15-year-old Punk Got a Lesson on the Second Amendment.

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Oops, good guy had one too.

Gotta love that second amendment.
Here is a more recent video that lays out the shooting incident in northern Philadelphia. It confirms all initial reporting in the incident from yesterday, and gives some additional details. Eells is currently in the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery
A Philadelphia college student put his firearm carry permit to good use Monday, as he shot it out with a would-be robber, hitting him twice

Robert Eells, 21-year-old Temple University student, was in front of his off-campus house smoking a cigarette at 1:30Am Monday when a group of teenagers approached him and asked for money. The main suspect- who is 15-years old- allegedly then attempted to rob Eells, who refused the demand for cash.
At that point, police say the suspect started shooting, and hit Eels in the stomach.
But Eels was able to fight back. He drew his own legal pistol and fired, hitting the attacker in the chest and leg.
School officials say Eells is recovering at Temple University Hospital. He had a license to carry the weapon he used and faces no charges in the incident.
The suspect is also in the hospital, and will face aggravated assault and attempted robbery charges. Police are searching for two accomplices.
Gotta love it.   ~ Steve~
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0 responses to “15-year-old Punk Got a Lesson on the Second Amendment.

  1. An old saying.It an’t no fun when the rabbit has a gun!

  2. Gun control advocates disappointed.

  3. Don’t forget, Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, working closely with George Soros and the U.N. want all Americans to give up their guns for “safety sake.” Makes you wonder why she is so concerned with thieves and murderers’ welfare, doesn’t it? Without weapons, it would be easy for Barack Obama and his army of union workers to take over the United States and he could become king, dictator and chief honcho all in one.

  4. Hahaha…punk got what he deserved!

  5. Yeppers, live by he sword, die by the sword…. It brings to mind an incident in Spokane, WA about 1995. A 55 yr old friend of mine, a typical barrel-chested, shorter-than-average, thick-arms and legs Sicilian-American stereotype, was waiting in a queue at a convenience store. It was a hot Summer evening, everyone was tired after work, on their way home, etc.
    A couple burst in through the entry doors, a 20 yr old woman and her 24 yr old male companion, waving a heavy handgun, I think a .45, and demanded people give him their wallets and valuables. People in front of my friend did so, but when the youth got to my friend, surprise! The gun was torn from his hand, then slammed across his face, putting him on the concrete floor, bleeding heavily. The woman starts screaming “You hurt him, you hurt him!” as my friend stands there pumping out the cartridges over the would-be gunman thief.
    “You’re lucky I don’t shoot him and turn you in. Get the Hell out of here and never do this again!” he said, as the two got up and ran out the door. The patrons applauded my friend and wanted to make a big deal of it, but he only said “That’s how all punks should be treated.”
    Amen from me!

  6. Robert A.Heinlen said it best.
    An armed society is a polite society.
    Semper Peratus.
    Acta Non Verba !

  7. Once Eels recovers, he needs to spend some time at the shooting range honing his skills.

  8. Should have nailed him in the crotch in case the little turd had plans to procreate!

  9. Like what Steve said…. Don’t EVER, EVER give up our second amendment! We would be completely defenseless and I, for one, will NOT go down without a fight….I won’t go looking for trouble…but if it comes looking for me…I WILL be ready! 😉


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