2 Italians in Detroit

Candid camera.
Two Italians talk animatedly (what else? LOL) on a Detroit park bench, then walk away “mistakenly” leaving behind a brief case.
Watch what happens….
H/t my dear friend Bill O.

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9 years ago

Those are not italians… what you are hearing is brazilian portuguese and, by the way people are acting, Im pretty sure it’s a park bench in Brazil. They are pretending to be mafia guys, and talking about blackmailing someone with bombs. So they say something like:
“Hey boss, I got all the money. It’s all here!”
“Thats great, have you deactivate the bomb?”
“i’ll do it later!”
“ok, if you have the money, lets celebrate, I buy the champagne”
It’s a sketch for a very known tv show in Brazil…

9 years ago

They are not italians, what you are hearing is brazilian portuguese. They are pretending to be mafia guys, talking about blackmailing people into giving them money under the threat of a bomb. The guy sitting on the bench claims to be in possession of all the money, and the one standing, the boss, invite him over to celebrate over the job done. And then he asks, have you deactivate the bomb?, just to hear the mafia guy to say he will do it later. By the lousy behaviour of people sitting next to them on the bench, Im pretty sure… Read more »

Joseph E Fasciani
Joseph E Fasciani
9 years ago

At’sa reala good funnia movie, eh? Io non capitio means some stupidache huomo gonna try to grabba da monneia, but da boys gotta way bigga ballso den dem foolsa! Ha ha, see ya in purgatorio, stupidos!!