Obama's DOJ Wastes Your Money on $16 Muffin – Updated!

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Feast your eyes on this muffin, for this is the most expensive muffin you’ll ever see.
This muffin costs U.S. taxpayers — those 53% of us suckers who pay income taxes — SIXTEEN DOLLARS.

Reckless extravagance: The Department have been censured for spending $4,200 on 250 muffins, more than $16 apiece

This summer, Michelle Obama insisted on flying a separate jet, Air Force Two, to arrive at Martha’s Vineyard just four measely hours ahead of Skippy. She has already frittered away some $10 million on vacationssince moving into the White House.
Now comes news that Eric Holder’s Department of Justice blew half a million dollars on food at just 10 conferences— spending $4,200 on 250 muffins, at more than $16 a muffin!

Hannah Roberts reports for Daily Mail, Sept 20, 2011, that the exorbitant muffins were served at a 2009 legal training conference in Washington by Justice’s Executive Office for Immigration Review.
The DOJ is the government department charged with investigating financial mismanagement in the build up to the economic crash. But the Justice Department has come under fire for wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayers’ money-on snack food for internal conferences.
The extent to which public money has been wasted on snacks and soft drinks was laid bare in a report issued Tuesday by the Justice Department’s inspector general. In an audit of 10 department conferences, she found excessive spending on food and beverages.
At a single Washington, D.C., conference, the department spent $4,200 on 250 muffins — more than $16 apiece. Another $2,880 was spent on 300 cookies and brownies — at nearly $10 each. At another event for the department’s Office on Violence Against Women, spending reached $65 per person at a lunch for 65 people. Coffee cost more than $1 an ounce, making a single cup $8.24. A snack break at the same conference cost the taxpayer $32 per person for Cracker Jack, popcorn and candy bars.
Altogether, Eric Holder’s DOJ threw away a total of half a million dollars public money on food and beverages at just 10 departmental conferences, all held at major hotels that applied service fees of roughly 20% to the cost of already expensive menu items.

The audit report says that with service charges, taxes and indirect costs, many of the meals and refreshments at the conferences the inspector general examined appeared to be extravagant and wasteful and exceeded department cost limits.
Given the extravagant and downright profligate spending by Barry, Michelle, and Holder, Obama’s stated concerns about reducing the national debt ring hollow.
For that matter, anyone who calmly looks at the facts — just the facts, ma’am — cannot but conclude that they are doing the exact opposite.
Obama, et al, are  deliberately spending America into bankruptcy.
UPDATE (source):
Since this story went wildfire viral on the net, the DOJ’s Inspector General — the very same entity which cooked up the $16 muffin figure in their audit of DOJ’s conference spending — issued a statement to Bloomberg Businessweek backing out of their original claim. “Since our report was issued, the Capital Hilton has stated that other food and beverage items, such as coffee, tea, and fruit, were included in the charged amount,” the statement said.
But this doesn’t mean that the IG report didn’t flag some potential issues. As Bloomberg reports:

Muffins aside, the IG’s report points up other instances where the Justice Dept. overpaid for sweet treats. At a 2009 Justice conference in San Francisco, the government was billed $32 per person for a snack of popcorn, Cracker Jack, and candy bars. Department officials didn’t jump up to dispute that part of the audit. Says Gina Talamona, a Justice spokeswoman: “We agree that excessive spending of the types identified in the OIG report should not occur.”


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0 responses to “Obama's DOJ Wastes Your Money on $16 Muffin – Updated!

  1. Hey, injustice and cronyism cost!

  2. Truly disgusting…but not surprised. They think they are entitled to the best, at the expense of others.

  3. I know where I’d like to stick that $16 muffin.

  4. Maybe there were “extra special” ingredients… 😀 Gotta laugh, or I’ll cry. They should be ashamed, but narcissists have stifled their shame until they no longer feel it.

  5. It is typical of some trash that I have known in my life. Take what belongs to someone else and never offer a thing in return! Disgusting. The ONLY thing that keeps me sane is knowing they have to face the Lord too one day. They might not think so…but they do. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! Philippians 2:9-11

  6. That’s one expensive muffin alright. It’s expensive even for us, living in super expensive land!!!

  7. I think I might become the new “Muffin Man” and make some good money!!! Bet mine are better than the ones served.

  8. Yep. Careless and endless spending. That seems their goal. And they won’t rest until America is “on it’s knees”.
    Real ‘Patriotic’, huh?
    Too bad they didn’t choke on ’em… *sigh* I can dream……

  9. Wow! It is so cheap to make muffins! You can make an entire dozen for probably under $2.00 or $3.00! And, it is so easy! Once again, the elitist attitude is reflected in their financial wastes, which really indicts them given the very hard economic times we are in. This is their communication that they do not care how much people in this country suffer. Their words mean nothing! Dr. Eowyn, thank you for enlightening us in this regard!

  10. Michelle wants to control what taxpayers eat; it’s too bad she doesn’t budget the food & beverage costs of governmental agencies.

  11. THis muffin scandal is crazy, I dont believe, where can i research this. I feel like it is made up.


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