then I see it is Seattle and all is clear. These guys knew full well what their job description was and what they would be doing. Smells like the typical extortion trick they play for money. I wonder what contact the WH might have had with the judge, if any.
    Funny, how their religious beliefs are so important, when this country wasn’t found on Islamic beliefs, but when it comes to Christians that do not want to bake a cake or issue a license because of their religious beliefs, which this country was actually founded on, and they are fined.
    Something is seriously amiss here.

    • It was in Illinois where this happened – I posted from a Seattle Times story. Yet it’s true that Seattle is a liberal cesspool as well!

  3. Welcome to shari creep/leap. Can a Muslim now look for a job with any business dealing with alcohol used for drinking, get the job because of fear of discrimination on the part of the employer, then refuse to do that for which he knew was hired? Or collect $120,000?

  4. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    If we don’t stand for our great country and great Judeo-Christian values, see what will follow.

    • This is one of the best columns I’ve read in a long time! I especially like the sentiment that “sometimes the country needs a MAN.” I posted the text rather than the link for convenience’ sake. My apologies….
      October 28, 2015
      It took a billionaire living the glamorous New York City life to exhibit real Christian courage by going against every elite group in the nation, every media outlet, every well-heeled donor, to defend America from destruction by immigration.
      Baptist leader Russell Moore, desperate for liberal approval, claims that Christian conservatives “must repudiate everything they believe” in order to support Donald Trump, who “incites division, with slurs against Hispanic immigrants and with protectionist jargon that preys on turning economic insecurity into ugly ‘us versus them’ identity politics.” (Please like me, New York Times!)
      Moore is especially offended by Trump’s “boisterous confidence” and “waving arms” — as he put it in the Times, journal of respectable liberal opinion. (Do Baptist preachers ever wave their arms? Somebody Google that.)
      How would Gen. Douglas MacArthur fare with today’s evangelical leaders? Ronald Reagan was a visibly devout Christian, but Richard Nixon wasn’t. Joe McCarthy wasn’t. MacArthur wasn’t.
      Sometimes the country needs a MAN!
      The idea that Christians are supposed to be milquetoasts is liberal propaganda. Ask the money-changers how meek Jesus was. (Not the Clintons; I mean the other money-changers.) God commanded the Israelites to go to certain cities and kill “every living thing.” As I recall, the Crusaders were a little rough around the edges.
      When Trump attacks, he targets the rich and powerful. When the elites attack, they target the average American and everything he cares about.
      When Trump boasts — about his wealth, his family, his intelligence — it’s funny, not mean-spirited. No one feels inferior. In fact, legions of political commentators who’ve never accomplished anything in their entire lives feel immensely superior to Trump.
      No doubt, wisdom shall die with them. (Job 12:1 — one of many examples of sarcasm in the Bible, a rhetorical device bossy Christians tell us is un-Christian.)
      By contrast, Trump’s personal style is denounced by the Piety Police with smug certitude, to showcase their superior moral understanding.
      I’m almost sure the Bible says nothing about arm-waving, but it says quite a bit about the sort of pride that allows a person to presume to speak for God on acceptable speaking styles. God does not mandate personality types and, if He did, I doubt it would be “lisping sycophant.”
      It’s not Trump who’s displaying the sin of pride here.
      Christians obsessed with ostentatious shows of religiosity in public life have basically the same disease as liberals who go around being offended all the time. It’s all posturing. Trump’s a Christian. This is a Christian country. How about helping keep it that way?
      Although Trump has been winning the largest percentage of evangelical voters, evangelical “insiders” like Moore hate him. A poll of “insiders” hand-picked by anti-Trump Warren Cole Smith found only 1.1 percent of evangelical leaders supporting Trump, with 37.4 percent supporting Marco Rubio — as their betters had hoped.
      Smith sent the results of his survey to media outlets under the headline: “Evangelicals do NOT support Trump.”
      The problem is, they do. Evidently, the flock is not as dumb or “easily led” — in the words of The Washington Post — as evangelical leaders think.
      While the Russell Moores and Warren Cole Smiths urgently warn conservative Christians that Trump is a model-marrying libertine, actual evangelicals understand that this is entirely beside the point.
      This is not an election about who can check off the most boxes on an evangelical lifestyle list. This is an election about saving the concept of America, the last hope for Christianity on the planet.
      A country in which partial birth abortions are freely available, but children can’t hold hands and pray in school, is not a country where Christians are winning.
      What difference does it make where a candidate stands on abortion or gay marriage, when a few more years of our current immigration flow will mean no Republican can ever be elected president again and nine Ruth Bader Ginsburgs will sit on the Supreme Court?
      Unless Americans stop being outvoted by foreigners, Christians — as well as libertarians, neoconservatives, fiscal conservatives and moderate Democrats — have no hope of winning anything, anywhere, anytime. The last Christian country on Earth will be no more.
      Evangelicals don’t need candidates to have religious ecstasies on stage. They need a man with the courage to stand up to the infectious madness pushing Third World immigration on our country.
      Marco Rubio devoted his entire Senate career to pushing amnesty — but he made a point of letting the press know that he went to church on Wednesday this week, the day of the debate.
      Meanwhile, Trump’s pitch to the religious right is: Yeah, I don’t go to church that much. (At least we know he’s not lying!) But he promises to build a wall, deport illegals and end anchor babies.
      Evangelicals know Trump will not go on a witch hunt against some county clerk over gay marriage or sue a high school football coach for allowing his players to pray. It’s the left that has the maniacal bloodlust of totalitarians. Only Trump will oppose them — and with gusto!
      What other candidate would toss out un-PC phrases like “illegal immigrant” and “anchor babies” without breaking into a sweat? No other candidate of either party agrees with Trump on immigration — and if they say they do, they’re lying.
      Even after Trump rocketed to the lead with his immigration policies, the media still refuse to discuss the issue. The demand for ever-more poverty-stricken immigrants from primitive cultures has gone beyond cheap labor and has become a mass hysteria.
      Half the evangelical “leadership” in America can’t comprehend anyone who is not consumed with worldly approval. Russell Moore is afraid to disagree with The New York Times from his religious community in Tennessee. Donald Trump actually is an elite, but he doesn’t care what his friends on Fifth Avenue think of him.
      Some Christians want proof that a candidate has memorized Bible verses. I want a candidate who lives by this verse: “So do not be afraid of them.”
      -Ann Coulter

  5. The real injustice occurred when, upon our response to 9/11, George W. Bush announced that we were “not at war with Islam.” Now we have a Muslim President!

    • The Islamists have been at war with the civilized world for fourteen centuries now.
      I really don’t get why some are so obstinately blind to that fact.

  6. These goobers don’t deserve $24, much less $240k.

  7. Seattle has become a major player in The Gigantic Left Wing Freak Show!

  8. Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology.

  9. No one required they drink or even physically touch the alcohol… but a Christian can be forced to bake a cake for a gay wedding and that’s okay.


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