2 Brave Marines, Jeff & Cena

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Here’s the first pic Lance Corporal Jeffrey De Young sent us. It’s of him and Cena, “the shortest Marine in Afghanistan,” taking a much needed nap from their extremely hazardous work finding homemade bombs. Cena is a two-year-old IED Detection Dog, trained to sniff out the homemade bombs that IslamoTaliban terrorists have planted all over the roads, fields and paths where the Marines patrol on foot. 19-year-old Jeff is Cena’s handler.

Lcpl Jeff De Young and Cena, somewhere in Afghanistan

You can read all about them HERE
Jeff and Cena recently were injured and are recovering from their wounds. He wrote us asking for the following supplies for the two- and four-legged Marines in that Afghan hellhole:

  • Olive drab shirts and socks (you should be able to find plenty of these in a military surplus shop)
  • Pillows (the Marines are using their clothing, wadded up, for pillows)
  • IV supplies
  • A dog anatomy manual
  • Safety glasses

He didn’t ask for these, but the soldiers and dogs would most appreciate the following:

  • Dog treats!
  • Paperback books
  • Music CDs
  • Movie DVDs

Please be big hearted and send them a care package. These soldiers and dogs are risking their lives every day in Afghanistan. The least we, in the warmth and comfort of our homes here in America, can do is to send them these needed supplies and let them know we are grateful for their service and that we love them and are thinking of them.
Here’s the address to send your care package:
LCpl Jeffrey DeYoung
2/2 Golf Co 3rd Platoon Dog Handler
Unit D 3080
FPO AE 09510 3080

UPDATE: There are more pics! CLICK HERE.
~Eowyn & Steve

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9 responses to “2 Brave Marines, Jeff & Cena

  1. Glad they are on their way to recovery…prayers for both!
    Sent some shirts, socks & dog treats last Wed. Hoping the IV supplies arrive on Monday and I can get those sent as well.

  2. jeff deyoung aka lcpl deyoung

    hey everyone its jeff not alot going on here thanks for the packages that will soon be arriving i want you all to do something dont focus oin me and my marines focus on the wounded warriors back home and the ones whove lost family in the war it isnt just our job its everyones job and i believe if we all do our best we can win this war but my brothers and sisters of all branches need your support everywhere so please dont just stop with me .. keep giving and finding ways to give i have put together money for carepackages to fellow troops so please start coin jars and such we are in this for the long haul..whos with me ?

  3. We can never do enough to express our appreciation, love and care.

  4. Jeff, I had not seen any of your messages before, but, am so glad to see this and know you are recovering. Thank you so much for all you and your brothers have done. I have been with soldiers Angels and OperationAC for years, but ,had slacked off for reasons I can’t go into right now, but, will surely get back on it. I am so ashamed of myself; I should never have let my little health issues come first. Will have to cut back from before, but, will get into the packages. Hope the IV supplies are there by now. As odd as it sounds, are they for you guys or your four footed soldier? You can tell I am just catching up. Be Safe and prayers are with you both, Ruth

  5. Hey Jeff, I just looked back at the dates and wonder, are you still in the sand, or back home? I pray you are but what about the address for the packages?


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