2 maps show Democrats are scum

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What a coincidence!


H/t Voat

See also “2 maps show why Democrat Party is pro-illegal immigration”.


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14 responses to “2 maps show Democrats are scum

  1. Just two? I was thinking along the lines of a gabillion

  2. What a coincidence…/sarc

  3. Democrat areas = violent hellholes

  4. Gee, could it be the lack of faith and morals? Maybe all the illegals? Maybe all the free stuff attracts vagrants like flies? My Dad used to tell me that the reason we had so many bums in California when I was a kid was that it was a “jumping off place”. He said that vagrants and “boomers” kept moving West until they couldn’t go any further so…….here they were.

    • Love ya, LO…when we lived in Utah over 30 years ago and noticed the goonies in Colorado….I used to tell my husband that those Colorado goonies were the people who were on the way to California and ran out of money–had to set down in Colorado. When we moved moons later to California, my opinion was not altered, only reinforced. Everything, including political liberlism, moves West, until it can no long find a space to occupy anymore….and has to land and take hold in permenance….no further to expand/move.

      • That’s funny. That happens in New Mexico too. In the “low rent” areas you meet lots of people who were “too weird” for California and sort of bounced off the Pacific and landed in the middle of nowhere New Mexico.

        Actually, there’s a string of places like this across the Southwest. I remember going into one of these old dilapidated western buildings with a sign that said it was a “museum”. An older “Earth Mama” screamed “NO CAMERAS” at me when I walked in. I asked her why and she told me that she had original art works there and didn’t want them reproduced.

        I won’t provide the name of the town lest one of the world’s art thieves gets the address.

  5. It worse than you think.

    A VA dem wants a 40 week abortion bill, to include deciding after birth if the child should live or die.


  6. I didn’t need a map. Neither do you.

    You’ve known everything you’ve needed to know since childhood: Re-Read Hansel and Gretel. They left their “crumbs” behind for their trail through the politcal forest of their evil counterpart’s creation (including ANY generation that would sell them “downriver” for consumption of themselves/their labor/their goods). We can only hope there is a political “furnace” in which their evil liberals/ socialists/consumers of your flesh and livelihood become entrapped and in the end. Most “fairy tales” esp. from the collection of Brothers Grim…are cautionary tales about the human condition…what exists, what could happen, what should be extinquished…..THAT is what they are FOR……re-read them and you will find that most of them are a cautionary tale against socialism/communism/ autocrats/czars/dictators/those who would in any way subvert the freedoms of a young and developing being toward self-actualization, economic freedom, independence and self-determination (against the ogres and witches and autocrats who would LITERALLY eat them up). Happy re-reading……

  7. The map kind of aligns with the cities that have a major homeless crisis, too. Gee, who is surprised?…


  8. The Communist Party USA declared that one of their goals was to infiltrate at least one of the political parties. Their points were recorded in the Congressional Record on Jan. 17, 1963. Looks like they did it when they nominated McGovern to run against Nixon in 1972.

    Almost every area the Democrats take over goes down the tubes. The only exception I can think of is New York State, and this is because we have new people moving into NYC all the time, and the City is a large part of the State’s tax base. New York City went downhill with Mayor Lindsey; by the time he left City Hall in 1973, the City was on the verge of bankruptcy. This downward slide continued until David Dinkins was retired by Rudy Guiliani in 1992.

    The Democratic Party of today has not been the Party of either FDR or JFK since LBJ left office. (It ceased being the Party of Kennedy upon his assassination!) Look at Baltimore—all of Maryland, really, Detroit and most of Michigan, etc., etc.

    So these maps are by and large overwhelmingly accurate. And I remember the voting record map of 2016—overlay it on these, and it, too, is a near-match. (I would imagine almost county for county).

    It’ been a “long strange trip,” to paraphrase the Grateful Dead. (I’m grateful that they’re dead!) Off the top of my head, I would recommend Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s seminal essay “Defining Deviancy Down.” (It’s been a few years since I read it, and as a matter of fact, I’m going to read it again now.) It’s always easier to slide downhill than to climb back uphill.

    Well, nothing happens by accident. In all candor, I believe that had American society not lost sight of God—to the extent that it has—we would not be in the trouble we’re in today. We have Trump for the time being, and I take that as a reprieve. But we all know he won’t be President for the next 40 years to right the ship.

    As I’ve said before, a Remnant will remain. We have to prepare and be a part of that Remnant. Civilization has fallen before and it has risen again. If we don’t extinct ourselves, it will, with the Grace of God, rise again.

  9. Can’t blame the republicans in those areas. Not enough conservatives hold office in these areas to make a signifacant dent in the progressive agenda.

  10. Excellent Comparison.

  11. Wow! Thank you for that, Dr. Eowyn.

  12. So DC has MORE homeless than the other cities? (Rated 110). I’m surprised the snooty “upper crust” politicians & govt. people that live there could “tolerate” homeless people … unless they never even SEE them from their “Walled Gardens” (&/or because they are blind as bats as we know they are).

    Re Colorado “goonies,” lol, Frosty Wooldridge, a teacher in Golden, Colo, & anti-immigration activist, says Denver has 10,000 homeless people. Checking the Denver population (704,621 in 2017 per a quick google), would that give Denver a Rating of 70 on the map? If so, that would put the “Denver Mindset” between LA County & SanFran (Rated 59 & 79 respectively) which would sound just about right per CalGirl’s description. 🙂

    However, it would mean Denver has more homeless than the greater LA area which I didn’t think was even possible, wow.

    Oddball Nashville is the only “Southern” city/county on the map. Surprising there are not more homeless ratings/people for the South where it is warmer/hotter than all the NE, W & NW cities where it is cooler/colder. I guess homeless people prefer cooler weather (or the better “gimme’s” provided by Blue cities).


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