2 maps show why Democrat Party is pro-illegal immigration

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These two maps show clearly why the Demonrat Party is pro-open borders and pro-illegal immigration.

Map No. 1, on the estimated percentage of “undocumented immigrants” in the United States, is from the Washington Post, February 9, 2017:

Map No. 2, on the outcome of the 2016 election by voting precincts, is from the New York Times:

Below are the two maps side-by-side:

There you have it: There is a direct correlation between percentage of illegal aliens and voting blue or Democrat.


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10 responses to “2 maps show why Democrat Party is pro-illegal immigration

  1. I thought the mentally ill liberal DemocRat “Greenies” wanted to reduce US Globull Warming causing “Green House Gases”? How can they when they allow in millions of green house gas spewing polluting invaders? They can’t, but what they really want is to abolish our votes, our culture, our society, our people, our environment, our economy, our nation, and our civilization.
    (if we let them)

  2. I know that President Trump signed an Executive Order in September about foreign interference in our elections. If I recall correctly, it had a lot to say about illegal immigrants voting, as well as those who enable them.

    I still don’t believe that the Demoncrats legally won back the House. The voter fraud that we have actually witnessed this past week is astounding. The amount that has of yet been unseen must be off the charts!😳

    • I absolutely believe in what you say. They did not win the house back. I pray they will do a quiet investigation. I had said there will be massive fraud, sadly I was proven correct.
      It would be impossible for them to win considering how many people left the party and the size of our rallies when they held none, they had no one to come.

    • I agree Maryaha. It was all a practice run for their future plans to fraudulently win back power in 2020. I really do hope there is a special place in hell for the politicians and their hordes of illegals minions who have the audacity to come here and steal a country by way of cheating, lying, and theft.

    • In their own words, the democrats (always speaking in unison), said: “Cheat, steal, whatever it takes.” And they did just that. We must keep the pressure on for recounts, legitimate recounts. Florida and Georgia was called for republicans. Don’t know about Arizona yet. Pennsylvania switched 100,000 republican votes to democrats, but the silence is eerie… Once all recounts are in, I fully expect the Republicans to take back the House.

  3. Yakima WA & Yuma AZ because of the farms there. A lot of Americans will not work a farm job… There are dairy farms near where I live that have a hard time getting workers. We see the Border Patrol & DHS around all the time looking for illegals. Same for the fruit farms. I do not like illegal immigration one bit. I have several friends that iummigrated legally from various countries and all are successful tax paying Americans now. It cost my one friend $25K to bring a woman here from Greece to marry and they both work their asses off…. Legals I am for…. Illegals HELL NO!!!

  4. I live a few miles from Gainesville GA. It bills itself as “The Chicken Capital of the World.” There are many chicken processing plants in the area. Allegedly, there is a sign at at least one border crossing that says something to the effect of “Come to Gainesville GA to get a job.”

  5. william blackwater

    I live and was born in Tucson, not many farms but our construction industry is wage stagnant for 30 years. This is illegals pure and simple and now az goes blue with this blond headed bimbo

  6. 2018 Mid term elections have been The worst of voters fraud. As long as the law doesn’t come down hard all violators will continue to manipulate the elections. Looser Bill Nelson won’t reconcile with the truth that he lost and continues to obstruct the validity of the count. I’m glad Rick Scott has stood up to the democratic machine. The more the counting goes on, the more votes are found to make Ron De Santis our new Governor in Florida and Rick Scott the new Republican Senator of Florida. Good luck to both.


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