14 Republicans Standing Tall Against Agenda 21

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RESOLVED, that upon the approval of this resolution the Republican National Committee shall deliver a copy of this resolution to each of the Republican members of Congress, all Republican candidates for Congress, all Republican candidates for President who qualify for RNC sanctioned debates, and to each Republican state and territorial party office.
Chief Sponsor:
Helen Van Etten
Republican National Committeewoman for Kansas
Carolyn McLarty
Republican National Committeewoman for Oklahoma
Kim Lehman
Republican National Committeewoman for Iowa
Paul Reynolds
Republican National Committeeman for Alabama
Demetra DeMonte
Republican national Committeewoman for Illinois
Solomon Yue
Republican National Committeewoman for Oregon
Donna Cain
Republican National Committeewoman for Oregon
Cindy Costa
Republican National Committeewoman for South Carolina
John Sigler
Republican State Chairman for Delaware
Steve Scheffler
Republican national Committeeman for Iowa
Peggy Lambert
Republican National Committeewoman for Tennessee
Jim Bopp
Republican National Committeeman for Indiana
Bruce Ash
Republican National Committeeman for Arizona
DeMarus Carlson
Republican National Committeewoman for Nebraska

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0 responses to “14 Republicans Standing Tall Against Agenda 21

  1. America to be the new Lodz Ghetto.

  2. I admire their attempt to get it included in the Republican Platform. “Sustainable Development” the elephant in the living room.

  3. It’s abouut time that someone grow a pair of balls and stand up th the
    United Nations that has costs the Unites States WAY TOO MUCH MONEY! They want to drag America down just like they have done the rest of the world. I say Enough is Enough! They need to get their sorry asses out of America and back to England and let England deal with the Bastaards they made! It is NOT our job to put our young men and women’s lives in harms way to protect people that want to be left ALONE! Let them kill each other, keep our people and country safe, we DON’T have to be all over the world to do that! I’ve NEVER seen the Swiss ever have this problem! Semper Fi.

  4. OUr Constitution is under attack. We are already become a dictatorship. We have to insist on basic principles that govern our republic to be restored, the UN agenda was the one that got us into the illegal war in Libya and will get us into war with Syria. Obama goes by what the UN does, and says that Congress can go jump in a lake. Everyone is looking at each issue separately and never dealing with the root cause.
    The leader of our country is allowing or helping all these disasters to befall this nation. What in the world is going on? We have a chance to get him off the ballot of the next election on grounds of his eligibility, which will put his present “standing” at question, plus all the bills and other dictates he has signed onto as well.
    We still have breath so why can’t we express ourselves better, the Tea Party isn’t questioning the eligibility issue or going nuts about Fast and Furious, those to issues alone would help enormously, as well as reinstating Glass Steagall and getting our power back to Congress for uttering credit again and shutting down our ties to the oligarchs and their monetary system.
    I hate smart meters and all that goes with the agenda above, but let’s get to the root of this problem.

  5. i find it noteworthy that 8 out of these 14 Republicans are women, 2 of whom are from Oregon.
    Of the 7 U.S. Senators who voted against S. 1867, the Senate version of NDAA, 2 are from Oregon. Something interesting is happening in Oregon….

    • Yes you are right. Now we need to get some help to these women so they can take up other issues. There is another woman who is noteworthy, like you say, Marcy Kaptur, D. Ohio who has proposed THE RETURN TO PRUDENT BANKING ACT, and it has many sponsors and co sponsors and yet it doesn’t get to be debated.
      Perhaps these Republican ladies would be interested in joining her and the others who are on the bill already, and get it passed so we can say Goodbye to the lovely oligarchs, once and for all. The Mom Brigade is on the march!!!!!!!!!! Let’s get our rolling pins out and get this fight on!!!!!!!!!

  6. They do not represent us at all. How they ever got there in the first place is beyond me. The way that these people are elected, as well as the Senators, and now this maddening GOP campaign to find a presidential candidate! The media goes along with it and makes out that it is perfectly normal, they discuss the fund raising part of it and the polls, but never the actual agenda.
    Not one representative, senator or even the president has mentioned a plan to raise credit for restoring this nation to productivity, to fund the science drivers necessary over a long period of time, that will ensure a decent future for our posterity. We have to reinstate Glass Steagall to cut off the gambling banking cartels and issue credit through our congress through a new third National Bank to fund the infrastructure platform projects that will provide the basis for agricultural, industrial and scientific development that is required to sustain a growing population, to counteract the pressures that are increasing owing to weather and other natural disturbances mainly due to galactic changes in the universe, and to provide a national goal, something for people to get behind and be insired to work towards.
    Huge water management programs for increased irrigation so we don’t have a famine, mag lev railroad system to link up with South America and Asia via the Bering Straight tunnel or bridge that will need to be constructed to make it possible to reach Northern Russia.
    To begin to see the Arctic and Antarctic as viable trade routes, to develop domed cities in Siberia and other places where huge mineral resources lie, so that we can use this information to build cities or at least a colony on the Moon for starters. Unless we repair our sewer and electrical power grid systems we will go under, the levees and river dams etc are all crumbling, roads and bridges are crumbling, we look like the Beverly Hil Billy’s and we’re meant to be the worlds leader. We have to speak up and tell the reps and congressmen and the Administration and DOJ that we are not satisfied, that they work for us, and the people who finance them will have to take a hike after Glass Steagall is back in place, because their unpayable debt will be their problem, not ours like they want us to believe. We cannot afford to spend another dime on warfare. We are close enough to World War Three thank you very much. We do not need to get any closer, it is just too insane to contemplate.

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